Joe Corrie


It's little I can tell o classic things,
Homer an Dante strangers is to me,
That Troy an Tyre wis places ower the sea
Is a' I ken. Sae when my thocht taks wings
Abune mysel, my husky voice but sings
O this an that aroon' aboot the Raw,
Maist o the lassies--Heeven bless them aa--
An, dod, it's little praise my liltin brings.
Still I will try, wha kens but I may soar,
Surpassin a' my learnin an my ert,
In ae wee sang o her that keeps my hert--
I've heard o Love daein things like that afore.
Dod, ay, an mony a yin has clamb to fame
Wi twa bit verses linkit to his name.