Rough Scan


I'VE a jewel I prize mair than earth's dearest gem,
A something sae precious that nocht can contemn,
An' which sheds a sweet licht owre ma pathway thro' life,
An' that precious gem is "MY DEAR LITTLE WIFE."

In the days o' langsyne, when a young, strappin' chiel,
I coorted my lassie for wae or for weel;
An' I vow'd I wad shield her frae this warl's cauld strife,
Gin she'd only be mine, "MY DEAR LITTLE WIFE."

An' tho' noo owre oor heads happy summers ha'e pass'd,
As weel as the hoar frosts o' winter's cauld blast,
Yet my he'rt as I gaze on her form's unco rife
Wi' tenderest thochts 'bout "MY DEAR LITTLE WIFE."

An' we're no yet sae auld, nor sae young as we've been,
Tho' maybe Time's fingers ha'e blurr'd the bricht sheen
That hung like the robe o' romance owre oor life,
When she said she'd be mine-"MY DEAR LITTLE WIFE."

An' we baith sometimes gang tae a ba' or a spree,
Or aiblins a waddin', or quiet frien'ly tea;
An' I then introduce wi' the maist pride in life,
An' a gran' sweepin' bow-"MY DEAR LITTLE WIFE."

But life's no aye a' summer, sometimes a dark cloud
Envelopes the future in doubt's dark'nin' shroud;
An' thrice blest be the man wha in days o' despair
Has a dear little wife tae lichten his care.

But as true to her vows when we baith were made ane
As the ivy tae oak through tempest an' rain;
Tho' oor frien's look asklent an' oor plans gang agley,
My dear little wifie aye lo'es an' trusts me.

Heigho!  But she's bonnie!  A canty wee body!
A dainty wee damsel, healthy an' ruddy;
Tho' there may be as fair baith in castle an' ha',
For sweet, witchin' ways she's the queen o' them a'.

(26_th February_ 1885.)

Joy, happiness, peace, and love,
Borne from Eden's bowers above,
On the wings of Nature's dove,
=Be thine, Sweetheart!

Fairies from the elfin shore,
Deep in mystic, magic lore,
Guard thy pathway more and more,
=My own Sweetheart!

Stars in Heaven with silv'ry light,
Shining softly, yet so bright,
Guard thy slumbers through the night,
=My own Sweetheart.

Heaven's sun in beauty beam,
Brightly, gaily, yet serene,
Crowning thee as Nature's queen,
=My own Sweetheart!

Time's dull fingers touch thee not,
Sorrow thy pure heart ne'er blot,
Be thy cup with blessings fraught,
=My own Sweetheart!

Gentle winds thy brow caress,
And for me thy sweet lips' kiss,
Heaven's God thy birthday bless-
=And thee, Sweetheart!


I hold it in my hand; 'twas once a rose
And blossomed fair as any flower could bloom;
And in the morning's calm and soft repose
It clothed the zephyr with a sweet perfume.
==And then SHE came-
And pluck'd the rose with fingers soft and fair,
And on her bosom laid the blushing flower,
Which seem'd to bloom with beauty e'en more rare
'Mid all the richness of so sweet a bower.

What ails my thoughts that aye to Mem'ry's tomb
Where sleeps the past, they constantly do go?
And from its hallowed, soft, and silent gloom
Stir up the shades of my long hidden woe?
==Why beats my heart
With keenest anguish and the throb of pain
When in my hand I hold this faded rose?
Ah! that fair bosom where it once did reign
Lies cold and still in Death's long, last repose.


CHRISTMAS again with its glad refrain,
Singing the song of the years;
A song of gladness, a song of joy,
Never of sorrow or tears.
Hear the bells as to you to-day
They carry my message sweet,
And lovingly whisper my heart's delight
Your Christmas morn to greet.


A FLOWER may bloom 'neath summer skies,
=And waft its fragrance sweet,
On zephyrs' wings to far away
=Where earth and heaven meet:
But summers wane, and flow'rets fade,
=And zephyrs sigh in vain,
For the fragrance of the rosebud fair
=That chastened joy and pain.

A thought may dwell in loving hearts
=Like flower in a garden fair;
And fill life's days with fragrance more
=Than rosebud's rich and rare:
And years may flee till mund them cling
=The mists of long-ago,
But Memory's voice that thought aye breathes
=In accents soft and low.

So, on the wings of morning fair
=My heart breathes soft thy name:
And whether life be song or short
=Gladsome or full of pain-
Till dawns that day where far away
=Time's sway shall cease to be,
Shall-of all earth's sweetest names-thy name,
=Aye dearest be to me.


SHE has a touch o' the whimsical,
=A twist in her bricht blue e'e;
A sprite o' the deil in her witchin' laugh
=That quite bamboozles me.

I sat me doon in a mood to think-
=A mood baith stern and dour;
I thocht an' thocht till my bluid grew cauld,
=As cauld as drookit stoure.

She passed me by like an elfin queen
=In a glimmer o' sheen and spray,
Wi' a nod an' a laugh, an' a glint in her e'e
=Like the dawn o' new-born day.

My he'rt gaed bang, wi' an uncu stoun',
=Like the sigh o' the wind in pain,
Or the sough o' the sea on a storm-swept day
=As for calm it langs fu' fain.

Noo what can I dae wi' a lass like this-
=Ay! what can I dae ava?
She's herried my life, an' broken my peace,
=An' stown my he'rt awa'!

Till a' that's best an brawest on earth
=Shall wane, an' fade, an' tine,
I'll cherish the witch wi' the bricht blue e'e-
=That is, if she'll be mine.


CHRISTMAS bells!  On a world's woe
Ring out the song of the long ago;
=Brighten the shadows,
=Lighten the gloom,
=Round the feet of the weary
=Make Joy flow'rs bloom:
O'er earth and its seas-by mountain and cave,
Sing of the Christ who was born to save.

Christmas bells!  On a world's pain
Ring out the notes of the old refrain;
=Endow with new life,
=With Hope imbue
=Fill the hearts of the lonesome
=With trust, strong and true;
O'er earth and its seas-by mountain and cave,
Sing of the Christ who has come to save.

Christmas bells!  On a world's strife,
Ring out the song of the glad new life;
=Till struggle and toil,
=Sorrow and pain,
=In a chorus of gladness
=Take up the refrain,
O'er earth and its seas-by mountain and cave,
Sing of the Christ who the world can save.

Christmas bells!  Till earth's day shall cease,
Ring out your message of love and peace;
=Till the hearts of men
=In joyful song,
=And in chords, glad, exultant,
=Its notes prolong;
O'er earth and its seas-by mountain and cave
Sing of the Christ who ever doth save.


FAUR frae the shores o' Time's never restin' ocean,
=Cross 'yont the tide whaur the sun in splendour shines,
Whaur 'mid the fullness o' a springtime grand, eternal,
=The day star o' Hope never glimmers nor declines;
A braw land there is wi' verdure aye celestial.
=Adorned wi' rich gems as the garments o' a queen,
Whaur weary he'rts, an' the weak and heavy laden,
=Enjoy gladsome rest 'mid its pastures ever green.

Lang has my barque sailed this stormy sea o' sorrow,
=Toss'd on the waves o' life's never-ebbin'-tide;
Aft ha'e I keenly scann'd the faur-awa' horizon,
=In search o' a port whaur my barque micht safely ride.
Noo, in life's gloamin', when dim my sicht is gettin',
=An' faint fa's the soughin' o' the winds on my ear,
Bre'ks a glorious licht, as o' Heaven's morn eternal,
=An' voices mute lang syne again I seem to hear.

Sing, waefu' he'rts, for each midnicht has its daybre'k!
=Earth's wilds gi'e place to a land o' pure delicht:
The road it may be lang, an' weary fa' the fitsteps,
=Afore oor e'en are gladdened wi' its rays sae bricht.
Sweet, gladsome rills, flow in music to the woodlands,
=An' ilka spot o' beauty's a joy ever mair;
Nae puir broken he'rts, nae een wi' tear-draps glist'nin',
=Nae mair sabs an' sighin', an' nae mair pairtin' there.

Tired, tired am I o' this vale o' tears an' trouble,
=Sair dae I yearn for that faur-awa' countrie;
Ilka settin' sun only maks its halo brichter,
=An' lessens aye the road atween its gates an' me.
Oh, for that land whaur the wicked cease frae troublin'!
=Oh, for that sweet hame whaur the weary are at rest!
Earth gi'es wae an' sorrow, _yon_ gi'es joy an' singin',
=An' ilka earth-worm wand'rer's made a welcome guest.


THAT city built o' jaspers,
Ma een yearn sair to see,
Within its jewell'd portal
Ma spirit fain wad be;
To tread its gowden pathways,
An' join its choral sang;
Or turn ma weary fitsteps
Its pastures green amang.

What lichtsome thochts o' gledness
That gowden toun bespeaks!
Whaur Time flees on eternal,
An morn the nicht ne'er greets.
Earth's sabs, an' sighs, an' sorrows,
An' dull he'rt-bre'kin' care,
When aince we pass its gateways
Are strangers evermair.

Fu' sullen flows life's river,
But there the stream o' life
As bricht as crystal sparkles
An' its braw banks are rife
Wi' flo'ers o' sweetest fragrance
That fill the air aroon',
An' gentle zephyrs waft it
Owre a' that bonnie toun.

Its stanes are precious jewels,
Its wa's are jaspers bricht,
Its gates are decked wi' pearls
That glint wi' sweetest licht;
Its sun is Him wha weary
Had here nae place to rest-
But noo He's a' the glory
O' this braw toun sae blest.

Earth's day for me is wanin',
The nicht is drawin' near,
But through the mists o' darkness
I see that city clear,
As a fair bride o' beauty
Delichts her bridegroom's een,
While roon' her shines the lustre
O' purity serene.

Oh, for a dove's swift pinions!
That I micht flee awa'
An' rest amid the quietness
Within its jewelled ha'.
Oh, gowden toun o' glory!
Oh, nichtless city dear!
Thy splendour aye increaseth,
As I to thee draw near.


I HELD a flower bud in my hand and longed
=To know the beauty its full blossom would display;
I saw afar the glorious tint of dawn,
=And pictured in my heart a cloudless day.

But foolish fancy led my thoughts astray,
=And foolish day dreams falsely in my bosom wove
Those fairy bonds that in a guileless way
=My heart accepted as the cords of Love.

My flower bud was not Love-nor was the dawn
=I saw afar the morning of Love's blissful day;
My flower bud faded, and as fleet as fawn
=Thick clouds obscured the dawn's sweet sunlit ray.


I SIT and type with my fingers white,
From morn till the set of sun;
And with heart elate I thank kind fate
When the infernal click is done.
=For it's click, click, click, till my soul is sick,
=And my spirit yearns to soar
=To that far-off land with its golden strand
==Where typists work no more.

It's oh, for the wealth-with, of course, good health-
Of a bloated millionaire!
I would sail away till dawns that day
When typewriters shall be no more.
=For it's click, click, click, till my soul is sick,
=And my spirit yearns to soar
=To that far-off land with its golden strand
==Where typists work no more.

Life's but a span, says some foolish man,
Who ne'er heard the doleful click
That from morn till night in fellest spite
Fills my soul with fury thick.
=For it's click, click, click, till my soul is sick,
=And my spirit yearns to soar
=To that far-off land with its golden strand,
==Where typists work no more.

Then let me dream of a golden stream
With banks of a mossy green,
With sweet-scented flow'rs and shady bow'rs,
Typewriters - unknown, unseen.
=For it's click, click, click, till my soul is sick,
=And my spirit yearns to soar
=To that far-off land with its golden strand
==Where typists work no more.


_Called Home_, 8_th May_ 1908.

A LITTLE head of golden hair,
=A little winsome chubby face,
A little pair of bright blue eyes,
=A little form of childish grace.

A merry little laughing voice,
=Two little arms so plump and round,
Two little feet whose patter made
=The heart with joy to throb and bound.

A little fairy angel bright,
=With lisping prattle quaint and gay;
A little rosebud blossom sweet
=That cherish'd on our bosom lay.

But gone the little golden head,
=And gone the winsome chubby face,
And closed the little bright blue eyes,
=And gone the form of childish grace:

The merry little laughing voice
=No more its charms around us flings,
The patter of the childish feet
=No longer in our homestead sings:

The little arms that round our neck
=So tightly twined in days gone by,
No more shall twine in love's embrace
=Till dawns the brighter day on high.

Our fairy angel vanish'd is,
=The lisping prattle long since lull'd;
Our little cherish'd rosebud sweet
=For Eden's bow'rs the Master cull'd.

And we are left with thoughts alone,
=And whisp'rings of the "might have been!"
And mem'ries of the days that were
=When in our hearts she ruled as queen.


EARTH still holds many faces dear
That gather round us year by year;
And loving eyes that look in ours
With glances soft as summer showers:
=And far away
=Where endless day
Forever holds unbroken sway,
=Some lost awhile
=Still on us smile
And seem in smiling soft to say:

="We too are dear,
=And year by year
We mingle in your mirth and cheer;
=Although unseen,
=With joy we gleam,
Your love that's now, and aye has been.
=Affection's tie
=Doth never die,
And moments, days, and years but fly
=Till you we greet
=With welcome sweet
To OUR BLEST HOME where all shall meet
=And ne'er again
=Love's glad refrain
Be broken by the voice of pain."


=DEAR sister mine,
=The days come back to me
When long ago together you and I did play,
=And every hour was happy,
=Every moment bright,
And life's glad pathway decked with flow'rets gay.

=Oh! gladsome time
=When innocent and young,
We revelled in the happiness of life and love,
=And blithesomely did carol
=Lays of sweet delight
'Neath cloudless skies of azure blue above.

=Like a sweet dream
=That o'er us cast its charms
Thro' mists of long years past I see thy dear loved face,
=And with yearning look of love
=Fondly do I see
The old affection sweet, the old sweet grace.

=To thee my heart
=Goes out full voiced and strong,
My thoughts with thine do mingle as in days gone by,
=Time cannot dim or wither
=Mem'ry's glad review
When we were "bairns thegither," you and I.


WHAT though within thy heart in life's full day
There rises strong the longing to uprise,
And kindred spirits call to lead the way
And look to thee with fond appealing eyes;

What though within thy frame the pulse of life
Beats full and strong in ever-growing power,
And, strong man arm'd, you glory in the strife,
And view with eager zest the conflict hour;

If in thy heart there throbs with gath'ring force
The voice of disappointment - Hope deferred!
And if thy soul doth trace unto its source
The bitter step wherein thy feet have err'd-

And if that source should mayhap chance to be
Of youthful blindness in Love's passion born-
To pluck a rose that blossom'd fair to see
While hiding 'neath its leaves its prickly thorn;

What though Ambition points the way to Fame,
And Hope with eager gesture leads one on?
If those of thine own household - thine own name
Drag back thy footsteps, and bid Hope begone!


HE'S goin' faur frae me to a land ayont the sea,
=He's leavin' dear auld Scotland in the mornin',
An' sair the blindin' tears fa' like rain-draps frae my e'e,
=An' my he'rt regrets the day that I was born in;
Nae mair the lintie's sang in my bosom will inspire
=The witchin' thochts o' sunny days to come;
Life's lang and dreary path will my weary fitsteps tire,
=For the day will never dawn when he'll come home.

Nae mair aroon' my feet will the gentle daisy spring-
=The licht o' love wi' gledness fill my e'e-
Where aince aroon' my broo I wad rose and lily string
=There's nocht but thorns o' sorrow noo for me:
The sang that filled my he'rt like the skylark's mornin' lilt
=Is dulled, and like a dirge is fu' o' wae;
For me the joy o' life 'mang life's sorrows has been spilt,
=The gloom o' nicht drawn cross my sun o' day.

My he'rt's pang'd fu' o' sorrow, my bosom's fu' o' sighs,
=My mem'ry's like a deid-hoose-fu' o' dust;
The glimmer an' the sheen o' life's gowden love-lit skies
=Are covered owre wi' killin' sorrow's rust.
There's NAE balm for my wae - there's nae comfort for my care;
=Alane I maun my sad and lang weird dree;
Oh! that the end were come when wi' sadness sick an sair,
=I'd lay me doon wi' pleesure for to dee.

My mither!  Oh, my mither!  Did e'er you think to see
=When in your lap I lisped my e'enin' prayer,
Or in my cradle sleepin' you rocked and sang to me
=Sae soft and low, some lullaby so rare-
The day dawn when your bairn wad in pain to you draw near
=And lay her head in sorrow on your knee,
An' cry wi' sabs o' anguish owre deep to shed a tear,
=An' pray for Heaven kind to let her dee.


THREE things I want-three things and naught beside,
To keep me fit and strong to breast life's sullen tide:
A FAITH that 'mid the darkness holds me tight,
A HOPE that o'er the waters sheds sweet light,
A LOVE that ne'er shall leave me day or night,
==These things and naught beside!

Three prayers I pray-three prayers and none beside,
That they may keep me fit and strong and purified:
God give me grace to walk Thy ways aright,
God give me grace 'gainst sin and wrong to fight,
God give me grace for every day and night,
==These prayers and none beside!

Three gems I have-three gems and naught beside;
They keep me fit and strong and fortified:
The love the Father bears unto His own,
The gift for me He purchased through His Son,
And Christ Himself, worth everything alone!
==These gems and naught beside!

Three things I prize-three things and naught beside,
To me they mean the perfect life full glorified:
A manger in a far-off eastern town,
A wreath of thorns entwined into a crown,
A cross on which His life my Lord laid down,
==These things and naught beside!


A SANG may comfort the he'rt,
=Even though the fiends o' war
Are hoverin' fierce owre oor hearths an' oor hames,
=Inflictin' mony a scar.

A sab may come to the throat,
=An' a tear come to the e'e,
But a grip o' the haun' an' a kindly look
=Will strengthen baith you an' me.

An' a sang fu' sweetly sung-
=Though the voice be quiv'rin' sair-
An' the he'rt big an' fu' wi' a nameless fear-
=May help us to thole an' dare.


MY dearest Chris-
=It's simply this-
=My heart is sore and sad,
=For every day
=I'm loth to say,
=Things go aye to the bad.

Last night no less-
=Well you may guess,
=I went a lovely walk;
=No, not alone!
=I frankly own,
=_That_ would make people talk.

Where Dreghorn's tower,
='Mid leafy bower
=Looks down on lovers gay,
=I thought he'd speak-
=(The blooming freak)
=And ask me once for aye.

But woe is me!
=That it should be!
=His talk love did not 'dorn,
=And I am left,
=Of hope bereft,
=A maiden still forlorn!

O, Chrissie kind!
=I would not mind
=If in my dire distress,
=You'd send a man
=As soon's you can
=To lift your sister JESS.


SHE sat on a chair on a summer's day
In a garden fair looking bright and gay;
So pensively her eyelids drooped,
So lovingly her tresses looped
With the dainty lace that adorned her neck
And did her charms so sweetly deck.

The garden was full of the rarest flow'rs,
Trailing clematis and rosary bowers,
Blooming in beauty rich and rare:
Yet there were none that could compare
With the pretty maid who did look so sweet
And charming in the garden seat.

I watched and a smile of seraphic bliss
Did steal o'er her face like an elfin's kiss,
A sunbeam played in gambols rare
Amid her golden curls fair,
And the morning sunshine wreathed her in bloom
As a bride awaiting love's glad bridegroom.

The garden lay smiling soft to the sun,
Sweet sang the brooklet that through it did run;
With floral beauty gaily crowned,
And gladsome carols all around,
The queen of the garden gracious and sweet
Was the dainty maid in the garden seat.

In gladness and joy I near her did draw,
The flowers my boldness beheld with awe-
Around her neck my arm entwined,
Till her fair head on me reclined,
As she op'd her eyes, I gave her a kiss-
She whispered sweetly, "I long'd so for this."


OH Jim!  My Jim!  And must I say farewell!
=Farewell to you and all my heart doth hold
Of thoughts imagined of ethereal days to come
=When life was lit with love's glad light of gold:
The dreams I cherished in my inmost heart-
=The joys that Fancy wove within my breast-
The witch'ry of the mystic charm of love-
=Must I forever lay them down to rest.

Oh Jim!  My Jim!  How long the days will be
=When thus we part, and I with heart full sore
Trudge life's dull way, pursued with gloomy ghosts
=Of dreams and hopes that can be never more:
Oh, heart!  My heart!  Be still and throb not so!
=Hang leaden weights my weary feet unto!
Life IS not-CAN not, nay it SHALL not be
=Unless 'tis lived - my life! my heart !-with _you_!


COULD I be glad or happy yestreen?
=When somebody wasna there?
Could I look blythe or cheery yestreen?
=Alas! when my heart was sair?

What need I think or care about ane
=Wha maybe cares little for me-
Ay! somebody's gotten my heart unsought,
=An' what mair has a lassie to gie?

Somebody's words are wonderfu' words,
=They're wonderfu' words to hear;
Somebody's words can lighten the heart,
=Or fill the e'e wi' a tear.

They may say's they like, they may do's they like!
=An' somebody I may tine,
But I'll live's I am, an I'll dee's I am,
=If somebody mayna be mine!


(_Written by request in an album for a friend._)

SUPPOSING I knew you-which I don't,
Supposing your eyes my soul did haunt-
Supposing I thought-No! say it I won't-
==But just-Supposing?

Supposing one day in a merry mood,
Meandering, you and I, in a wood,
I knelt at your feet-now don't think me rude,
==But just-Supposing?

Supposing I said-Now what _could_ I say?
_What_ can one speak of who's touched that way?
But supposing I vow'd that happy day-
==Ah, yes!  Supposing?

Supposing you glanced at me with a look
That squashed me as flat as a briny fluke?
Well-first of all let me write in your book-
==Hooch, aye!  Supposing?


=IF you long for great distinction
=And abhor thoughts of extinction,
And delight to do a diddle in the "art-y" way,
=Now pray, sir, don't be crusty,
=Just get your little "bust-y"
Sculptured sweet, and nice, and pretty, by an R.S.A.


OH, Jimmie, lad, you've made a slip,
=Your min's a wee belated;
There's no sic' a word amang mankind
=As - Ha! ha! "interpretated."

If you've a lass ye lo'e fu' weel,
=An' you've on love dilated,
Jist gether her in your airms an' say
=That's hoo it's "interpretated."

When 'tween you twa a question keen
=Is bein' sair debated,
Jist smoor her mou' wi' your hinny lips
=An' so it's "interpretated."

A chiel bless'd wi' a heid like yours
=Pang'd fu' wi' lore first rated,
Should ken that it's wrang an' sae daft-like
=To speak 'boot "interpretated!"

My certie, sir!  As sure as ocht!
=If e'er to lass you're mated,
You'll ken when owre late that Life may be
=Fu' queerly "interpretated!"


==There fades not one sweet thought,
===Or soft word spoken;
==There dies not love's glad day,
===Nor is there broken-
The memory fond of bright hours long ago
When we together, you and I, did go
In cupid's bonds entwined as willing captives led:
Hast thou forgotten?  Say not that love is dead!

==There lives the mem'ry still,
===The ling'ring cadence,
==The haunting music sweet,
===The mystic radiance,
Of love's sweet spell that held us glad enchained
And to its measures bright, us, willing, trained:
Oh love!  Sweet love!  Ye dear, dear days of long ago!
Hast thou forgotten?  My heart!  My heart! say NO!


JUST a song of a sunny day;
When skies are bright and clear;
And the lilt of the birds,
And the hum of the bees,
The only sounds we hear.

When the whispering zephyrs tell
The secrets love reveals,
In the sweet gloaming time
When the twilight descends
Ere night the daylight seals.

Just the song of a happy heart;
That sings the joy of life;
And the melody sweet
Of an unbroken chord
That knows not strain nor strife.

Then hurrah for the sunny day!
Hurrah for life's sweet glee!
To the goblet of life-
Its sweet incense and joy-
Our glasses raised shall be!


JUST a bundle of laughter and tears;
=A chuckle, a yell, and a cry;
A pair of blue eyes and pouting lips,
=A smile both soft and sly:
That's what our baby is - 'tis true!
=He's a seraph with nothing on!
And we call him when he's cleaned and washed


HERE'S a bright and breezy greeting,
In a bright and breezy way,
To a bright and breezy damsel
Who's just twenty-two to-day!
=May your days be bright and breezy;
=And your hours of witching night
=When you wander with your true love,
=Ne'er be breezy-but aye bright!

When your bright and breezy blue eyes,
With a bright and breezy smile,
In a bright and breezy manner
Heaps of love around you pile-
=May your heart be bright and breezy,
=Full of Hope's sweet guiding light;
=And the thoughts that fill your bosom
=Ne'er be breezy-but aye bright!

When your bright and breezy noddle
In a bright and breezy mood,
Full of bright and breezy wonder
Ponders-How you can be GOOD?
=Let no thoughts though bright and breezy,
=Your sweet innocence e'er blight-
=But with strong determination
=Keep your soul aye pure and bright!


EH, Sergeant - blind!  Ye are na blate
To try your luck in wedded state!
Some day you'll scart your hairless pate
==Wi' ruefu' face!
And words speak at a fearfu' rate
==That's no' a grace!

Lord bless my soul!  Do you no' mind
The unco facht Eve brocht mankind,
When Adam-in his twa e'en blind
==Socht her as wife?
Puir soul!  Fu' early he did find
==Baith wae an' strife.


HAROLD!  If you do love me,
No more poetry pray;
I'm quite content to revel
In what in prose you say:
=For the gift of the muse of poetry
=Was not conferred on you-
=So draw it mild in rhyming,
=And write in sweet prose-DO!

When I am lone and gloomy,
Longing sore for you,
Your verses make me balmy-
I feel just like to s-e!
=So then, draw it mild, dearest Harold,
=Else gray my hair will turn,
=And doused will be the true love
=Which in my heart doth burn.

Harold!  If earth were Heaven!
And you an angel bright-
I'd flee to - well, "down southwards"
If poetry you'd write!
=For Heav'n with a poetic lover
=Whose muse did not inspire,
=Could ne'er compare with "yon place"
=Its bright and cheery fire!

Harold!  If earth were Heaven,
And I an angel fair,
I'd tell you how I lov'd you
In language sweet and rare:
=But I'd not try to be a poet-
=If such I could not be,
=But simply say - "I love you!"
=Nyum!  Nyum!  Ah-don't you see?


PLEASE place my wishes too
='Mong thoughts both leal and true,
That in this book from every nook
=Speak greetings kind to you.

Life round your pathway fling
=Immortal flow'rs of Spring;
And all day long the voice of song
=Within thy bosom sing.

May shadows ne'er draw nigh
=To cloud thy azure sky;
And all thy way through every day
=God's sun shine clear on high.

Then Faith and Hope and Love-
=Three graces from above-
Thy days shall crown, and ne'er a frown
=Thy soul's sweet rapture move.


A WEE bit thocht frae a wee Scots lass
To help you while the lang oors pass;
A wee drap love frae a wee Scots body-
It's as guid for the he'rt as guid Scotch toddy!


A YEAR ago!  How sweet the world became!
Life blossomed rich and full, with promise bright
Of love's great happiness; and in its flight
Time whispered through the hours thine own dear name.

A year ago!  I met thee, Harold mine!
And love cast over me its happy spell,
And in my fond ear stories soft did tell,
And o'er my forehead garlands gay did 'twine.

A year ago!  How sweet the mem'ry still!
God grant that all through life's path as I go,
In health or illness, happiness or woe-
That sweetness always may my being thrill.

A year ago!  Love, hear me while I say-
Come weal or woe-whatever may betide-
Through joy or sorrow, fondly by thy side
I'll ever bless that happy, happy day-


(_Written in an autograph album_.)

THIS book is all mine own!
=A gift from kind friends dear;
And on its pages Wisdom's words
=Or Art's fair 'dornments shall appear.

No thought unworthy shall
=Within its folds be found;
And only pictures such as give
=Kind pleasure sweet to all around.

Not every one who saith-
="I in thy book shall write
And there the thoughts that sway my mind
=In language eloquent indite";

Not every one who saith-
="I in thy book shall trace
Fair Art's sweet fancies that delight
=Throughout my mind to romp and race"

Shall in this book record:
='Tis not for every one!
But only those, and such as those
=As Friendship's spell has round me spun-

Who answer to the call
=Of "Bond Friends," leal and true,
Shall on thy pages write their thoughts
=Or trace sweet forms, my book, in you.


(_Tune_ - 'Tramp, tramp, tramp, the boys are marching.')

WE are working full of hope,
In our hearts a constant prayer
To the Gracious Father who alone can bless
For the dawning of that day
When the land we dearly love
Shall be freed for aye from Drink's unhappiness.

_Chorus_ - Sing! sing!  Comrades, it is coming!
==Yes, the day is drawing near
==When the power of drink no more
==O'er our land shall spread its blight,
==And its shame and curse forever disappear.

Soon the bitter notes of woe,
And the dirge of broken hearts,
And the cry of little children full of pain-
Shall give place to mirthful songs,
And to anthems of great joy,
And the gleefulness of laughter's glad refrain.

With our hearts inspired by love
For the Master whom we serve,
And with ardour full of courage in His might,
Let us never swerve or halt,
But press forward in His name,
Shouting aye our watchword true, "For God and Right!"

Though the strife may still be keen,
And the labour still be hard,
And the crowning of the vict'ry seem delayed-
In His own good time and way
(Bear we bravely aye our part),
He will bring that day for which we've worked and pray'd.


WHAT is my faith?  Ah friend, I cannot tell;
=I battle 'mid life's gloom and doubt and fear-
And like a swimmer struggling in a boundless sea
=Across the rolling waves I keenly peer,
That if so be mine eyes may catch a glimpse
=Of that vague shore of Hope and Land of Peace,
Some inward instinct to my soul proclaims
=Awaits the voyageur when Time doth cease.

What is my faith?  Ah friend, I do not know;
='Tis not in creeds, in doctrine, form, or words;
A strange un-resting longing for an unknown God-
=A cry for foothold more than earth affords;
A constant straining of the heart to know
=The meaning of life's mystery and plan;
The frantic effort of a puzzled soul
=To grip the garments of the Son of Man.

What is my faith?  Ah friend, please do not ask;
='Tis hope deferr'd-and joy un-come--and doubt-
Unanswer'd pray'rs, unholy thoughts, and barren years,
=And prickly blossoms my heart round about:
A yearning, upward groping of the hand,
=A longing, upward lifting of the eye,
A clutching at a something undefined,
=A hungry heart that will not kill-or die!

What is my faith?  A mystic, knotless thread
=That wanes and glimmers 'mid life's baffling gloom;
Ofttimes it slips my grasp, eludes my seeking eyes
=And leaves me helpless as an empty loom;
Yet, ever tugging at my hungry heart-
=Its source I know not, nor its ending where?
As strong as iron bands, or cords of steel,
=It draws me ever onward - upward - "THERE!"


IT begins with a cry,
=It ends with a gasp;
It is light in the eye,
=A nervous hand-clasp;
It's a playing with Time,
=Coquetting with Hope;
'Tis a vexatious climb,
=Of limited scope.

It is laughter and tears,
=A sigh or a song;
It is moments or years,
=Short-lived or too long;
'Tis illusion or snare,
=A harbourless sea;
It is beating the air,
=A "weird we maun dree."

It is mystical pain,
=A sob and a sigh;
It is loss or 'tis gain,
=Care, far-off or nigh;
'Tis a jest and a smile,
=A snap of the thumb;
'Tis a tale to beguile,
=A draught to benumb.

'Tis an angling for what
=We never can find
It is anguish that's bought
=With peace of the mind.
'Tis a soul in a cage,
=Circumscribed and rude;
'Tis a much-blotted page
=Ill-written and crude.

'Tis a soul held in check
=That upward would fly
'Tis a flow'r to bedeck
=Enthroned but to die;
'Tis a spirit enchain'd,
=A dream born to fade;
'Tis a height ne'er attain'd,
=A debt that's ne'er paid.

It is Now-and Beyond,
=To-day and for aye;
It is love true and fond,
=Unknowing decay;
It is soaring aloft
=In a spaceless flight,
To the radiance soft
=Of revealing light.

Where enigma and doubt,
=The riddle and jest
That bind life about
=Are ever at rest;
And the soul from Earth's sod
=Finds full unity
In the home of its God-
=Its Eternity.


(_To a friend._)

O, WEE ANE!  Here's to you an' yours!
A rowth o' life's maist happy 'oors,
A fitpath deck'd wi' sweetest flo'ers,
=A shinin' sun;
An' aye aside you-shine or sho'ers,
=Your "Only One!"

You ken fu' weel the "ONE" I mean,
Your witch'ry dazzled his twa een;
May roon' ye baith, the gowden sheen
=O' love's sweet spell,
Shine saft an' rare thro' a' life's scene
=An' love tales tell.

May nocht occur to mak' life queer;
May nocht arise to gar ye fear;
May naither sab, nor sigh, nor tear,
=Your bosom wring-
But ilka day o' this New Year
=Cause ye to sing.


THREE thoughts I enter in this book of thine-
First, let thy life's ways unto God incline;
Nor deem it wisdom in thy heart supine
To doubt His ways and Providence divine-
=But ever UPWARD press.

Next-to thyself be ever leal and true;
What thy heart dares to know let thy hands do;
Stand to thy conscience clear!  Thou ne'er shalt rue
That fealty to God and Self that grew
=Strong-rooted in His grace.

Then-to Mankind be tender and sincere;
Strong with that strength of love which knows not fear;
Upright and helpful, making life appear
One swelling anthem that aye strong and clear
=Lifts Mankind up to God.

So-life shall be for thee a highway meet,
With all the flow'rs of God and Love replete,
Their fragrance falling like an angel's feet
And clothing with the smile of God so sweet
=Its shadows and its glee.


=In the morning when you rise,
=And rub your sleepy eyes,
Don't stand about upon your trembling toes;
=But without a moment's thought,
=Ere some shiv'ring fit you've caught,
Be sure and loudly blow your Roman nose.

=It will doubtless clear your head,
=And announce that from your bed,
Like a lark from dewy field you risen hath!
=While next with step elastic,
=With pride, but not bombastic,
You plunge into a cold and clammy bath!

=Then dress when you are ready,
=With temper cool and steady,
And ne'er a word that's naughty dare to say;
=And thus you'll e'er be healthy,
=Though mayhap never wealthy,
And live a life that's one long, endless day.


HECH, sirs! but I'm bless'd wi' the best kin' o' wife,
A lassie that lo'es naither quibblin' nor strife
An' next to hersel', as guid as e'er ye saw,
Is my bonnie wife's mither - my mither-in-law.

She's trudg'd life's dreich road noo for mony a year,
Enjoy'd aft its lauchter, an' sometimes its tear;
An' gather'd its spring flo'ers an' danc'd mid its snaw,
An' she's still blythe an' cheerie - my mither-in-law.

I'm scunner'd at some o' thae sma' minded chaps,
Wha's lives seem to be aye sae fu' o' mishaps-
An' wha when their tongues get ootside o' their jaw
Pits the blame on the back o' their mither-in-law.

She's reach'd the hill-tap noo o' life's mountain bare,
An' doon its aff-side she maun toddle wi' care;
For likely eneuch a' the cauld winds that blaw
'll no' reverence, like me, my mither-in-law.

Her he'rt's fu' o' kindness, her een's fu' o' love;
She aye tries to dae as her Maister above:
A braw, sonsy woman - as guid as she's braw,
Is my bonnie wife's mither - my mither-in-law.


IN this world there's lots of work for willing hands to do,
Work that will bring happiness, and work we'll never rue;
Work for men and women and for boys and girls too-
==Work for the Kingdom of Jesus.

=Hurrah! hurrah! we'll work with all our might!
=Hurrah! hurrah! we'll dare to do what's right!
=Though only girls and boys are we for God and Truth we fight,
=And work for the Kingdom of Jesus.

In the Band of Hope we learn to battle with the Drink;
Fight the Giant Alcohol, and from the deadly brink
Of shame, and sin, and misery teach every one to shrink,
==And work for the Kingdom of Jesus.


Boys should in the conffict stern be valiant, true, and brave,
Daring ever 'No' to say when Drink's wiles would enslave:
Tender, firm, and steadfast holding out strong hands to save-
==And work for the Kingdom of Jesus.


Girls should ever gentle be, and win with kindness sweet
Those erring ones whom Drink has snared, and guide their halting feet
To paths of virtue good and bright, their hearts with peace replete;
==And work for the Kingdom of Jesus.


Then let us all together pledge anew our mind and will
To fight 'gainst Drink and Evil, and all sin and shame until
Throughout our land the peace of God rests pure, and calm, and still,
==And so dawns the Kingdom of Jesus.



I SING a sang in the mornin',
=Wi' a he'rt fu' licht an' gay,
Whan the gowden sun wi' a smilin' face
=Brings in the new-born day;
An' Life seems sae fair an' happy
=An' its flo'ers saw sweet an' braw,
An' there's nae cauld mist, an' nae cauldrife win's
=To ding its joy awa'.

I sing a sang in the mid-day,
=Whan the stress o' life is sair,
It revives my he'rt whan the fecht is keen
=An' helps me "grin an' bear";
It lichts up my een wi' courage,
=It tempers my fechtin' mood,
Wi' my heid held hie, an' my shouthers square,
=I'm fit for a' Care's crood.

I sing a sang in the e'enin',
=Whan the day's sair facht is dune,
An' the gentle nicht like a kindly nurse
=Pu's doon the blinds abune;
An' my spirit weaves fu' quaintly
=The spells o' the quiet oor,
An' I fondly dream o' "the micht ha'e been,"
=Its rapture an' its po'er.

An' the gay sang o' the mornin',
=An' the sang o' mid-day strife,
An' the musin' sang o' the evenin' oor
=Mak up the Sang o' Life-
Whilk salt through the deep'nin' shadows,
=An' the mirk o' the midnicht calm,
Swells oot as the sang-in the gowden toun-
=O' Moses an' the Lamb.


The Spring is comin'!  Ay! the Spring _has_ come,
=An' the breezy March win's blaw;
But wi' sunny skies in the lift abune
=I gang whistlin' through them a'.
The wee buddin' flo'ers, an' the cheepin' birds,
=An' the lambkins on the lea-
A' sing o' a love that in guidness brings
=A new life to you an' me.

I nod fu' happy to the snawdrap sweet,
=An' it couthly smiles to me;
An' I lauch wi' the lav'rock's cheery sang
=Faur up in the liff sae hie.
The wee fleecy clouds fleet saucily by,
=Jist daffin' their wee white tails,
An' my he'rt fills up wi' a sang o' praise
=O' the love that never fails.

Oh!  I like the sough o' the braw March win's!
=An' the caller crisp March air!
Oh!  I like the sicht o' the wauk'nin' earth
=As it cleeds itsel' fu' fair!
Wi' the daisies sweet, an' the violets blue,
=An' the heatherbell sae shy;
An' the chorus gay o' the singin' birds
=Kens naither sab nor sigh.

=Oh! it's fine to live in the braw March days,
==An' I sing richt merrily-
="The Spring is comin'!  Ay, the Spring _has_ come!
==An' the Faither's guid to me!"


I HA'E a sang I sing alang life's highway,
Cheerin' my he'rt when dowie an' depress'd,
Liftin' my soul abune life's wee bit sorrows
Up to the Faither's throne to find sweet rest.

==Jesus is mine!  I ken He'll never lea' me,
===Roon' me He rows His big braw plaid o' love,
==Smiles in my face, an' bids me step oot bravely
===Up life's steep hillside to His hame above.

Aften the sun gangs doon 'neath some wee cloudlet,
=Chill breezes blaw, an' mockin' echoes ring;
Nae star to guide, an' dool an' fear within me,
=Tremblin' I spiel the brae an' faintly sing-
==Jesus is mine! - etc.

Yet a' life's path the wee flo'ers o' His guidness
=Bloom at my feet an' deck sae braw my way;
Aye in my he'rt the sangbirds o' His mercy
=Sing o' His grace an' love the lee lang day.
==Jesus is mine! - etc.

O weary he'rt! cast doon an' heavy laden,
=Join in my sang, 'twill soothe awa' your care;
Life up your e'en!  He's smilin' kind an' gracious,
=Biddin' you in His love an' guidness share.
==Jesus is mine! - etc.


A WEE bird sang in my he'rt ae day,
=A wee bit cheery sang,
An' my e'en grew bricht, an' my fitsteps licht
=As I trudg'd Life's path alang;
A wee flo'er smil'd as I pass'd it by,
=A bonnie winsome smile,
An' the sun shone oot sae sweet roon' aboot,
=Makin' licht ilk lanesome mile.

A wee clood daurken'd my mid-day sky
=An' threaten'd me wi' dool;
An' a waft o' win' left me shiverin',
=Laid my Joy in waesome mool:
The lav'rock ceased wi' its cheery lilt,
=The wee flo'ers hung their heid,
An' there cam' a shade, like that whilk is made,
=By the passin' o' the deid.

A stoun' o' pain gar'd my bosom throb
=An' cry wi' anguish sair,
Like a greetin' wean wand'rin' a' alane
=Owre a moor baith bleak an' bare;
I raised my e'en to the lift abune
=An' pray'd wi' a' my micht-
"O, Guid Lord for grace!  Let me see Thy face,
=An' shine on my path Thy licht!"

His licht shone oot wi' a gowden tint,
=An' gilded a' my way;
An' the wee black clood at aince begoud
=To dispel aneath its ray:
The sang cam' back to my he'rt again,
=An' the licht intae my e'e,
For I kent fu' weel He was true an' leal
=An' wi' love surroundin' me.

Sae on I trudge wi' my heid held hie,
=My fitsteps firm an' licht;
An' aye ilka oor, an' frae ilk wee flo'er,
=An' the braw wee stars at nicht,
I gether new strength for Life's facht an' length,
=An' its closin' gloamin' 'oor,-
An' I'll ford Death's stream 'neath the gowden gleam
=That shines frae His grace an' po'er.


A New Year!  Why?  Is every year not new?
What does it matter, friend, if to your conscience true
You live your life?  And ever strive to do
==The Father's will?
Faith soars triumphant crown'd with golden hue
==O'er Good or Ill.

A New Year!  When?  Does every day not bring
New blessings?  Even greater than the vernal Spring?
And each new moment sweeter incense fling
==Your life around?
And joy-bells ever in your bosom ring
==With happy sound?

A New Year!  How?  Has life so bitter been?
So bare and barren, friend?  Its blasts so keen?
Faith wreck'd, and Hope o'erwhelm'd-no sheaf to glean,
==With bitter cry
You pray the Past may 'neath Time's numbing screen
==Forgotten die!

A New Year!  YES!  Else this world would grow old,
And Youth and Joy and God, grow wearisome and cold:
Life calls thee, friend, within thy heart to fold
==Its gifts divine;
And set its moments in Joy's beaten gold
==And make them thine.

A New Year!  NOW!  Let die the erring past!
Live for the things that count, and for the days that last:
Hold high thy head!  Around thee God hath cast
==His spell of love,
And all thou art, and all of good thou hast,
==Come from above.

A New Year!  YES!  Its morn greet with a song;
New energy and hope!  Faith born anew and strong!
Time's new-born day, 'though brief its hours or long,
==Doth summons thee
Adown Life's path, and 'mid its surging throng,


D'YE ken the joy o' fechtin' when the strife is stiff an' sair?
D'ye ken the joy o' spielin' up a hill baith heich and bare?
D'ye ken the joy o' twirlin' ilka thrawn thing oot your way,
Keepin' smilin' in the girnin' face o' ilk begrutten day?
D'ye ken the joy o' strivin'?  Ay! when ilka thing gangs wrang?
An' the keen delight o' singin'-even ony kind o' sang-
In the teeth o' opposeetion, in the e'en o' jeerin' spite?
Eh, laddie!  THAT'S the joy o' life!  TO BE VICTOR IN THE FIGHT!

D'ye ken the joy o' helpin' some puir body owre a stile?
D'ye ken the joy o' cheerin' some puir he'rt 'lang life's lang mile?
D'ye ken the joy o' sweepin' frae the wee weans' toddlin' feet
The thorns an' thistles that wad jag an' gar them sab an' greet?
D'ye ken the joy o' greetin' wi' a rousin' CHEERIO!
Some dowie frien' wi' tott'rin' gait 'neath some unco heavy blow?
D'ye ken the joy o' leevin'?  Man! it's helpin' weary folk
To be happy neath life's burdens, an' to ease life's irksome yoke.

D'ye ken the joy o' soomin' 'gainst a tide that's stiff an' dour?
D'ye ken the joy o' rinnin' 'gainst baith wind, an' rain, an' stour?
D'ye ken the exaltation when you're hemm'd on every side,
An' ye dinna gi'e a docken for the deils that roon' ye glide?
D'ye ken the holy madness that enthralls your very banes
When the fecht grows fast an' furious an' you lauch at stabs an' pains,
An' you dance wi' joy ecstatic as you skelp ilk dodgin' deil?
Eh, laddie!  THAT'S the joy o' life!  An' it gars your he'rt strings reel.

There's a joy in standin' bravely 'gainst a host o' unclean things,
There's a joy in skelpin' soon'ly a' the cares that worry brings,
Ye can lauch at a' the cantrips that the deils o' mischief mak',
When ye meet them aye breist-forrit, an' ne'er turn on them your back,
Then haud up your droopin' heid, lad! put some smeddum in your feet,
There's a joy in marchin' forrit-there's disaster in retreat;
In the end we'll conquer brawly, and we'll sing the victor's sang,
An' lauch that fierce the strife we thocht, or the path o' life owre lang.

We were never meant to wander through a land o' deidsome ease;
We were never meant to dawdle 'neath the shade o' leafy trees.
An' the Faither ne'er intended that like bairns we'd coddled be,
Or that He for us wad strauchen ilka thing that gangs ajee.
But He tells us, "I'm aye wi' ye a' the road that ye maun gang."
An' He bids us step oot bravely wi' a lichtsom' leesome sang:
An' amid the stress o' conflict, an' the wars'le sair wi' sin,
There's the joy o' kennin' - SURELY - that in His strength we MAUN WIN.


Though the road be rough and dreary,
==Ca' your gir!
Though your feet be sair and weary,
==Ca' your gir!
Though the brae be steep an' bare,
An' your he'rt pang'd fu' o' care,
An' o' Luck you ha'e nae share-
==Ca' your gir!

To the hill tap set your twa e'en,
==Ca' your gir!
Greet the Mornin's gowden on-sheen,
==Ca' your gir!
Gar Auld Time-the canker'd loon-
Dicht the sweat aff his bald croon,
As you gar him spin aroon',
==Ca' your gir!

As you spiel up - sing a wee sang,
==Ca' your gir!
It will cheer you a' the way lang,
==Ca' your gir!
Never heed a wee bit fa',
Man! it needna coont ava',
Rub the bit, an' SPIEL AWA',
==Ca' your gir!


_March_ 5, 1925.

RAB O' REEKIE greets you weel,
=An' thanks ye for your letter, O,
The very readin' o't has made
=Him feel sae muckle better, O.

To Perth I'll come on Sunday first,
=An' ne'er feel dowff or weary, O,
I'll dae my best through His dear grace,
=To mak' your he'rts richt cheery, O.

To frien' Seivwright I've sent a caird
=To keep his mind fu' easy, O,
I'll meet his lads on Sunday nicht,
=An' talk to them fu' breezy, O.

Sae haud your wheesht!  I'm no' sae bad,
=I'm naither dune nor dotter'd O,
I follow Him wha walked life's path
=Wi' steps that never totter'd, O.


IF to your "understanding"
=These socks some comfort bring,
And make your heart 'mid war's alarms
=With gladness bright to sing,
The fingers that with loving thought
=The worsted wove with care,
Will feel that in their home's defence
=They too have had a share.


TIME ca's his gir wi' unco speed,
An' growls, an' thraws he disna heed-
An' here aince mair, in truth an' deed
==The New Year's come!
Ere a'maist I had tun'd my reed
==Sae lang time dumb.

Hooch, ay!  Auld frien's!  A Guid New Year!
Let's cast oot doot, an' hate, an' fear;
Let's sing a sang o' blythesome cheer,
==An' glad refrain,
An' gar a' wee cares disappear
==Aneath its strain.

Here, health an' peace!  An' mirth an' glee!
A paction guid 'tween you an' me;
The best o' a' may you yet see
==Your days to bless;
An' happiness - true, couthie, free,
==Aroon' ye press.

May your fire lum aye gaily reek,
Your ingle neuk joy ever seek,
The glow o' health adorn your cheek;
==An' a' your days
The flo'ers o' life bloom roon' your feet
==In a' your ways.

Ne'er heed Auld Time!  Just skelp him weel;
Until the dotter'd carle squeal,
An' in sheer fricht maist gently deal
==Wi' your life's span,
An' mak' ye nocht but kindness feel-
==The best he can.

I've sung my sang-but aince again
I greet you wi' the auld refrain:
"A Guid New Year!" - nae sabs, or pain,
==Nocht to regret!
Yours, aye sincere, in shine or rain,
==R. C. Nisbet.


OH, it's aye "The Morn!"  It's aye "The Morn!"
=An' "The Morn" it never comes!
Yestreen is lost!  It's deid an' gane!
=An' Time oor bluid benumbs:
Ochone, for a sicht, a guidly sicht
=O' the gleesome, lee-lang Day!
To mak' us tend the wee bit flo'ers
=That dant on Life's highway.

Oh, it's aye "The Morn!"  It's aye "The Morn!"
=An' "The Morn's" sae faur awa'!
Ayont oor ken!  Ayont oor strength!
=We'll never see't ava:
Ochone for the feel-the lichtsome feel-
=O' the he'rtsome, happy Day!
That we may help some dowie he'rt
=To sing fu' blythe an' gay.

Oh, it's aye "The Morn!"  It's aye "The Morn!"
=An' its fickle, dazzlin' sheen-
Its promise fause-its hope unreal-
=Beguile an' dim oor e'en:
Ochone, just to ken - Ay! _jist_ to ken-
=O' the bigness of "The Day"!
That we may gar some weary feet
=Tread lichtly Life's highway.

Awa' wi' "The Morn!"  The cauldrife "Morn"
="The Morn" that never daws!
Dicht baith your een!  An' for Yestreen
=Dry up the tear that fa's:
Cheer up!  For "The Day"  The bigsome "Day"
=Is oor ain wi' a' its scope-
Let's plant its 'oors wi' a' the flo'ers
=O' Help, an' Love, an' Hope!


IT'S O! for the charm of the silv'ry Tweed,
=When the moonbeams dance and play,
And the elfin sprites of the woodlands green
=Turn the night to fairy day.
By its singing stream with a rod and line,
=And a faith that ne'er wears out,
With a spider black, or a speckled fly
=We allure the wary trout.

But O! and alas! for our fishing zeal,
=And our ardour keen and great,
The trout of to-day, whether young or old,
=Simply scoff at such a fate.
Piscatorial wireless-water-tight-
=Through its "aerial" swift conveys
The message "beware!" and the little trout
=In his wat'ry home just stays.

But the fun, and sport, and the singing stream,
=And the swish of the playing line,
The delusive hope, and the nibbling bite
=Make a pastime rich and fine.
If no trout we catch then we sit and watch
=The elves and the sprites at play,
And dream of the deeds of the "long-ago,"
=In fight and the fierce foray.

Then O! for the charm of the silv'ry Tweed,
=The song of its waters clear,
The ghosts and the shades that still haunt its banks
=From the days that knew not fear.
Let the wee trout gambol, or let them bite,
=Or bide in their "ain wee hoose,"
It's fine with a rod, and a line, and a fly,
=To get at night "on the loose"!


OH!  I know a little fairy,
="Sunshine Betty" is her name,
She is like a glory-picture
=In a golden heart's-love frame.

From sweet June unto December,
=And from Janu'ry to May,
She is always smiling, smiling,
=Every minute of the day.

She will steal into the garden
=When the shadows cross the ground,
And get busy throwing sunshine
='Mong the drooping flow'rs around.

You can see her on the sunbeams,
=Sliding down the golden slopes;
You can see her 'mong the daisies
=Skipping with the fairy ropes.

You can see her with the brownies,
=Playing gaily hide-and-seek,
Till the woodlands ring with laughter
=From the lilies, pure and meek.

You can see her when the dewdrops
=Form the magic fairy chain,
Play "I dree, I dree, I dropp'd it"
=While the moonbeams chase in vain.

You can see her when the Mummy
=And the Daddy wearied get
Smiling soft into their faces
=Till they everything forget,

But their little smiling fairy,
=With her love-enchanted way-
Whose sunshine and whose smiling
=Lighten up each happy day.


COMRADE of mine!  I greet you with a song!
Though rough the way, and stern the fight
As ever onwards towards the light,
==Up Life's steep hill we go:
With head held high, to earth and sky,
==I sing of "BROTHERHOOD"!

Brother of mine!  I greet you with a prayer!
That He who knows our alien foes-
Their cunning wiles and hurting blows-
==Will keep us by His might;
And to us bring, the DAY we sing!
==The DAY of brotherhood!

Brother and Friend!  And Comrade in the fray!
Be not cast down for God is here,
His soldiers know not halt, nor fear-
==And ne'er alone are we;
And by His grace, on Man we'll place
==The CROWN of Brotherhood!

Brother in Him!  And Friend and Comrade tried!
What matters it if sore the fray?
Though stained each mile of Life's long way
==With red blood and with tears?
O'er strife and pain there yet shall reign
==The PEACE of Brotherhood!

So, Comrade mine!  Come join me in my song;
And 'neath His banner - Soldiers we-
March ever on to victory,
==The Cross!  The Cross!  Our cry.
Our waking dream, our gladsome theme,
==The JOY of Brotherhood!


JUST to dae some deed o' kindness,
=Just some dowie he'rt to cheer,
Just to smile so that the shadows
=On some face will disappear;
Just a "CHEERIO!" my brithers,
=As Life's path ye trudge alang;
It may help some weary pilgrim
=To strike up a lichtsome sang.

Just a haun' grip as you're passin'
=To some brither sair distress'd;
Just a sharin' o' the burden
=That his spirit has oppress'd;
Just a face that like the mornin'
=Glows wi' sunshine saft an' clear
Just a voice so tun'd wi' kindness
=That sweet Love will cast oot Fear.

Just to live so that the Maister,
=Ilka day will see us thrang,
Sewin' seeds o' help an' comfort,
=Mak'in' straucht lives that gae wrang.
"Brithers A'"!  Let's try the wand'rer
=To the Cross to woo an' win;
Then oor he'rts will sing wi' rapture
=When the Maister says "Weel dune"!


THERE'S a wee bird singin' in my he'rt the noo,
=An' it trills with a gladsome lay;
Wi' a "tweetle, tweetle, tweet,' an' a' 'threeple, threeple, threep,"
=An' this is what it aye doth say-
=="A Guid New Year to you an' yours,
==Fu' day an nicht, o' happy 'oors;
==A bicker aye scailin' an' a cruse never tim,
==Nae cloodlets the sunshine to daurken or to dim."

There's a wee flo'er bloomin' in my he'rt the noo,
=An' it sheds fragrance rich an' sweet;
An' it nods its bonnie heid, while it sends wi' lauchin' speed
=To you this happy thocht to greet-
=="A rowth o' cheer, a hoose aye bien,
==A smilin' face an' lauchin' een;
==The fellowship o' frien's ever kindly an' leal,
==Aye croon your heid an' fill your he'rt through wae an' weal.

There's a wee elf skippin' in my breist the noo
=Wi' a rape weft o' bricht sunbeams;
An' his wee bit fairy feet tin-tin-a-bu-late sae sweet,
=An' wi' this lichtsome message teems:-
=="May comin' days bring comforts sweet,
==Smiles fill your een, flo'ers kiss your feet;
==A chimney aye reekin' an' a pat boilin' fu',
==An' aye abune sae bonnielie, a sky o' blue."

This is no' "frae the chair" in the "Temp'rance Ha'";
=It is meant just for YOU - yoursel'!
It's a wee bit greetin' kind whilk has come into my mind,
=An' its burden to you I tell-
=="O' Life aye mak' the best you can;
==Ilk guid thing haud, ilk bad thing ban;
==Through a' Life's leelang day, its mirktime an' its shine,
==Haud up your heid an' say, 'I'm no' feared - HE IS MINE!'"


ON Life's broad highway there's the struggle and the strife,
=The tramping and the trudging to and fro;
The bustle and the din, the tempest and the storm,
=The biting blast, the keen frost, and the snow.

But on Life's byways there are cosy, shady nooks,
=And rose walks through the land of fairy dreams;
The zephyrs' lullaby, the laverock's lilting song,
=The silv'ry rippling laughter of the streams.

On Life's broad highway there's the selfish, seething crowd;
=The grasping and the clutch of greedy hands;
Th' eternal onward roll, the grinding ebb and flow
=Of Time and Tide on life's unlovely sands.

But on Life's byways there's the fellowship so sweet
=With thoughts that come from far-off, mystic scenes,
Cloth'd in the garb of peace, crown'd with the charm and grace
=The rose from fairy sheen and sunshine gleans.

On Life's broad highway there's the clashing of the throng,
=The clatter and the clang of rival rights;
The pulsing throb of hearts a-breaking with the strain,
=The death sob of the man who, dying, fights.

But on Life's byways where the fragrant flowers entwine,
=And sunbeams hide and seek among the trees-
Be't in the rosy morn, the noon, or golden eve,
=Life's pilgrim finds sweet rest and heartsome ease.

It's on life's broad highway the soul must win its crown,
=Amid the conffict and the din of strife;
It's on the broad highway life's battle must be fought,
=For only thus, in dying, Man finds Life.

But on Life's byways 'mid their beauty and their charm-
=The pathways where the elfs of bliss have trod-
The soul in rapture sweet attuned with glad content
=Rests prostrate at the very feet of God.


_Broughton Place U.F. Church, Sunday Evening_, 20_th May_ 1928.

I GAED to the Kirk on Sunday
=I' the quiet o' the e'enin' 'oor,
I wanted to draw frae His presence
=Some mair o' His grace an' po'er.

I lift'd my he'rt in gladness
=In a lilt o' sweet sung praise,
As I thocht o' the coontless blessin's
=He's pour'd on me a' my days.

I laid my pray'rs at His fitstule,
=I tell't Him my sins an' my fears;
An' He sooth'd my he'rt as a mither
=Shoo's awa' her bairnie's tears.

An' whan to my spirit's yearnin'
=Sae gracious His ain message cam',
It drookit my soul like an unction
=O' sweet an' infinite balm.

A Manger!  An Ass!  An' Calv'ry!
=Wi' its thorns, its Cross, an' its shame!
Wi' its conq'rin' grace!  Its matchless love!
=An' its never-fadin' "Name"!

An' my spirit thrill'd wi' rapture,
=An' my soul could dae nocht but sing;
I renew'd my love an' fealty
=At the cry - "BEHOLD YOUR KING!"

An' I bless the Kirk that Sunday;
=An' my he'rt's to the Preacher fu'
O' thanks sincere for his message clear,
=An' its uplift leal an' true.


WHEN there's nocht mair ye can dae, an' naething mair to say,
=An' your plans ha'e tumbl'd doonward wi' a bang;
When the very warst has happen'd, an' your bosom's fu' o' wae,
=Just dicht your een an' sing a wee bit sang.

Though just a wee bit "quaver," if the lilt has ony tune
=It'll woo a wee bit smile to your sad face;
It will strauchen oot the furrows, an' will chase awa' the froon,
=An' gar the licht o' hope adorn your face.

When it seems that a' gaes wrang, an' that e'en the wee bit sang
=Gets fair smother'd in a sair he'rt-bre'kin' sab,
An' the wee black deils o' sorrow, baith day an' a' nicht lang
=Spin roon' your he'rt the threads o' cares dull wab,

Just peer ayont the daurkness, and see whaur the glintin' licht
=Tints sae sweet wi' gowd the fringes o' the gloom;
Ayont a froonin' Providence there is aye God's face fu' bricht,
=For ilka thorn there's aye a bonnie bloom!

Sae, step oot an' be na blate!  Auld Time?  He's oot o' date!
=We'll "bob" the lang gray curls aff his croon!
Let's sing oor sang afore him, an' lauch at sic' a rate,
=We'll pulverise the dour, auld, canker'd loon!

Then should e'er your he'rt feel wae, an' fu' dowie Life's lang day
=An' troubles roon' your feet seem sair an' thrang-
Though the very warst should happen, just lilt a cheery lay
=An' meet a' Life's wee worries wi' a sang.


WHEN the dawn ascends,
=And enfolds the sky;
When the morn in strength
=Fills the vault on high:
When the day supreme
=Holds the world in thrall,
And the joy of Life
=Is the breath of all;

==Then, Lord of Life!
==Saviour and King!
==Tributes of praise
==I to Thee bring.

When the shadows fall,
=And the night clouds come;
When the trees are still,
=And the song-birds dumb;
When the dreams of sleep
=Play around the mind,
And in peaceful rest
=Strength and bliss I find:

==Then, Lord of Love!
==Master and Friend!
==Hold Thou me safe
==Till night shall end.

When the night is o'er,
=And the mists dispelled,
And the taunts of Time
=Are forever quelled;
When the golden light
=Of an endless day
Both on me and mine
=Shines supernally:

==Then, Lord of all!
==What bliss 'twill be!
==Thy joy to know,
==Thy face to see!


==WANTED, A MAN!  A MAN for Christ!
==A whole-hearted, all-alive MAN!
With his faculties keen, his brain alert,
The passion for fighting aglow in his heart;
With scorn of the low, contempt of the mean,
His blood aflame for the pure and the clean:
==Wanted, A MAN!  A MAN who'll be
A soldier for Christ!  To set men free!

==Wanted, A MAN!  A MAN for Christ!
==Ev'ry inch, through and through, A MAN!
Be he learned or rude, high-browed or crude,
Yet he must be of masculine mind and mood;
Aye ready to hear and to understand
The needs of his fellows throughout the land:
==Wanted, A MAN!  A MAN who'll be
The type of the Christ!  That all may see!

==Wanted, A MAN!  A MAN for Christ!
==A dauntless and resolute Man!
Ever tender and kind in heart and mind,
Ever swift to encourage, and swift to find
The gold dust that's hidden in ev'ry breast;
A "Miner for God"!  That men may be blest.
==Wanted, A MAN!  A MAN who'll be
A "Digger for Christ"!  To sift and free.

==Wanted, A MAN!  A MAN for Christ!
==An up-to-date, present-day MAN!
Fully versed in the wiles of modern sin,
Yet daring for Christ's sake to woo and to win;
Waging a warfare in each evil place,
For God! and for Truth! and for Christ's dear grace!
==Wanted, A MAN!  A MAN who'll be
A "Comrade of Christ"!  Ho, ye!  Ho, ye!

==Wanted, More MEN!  More MEN for Christ!
==Ev'ry type, and all sorts of MEN!
The rich and the poor, the high and the low,
The sheltered and those with "nowhere to go";
The "up-in-the-worlds" the "down-and-the-outs,"
The cultured, the simple, the clowns, and louts:
==Wanted, more MEN!  MEN who will be
The children of God!  Newborn and free!

==Wanted, more MEN!  More MEN for Christ!
==Whole-hearted and full-blooded MEN!
All men who can fight, and men who can work,
And men who can "stand up," and no hardship shirk;
All men who can laugh, and men who can weep,
Men who Life's sorrows can gather and keep:
==Wanted, such MEN!  MEN who will be
Brothers in Christ!  In "Brotherhood" - FREE!


THERE'S a lilt in oor he'rts fu' blythesome an' gay,
There's a thocht in oor minds we're ettlin' to say;
An' it's this-ye wha come frae the North Countrie-
That we're richt glad to see, an' to welcome ye!

We'll mak' ye fu' canty, the wale o' guid cheer,
An' frien'ship's sweet grace wifi be yours while you're here;
Auld England's sweet rose to the thistle will smile,
An' happy we'll be a' thegither the while.

Here's oor haund!  Brithers A'!  It's for His sake we meet,
Ilk ither in His name we couthily greet;
His grace in oor he'rts, we in jubilant mood
Will, shouther tae shouther, bring in BRITHERHOOD!


=I PRAY! but I pray in vain!
=In anguish I plead and cry;
But my prayers recoil, and my pleadings beat
=Against a brazen sky:
=Sorely I've struggled and fought,
=And headway striven to make,
But I'm held in chains like a slave in bonds,
=Tied to a soulless stake.

=To walk in the paths of truth,
=To do the just and the right,
To shun what is dark and follow the gleam
=That leads to God and light:
=To strive against evil thoughts,
=Temptations subtle and keen-
'Mid gloom and despair that hinder and hurt,
=To walk with trustful mien:

=To feel left out in the cold
=Forgotten by God and man;
A soul left alone on a desert wild
=To shift as best it can
=To cry like a starving plant,
=To a blazing, burning sky,
Unheeded, unheard, unanswered, undone-
=To languish and to die.

=To still feel the "inward pull,"
=To hear in the far-away,
An echo that tells of a promise made,
=Or God's "Remembrance Day"!
=To rise to the strife anew,
=To battle, and toil, and fight,
To struggle and strive to conquer and win
=A place within God's sight.

=To believe-and yet to feel
=No grounds upon which to build;
With your Hope dispelled, and your Faith ignored,
=And Aspiration killed!
=To agonise, and to pray
=For just a breath of grace,
Yet ever to feel for some reason strange
=God hidden keeps His face!

=O, hopeless tangle of Life!
=O, thou helpless soul of mine!
Why should I struggle, and wrestle, and strive?
=Hopelessly chafe and pine?
="GOD's IN HIS HEAVEN," they say-
=Ah soul! can I think it true?
Though He scatters His blessings all around,
=None ever drop on you!


SING on, ye zephyrs,
=Chant your sweet song,
Sing of my own love,
=All the day long:
Tell of her beauty,
=Whisper her name,
Till Nature's garden
=Rings with her fame.

Shine on, ye sweet stars,
=Shine on my love,
Smile on her sweetly
=From Heav'n above:
Lighten her pathway
=With silv'ry light,
Make her life's journey
=Gladsome and bright.


I WISH I were where the fairies play,
In the elfin land that's far away;
Where the voice of song and laughter gay
Fill up the hours of the live-long day-
=And there's no such thing as CARE!

I wish I were where my youth began,
At the golden arch 'twixt boy and man,
'Tween "dreaming" and "doing" -act and plan-
When Life spread out in a golden span,
=And with no cloud o'er the sun!

I wish I were where my soul could rest
'Mid mem'ries kind, the sweetest and best,
Of progress and triumph-Life aye blest-
With gladness its moments ever drest,
=And no "might have been" near by!

I wish!  I wish!  Oh, my heart is sore,
For the days bring yearnings more and more,
For such precious things as I adore,
Which I'll never get till life is o'er,
=And to Time I bid goodbye!

So, here's "THE DAY!" that is present _now_,
It's the best that's been, I stoutly trow,
And I'll sing my song, and pledge my vow-
And keep it too! though I don't know how,
=So, I'll end my ditty here!


(_On the occasion of its Annual Supper._)

YE muckle gowks wha sit an' eat,
=An' fondly think wi' drink an' meat
To keep my mem'ry clean an' sweet,
==Haud by a while!
Ere yet my ire begins to heat,
==An' feelin's rile.

A boozin', guzzlin', crammin' crew,
=Ye'd eat an' drink till fairly blue!
My frien's, some day ye'll sadly rue
==Wi' squeamish bile,
The way your inner man the noo
==Ye rashly file.

Great guns abune!  Dost think my name,
=Wi' a' its honest warl' wide fame,
A weel'-kent soon' in ilka hame,
==Wi' sic' like pranks.
Needs to be kept frae turnin' tame
==By you, ye cranks?

Aff wi' ye hame!  An' ponder weel
=What in your he'rts ye a' maun feel-
Remembrance lies in bein' leal
==In thocht an' deed;
An' worth, itsel' doth ne'er conceal-
==It has nae need.


I TURN'D me roun' as I gaed awa'
=In the mornin' to my wark,
Wi' a wee bird singin' in my breist
=As blithely as a lark;
An' what d'ye think it was that fill'd
=My he'rt sae fu' o' glee?
My ain wee wife in the doorway stood,
=An' she wav'd her han' to me!

I mind lang syne in the gowden time
=O' my youth's lang leesome day,
When wi' lichtsome he'rt, an' fitstep strang,
=An' held in love's fond sway,
I stapp'd oot-bye to the wan' to win
=A cosy hame, though wee,
The thrill that ran through my very veins
=When she wav'd her han' to me!

We've baith o' us trudg'd a lang, lang road
=Since the days o' auld lang syne;
An' sometimes it's been 'mang fairy dells,
=Sae braw, an' fair, an' fine,
An' sometimes it's been 'mang Sorrow's dule
=We've ha'en oor weird to dree,
But shade or shine she has cheer'd my he'rt,
=By wavin' her han' to me!

For mony lang years o' wedded life
=Thegither we've canty been,
An' the licht o' love is still as bricht
=In her twa bonnie e'en,
As in days gane by when 'neath its spell,
=Stoot-he'rt'd, blithe, an' free,
We plighted oor troth for weal or wae,
=An' she gi'ed her han' to me!

We're nearin' the end o' life's lang lane,
=Oor sun's drappin' 'hint the hill,
The Lord's been oor Shepherd a' oor days
=An' kept us frae a' ill:
If I be the first to stap ayont,
=I pray He'll let me see
My ain wee wife in the daurk'nin' staun'
=An' wavin' her han' to me!


I FELL in love, ae bonnie day,
As shair as ocht, I canna say
Hoo first the feelin' cam' my way,
==It was sae queer;
My very he'rt begoud to play,
==Wi' muckle steer.

I met a lass wi' twa blue een,
The bonniest blue that e'er was seen,
They play'd the deuce wi' me, I ween,
==Fu' fast an' sair;
An' noo she rules my he'rt as queen
==Wi' rigour rare.

She's as kind as she is bonnie,
An' mair dear to me than ony,
An' for a' the wealth an' money
==The warl' could gi'e,
I wad never swap, my cronie,
==Her sweet blue e'e.


SHE'S a bit o' a brick, my ain wee wife,
=Frae her feet to her heid sae hie,
Wi' her merry lauch, an' her cheery crack,
=An' the blink in her bonnie e'e:
===She can scour an' scrub,
===She can dust an' rub,
=She can mak' the cobwebs flee;
Oh! leeze me on that happy day
=She vow'd she'd be wife to me!

She is queen o' the hame, my ain dear wife,
=An' a braw sonsy queen is she;
An' we're weel content, an' unco prood,
=Subjects loyal an' guid to be:
===She's an artist fine
===In the cookin' line,
=An' her skill we like to pree;
Oh! blessin's on that happy day
=She said she'd be wife to me!

She's the best wee wife that e'er ony man,
=Could aspire, or hope, to attain;
She's dainty an' trim, an' couthie an' kind,
=An' I think her "second to nane"!
===Wi' her gentle wile,
===She can woo the smile
=To my e'en through care or pain;
Oh! leeze me on that happy day
=She promised to be my ain!

Sae, it's "Here's to my wife! my ain wee wife!"
=An' she's worth "A' the honours three"!
May the wale o' a' that is best an' guid
=Aye aroon' her in plenty be:
===An' as shair as ocht,
===Aye my constant thocht
=Till the day I come to dee
Will be to bless that happy day
=She vow'd she'd be wife to me!


BROTHERS o' Mine!  Do you hear the Call?
=The Call of the Christ in the land?
The Call of the Man with the pierced side,
=And the nail prints in His hand?
Up, in His name!  And for His dear sake,
=And a love undeterred by fear,
Seek the down-and-outs, the weary and worn,
=And tell them - "THE CHRIST IS HERE!"

Brothers o' Mine!  Do you hear the Call?
=The Call of our Master and Lord?
The Call of the Man with the crown of thorns,
=And the wound of a Roman sword?
Up, in His name!  And with love anew,
=And in accents kind and clear,
To the folks who mourn, and the tempted sore,
=Tell the news - "THE CHRIST IS HERE!"

Brothers o' Mine!  Do you hear the Call?
=The Call of the Christ we own?
For all sorts of men, of ev'ry estate,
=To rally around His throne?
Up, in His name!  And for His dear sake
=Gather from far and from near,
The wasters, and wand'rers, outcast, and lost,
=And tell them - "THE CHRIST IS HERE!"

Brothers o' Mine!  Have you seen the Cross?
=Have you been to Calvary's hill?
Have you seen the Christ with His arms outstretched
=Fulfilling the Father's will?
Then lift on high His banner of love,
=Lift up your voices and sing!
And our song it shall be, "Love maketh free


OH, drat thae cauldrife Mairch winds!
=Sae snell, an' bitin' sair;
You'd think the gowden sunshine
=Was frozen in the air!
They gar my very he'rt's bluid
=Flow drumlie through my veins,
Their icy breath fair freezes
=The marrow in my banes.

Oh, for a blink o' Simmer!
=Nae sultry cloods abune,
Nae blust'rin' breezes blawin'
=To chill the bluid within:
A rowth o' gowden sunbeams
=Up-fillin' a' the day,
An' sang-birds whistlin' blithely
=A he'rtsome simmer lay.

Oh, drat thae jinkin' breezes!
=They dodge like steerie weans!
They skirl roon' ilk corner,
=E'en frae the causie stanes,
They rise like dirlin' warlocks,
=An' fill wi' stoure my e'en,
While doon the street my bannet
=Gaes birlin' fu' o' spleen.

Shair's ocht! it's no' quite canny
=To breist their sturdy blaw;
Sometimes wi' hail they blatter,
=Sometimes they're fu' o' snaw;
Sometimes like lauchin' deevils
=They nip wi' stingin' blast,
Baith cheeks, an' nose, an' ear tips,
=As they gae fleein' past.

Oh, drat ye cauldrife Mairch winds!
=What mak's your breath sae cauld?
What gars ye play sic' cantrips
=Wi' folk sair worn, an' auld?
I gape, an' sweer, an' splutter,
=As me ye twirl roon',
While by an inch an "auld wife"
=Just misses my bauld croon!

Oh, for the gowden simmer!
=The kindly, couthie breeze,
O' gentle zephyrs singin'
=Their sang amang the trees:
The carol' o' the lav'rock,
=The murmur o' the rill,
Sunbeams playin' "hide an' seek"
=A' up an doon the hill.


CARRY On!  Brother mine!  We can never reach
The "end of the BEST" that lies in each;
Whatever we "DO" - still we "BETTER" can do
So - wrestle, and struggle, and battle through:
==With face firm set,
==And shoulders square,
==With head held high,
==And dauntless air-
CARRY ON! till the Cross athwart the sky,


CARRY on! while the daylight gilds the sky,
While the blood is warm, and the courage high;
Ere the twilight dims the golden light,
And eyelids close in the gloom of night-

Carry on! though weary and sore the way,
Though the fight be keen, and though fierce the fray;
With Vict'ry's Song, in exultant mood-


It's nothing uncommon!  It's only "ME"!
A photograph merely!  There! you see,
A sweet little face with eyes that shine
With laughter, an' joy, and love divine:
Two kissable cheeks and a rounded chin,
A good little nose - upturned at sin;
A forehead 'dorned with a crown of hair-
Say! did you e'er see a cherub so fair?

Only a photograph!  Ay! but it's more;
To me it is priceless!  Days of yore
Lie hid in the eyes so sweet and clear,
And memories precious, fond, and dear
Encompass my heart like a singing band
Of Choristers from the "Far-off Land";
And in my breast sounds an old refrain
Of a song I shall never sing again.

It's only a ringlet of golden hair!
A lock that the sun kissed! soft and rare;
Let's put it away!  It stirs my heart
And the pangs of sorrow sting and smart:
Why do I keep them?  Just "lest we forget,"
There's sweetness in pain though oft we fret,
The pain of rememb'ring joy that's been,
And lost!  Till Eternity's dawn serene.

It's only a medal, and ribbon clasp!
Why do I stutter, and pant and gasp?
Why do I - "Lord! in Thy mercy great
Help me Thy patience to emulate!"
But my heart goes out in an anguish'd strain,
With vehement yearning scorch'd with pain;
And I curse the tragedy of War
That's sear'd my soul with so bitter a scar.

Only mere "Reveries"!  Memories dear
Of days dead and gone, but ever near;
The haunting wail of the "might have been,"
For forms and faces mine eyes have seen:
But when breaks the day when Life's shadows flee,
And Time rolls into Eternity,
I'll know again-as in days of yore-
The loves "lost awhile" - and, forever more!


=Hae you felt the he'rt hunger-
=The hunger for "your ain?"
The folk in a' the warl' ye lo'e the best;
=The ceaseless, unco yearnin'-
=Affection smoor'd wi' pain-
Ye scarce can thole, an' winna let you rest?

=Hae you felt the sair longin'
=To see a weel kent face?
An' grasp in yours the han's o' kindred dear;
=To mingle in the circle,
=O' them o' your ain race,
Their joys to share, their voices sweet to hear?

=It isna aye the distance,
=That mak's the gulf between;
Nor boundless seas apairt that aye divide;
=It isna aye the absence,
=Amang the glint an' sheen,
O' places faur an' yont the warl' wide.

=It isna aye Time's cobwebs
=That clog Affection's stream,
An' hinder its sweet waters as they flow;
=It isna aye Ambition-
=Its fause, illusive dream-
That dims the lustre rare o' kinship's glow.

=It isna aye the shadow,
=That dulefu' wae aft brings,
That rusts the links o' kith an' kinship dear;
=Nor yet the dismal rustlin'
=O' Death's dull, daurksome wings,
That aften "Strangers mak'" o' kinsfolk here.

=An' oh! the he'rt it hungers!
=Wi' hunger deep an' sair-
The hunger o' a he'rt empty an' faint;
=It stabs an' stouns wi' longin',
=An' hungers aye the mair,
An' pants for them it lo'es withoot restraint.

=It may be just the caddis,
=Frae Life's dreich, stourie loom,
That gathers roon' the strings o' kith an' kin,
=An' gars the chords o' Mem'ry
=Soon' drumlie 'mid the gloom,
The Earth dust, an' the racket, an' the din.

=But whether Time, or Distance,
=Or Life's sair stress an' strain,
Or whether seas-or only streets-divide,
=There comes a time o' yearnin'
=For folk we ca' "oor ain,"
The dearest folk to us the warl' wide.

=An' oh, the he'rt it hungers!
=Wi' longin', achin' pain,
Just for a sicht o' them we lo'e the best;
=The fellowship sae couthie,
=O' just "oor very ain,"
The sweetest o' Earth's blessin's an' the best.