D Gibb Mitchell


A gaithered ma flock aboot me an spak ti them in the tongue o their faithers. It wis the guid auld Doric; it wis their ain couthie wirds. It wis sib ti their fancy, an gaed faur ben inti their herts. Nane wis huffed at hearin their ain tongue preached in their ain kirk.

A dinna ettle ti tickle the ears, or win fame. The mirk is ower oor land. The fowk is deif an heedsna the tollin o the Sabbath bell. They gang by God's hoose, an winna thole His laws.

A wad fain that a souch war sent throu the land, an ma kinsfolk roused ti come back ti Zion, ti halier thinkin, an God-fearin weys.