Rough Scan

THE Editor desires to offer his sincere thanks to the following authors and publishers who have permitted him to quote copyright poems:
Professor Alexander Gray, Mr. Hamish Hendry, Mrs. Jacob, Mr. Joseph Lee, Mr. G. K. Menzies, Mr. W. S. Morrison, Mr Neil Munro, and Mr. Charles Murray; Messrs. Blackwood and Sons, Messrs.  Chatto and Windus, Messrs.  Constable and Co., Messrs. Alexander Gardner, Messrs. Gowans and Gray, Messrs. Longmans, Green, and Co., Mr. John Murray, and Mr. Grant Richard.  He is also indebted to Mr. H. P. Brown for an extract from a poem by "J. B. Selkirk"; to Mrs. R. A. Dyer Connon for permission to use a poem by her father, Mr William Carnie; to Mrs. Andrew Lang for four poems by the late Andrew Lang; to Mrs. Logie Robertson for extracts from the work of "Hugh Haliburton"; to Miss Margaret Warrender for the pieces by Lady John Scott; and to the executors of George Macdonald for their assent to the inclusion of three of his poems.  Finally, he has to thank Professor W. A. Craigie of Oxford, who does not share some of his views, for invaluable criticism and advice.