Rough Scan
Thir poems bi Marion Angus is fae "The Country Series of Contemporary Poetry" (Fowler Wright, Ltd, 1927).


=Under the cauld, green grass
==I hear the waukenin’ burn.
==The day’s at the turn--
=Oh, winter, dinna pass!

=Your snaw was white for a bride,
==Your winds was merriage wine.
==Love is fine, fine,
=But it doesna bide.

=The saft, warm April rain
==An’ the clear June day,
==An’ floors o’ the May--
=I’ll see them a’ my lane.

=Under the cauld, green grass,
==Wee waukenin’, wanderin’ burn,
=Sing your ain sang.
==The day’s at the turn,
=But simmer’s lang, lang.

=As I gaed east by Tarland toun,
=I heard a singin’ neath the mune:
=A lass sang in a milk-white goon
==Aneath a ha’thorne-tree.
=The sma’ green trees bowed doon til her;
=The blooms, they made a croon til her;
=I was a graceless loon til her,
==She frooned and scorned at me.

=Fu’ mony a year o’ sun and rain,
=An’ I’m for Tarland toun again,
=Wi’ drift upon a cauld hearth-stane
==An’ a wind gaen thro’ the Wynd.
=Oh, lass, tho’ a’ yer sangs be dune,
=Ower leafless thorn aye hanges the mune;
=Turn ye until yer graceless loon
==Gin ye’ve grown auld and kind.