P Hately Waddell



AIJELETH-SHAHAR; Hind o' the Mornin: ettled 1, till be but some fancifu' headin o' David's ain; 2, till be some shill, pitifu', wailin pipe, like the bellin o' deer i' the mornin; 3, but the name o' some sang the Psalm gaed till Ps. XXII.

ALAMOTH; Virginals: some sang-gear ettled for dochters o' the quair till sing to, or till play upon, siclike's might be at dance or weddin. Ps. XLVI.

AL-TASCHITH; Waste-na: nae sang-lume, an it war-na some laigh-gaen croon; bot a bidden o' David's, that God wad nane waste himsel, nor thole his ill-willers till waste him; as ye sal fin' Moses, in siclike case, bidden the LORD: Deut. ix. 26. Ps. lvii., lviii, lix , lxxv.

GRITTITH; what this might be's no kent. Gittuth, whilk souns no far frae Gittith, ettles a wine-press; an' sae the LXX. themsels tak it. Ps. viii., lxxxi., lxxxiv.

'GREES; Staps, Stairs, Upgangs, or Heighgates: Hebrew Moluth, siclike's the Latin Molis. Fourteen Psalms, on raik frae cxx. till cxxxiv., wi' sic headin; bot nae sayan sikkerlie what's ettled: maist like, but some heigh-gaen key. Ps. cxx. on till cxxxiv.

HIGGAIOUN; Thoughtfu', Thought-takin; as ye sal fin' by Ps. ix. 16 maist-like, but some thoughtfu' sugh on the thairms, till gie the singer breath or he steer'd again. It gangs whiles wi' SELAH, as in Ps. ix. 16.

JEDUTHUN: but some sang-maister's ain name; a niebor o' Heman's an' Asaph's: 1 Chron. xvi. 41; 2 Chron. v. 12. Ps. xxxix., lxii., lxxvii.

JONETH-ELEM-RECHOKIM; The forfochtin Dow amang far-aff folk: anither fancifu' headin o' David's ain, an it be-na the name o' some sang or chant for the Psalm, lvi.

MAHALATH; Pendicle, or Pendle: some sang-gear was hang on the han', or aiblins frae the shouthir; siclike's our ain triangle, till tang atween the pairts. Ps. liii.

MAHALATH-LEANNOTH; Mahalath for Duplies, or Responses: 1, sic sang-gear as abune, for tangin-out answers till the quair; 2, some read, wi' ither sense, On the fecklessness, or down-draeg o' the puir. Ps. lxxxviii.

MASCHIL; Wyss, Wysslike; or, Till mat wyss or wysser: might weel be said o' mony Psalms, an', like MICHTAM aneth, gangs whiles alang wi' ither headins. Ps. xxxii., cxlii.

MICHTAM; The Gowden lilt: a headin weel wordilie an' wyssly gen till mony o' David's, tho' he said it himsel: stans whiles by its-lane, an' whiles, like MASCHIL, alang wi' ither headins. Frae Ps. xvi., here an' there, till lx.

MUTH-LABBEN; On The Dead o' the Son: but on Psalm ix. An this be-na the name o' ony tune, sang, or sang-gear, is maun hae been o' some pibroch, wi' a laigh-gaen sugh. Aiblins, was but the headin o' a Psalm on the downfa' or dead o' some stoor riever or Son o' the Yird, that herried the folk as ye may see.

NEGINOTH, Tune-timers: 1, might be drums, tambours, or soundin-brods wi' thairms, like till the Spanish girrern 2, ony sang-gear wi' pipes or thairms, that was blawn ontil or tangit, till airt or maister the time. Frae Ps. iv., here an' there, till lxxvi.

NEHILOTH; Glens, Howes, Fast-rinnin Watirs: 1, quo' some, but the name o' some sang-gear nae langer kent; 2, quo' ither some, the foremaist word o' some sang itsel, that gaed wi' the Psalm. But ance, Ps. V.

SELAH; Lown Sugh: was nae mair but some sang-maister's mark till quat awee, a' at ance, syne loud an' heigh thegither. Gaed whiles wi' HIGGAIOUN, or a Thoughtfu' sugh, afore 't, diean lown awa intil naething. Ps. ix. 16.

SHEMINITH; Aghtsome, ane Octave: might thole till be taen either 1, some soundin-brod wi' aght thairms, or octaves, like our ain lang-syne monie-chords; 2, some sang wi' aght pairts, or singers; or 3, some laigh-gaen bass wi' chords i' the octave. Ps. vi., xii.

SHIGGAIOUN; Wand'rin: some roun-about sugh, some no-even-gaen tune; whiles up, whiles down; here awa, there awa, as feck o' our ain chantit music gangs; bonie eneugh, but nae evenness; no comin hame on itsel. Ps. vii.

SHOSHANNIM; Sax-some: might thole till be taen sax chordit, or wi' sax pairts, or wi' sax thairms, siclike as SHEMINITH wi' aght. The Hebrew might e'en thole till be taen on, or atowre the Lilies, wi' their sax leaves, themsels syne sae ca'd: an' wha kens but the sax-chordit sang-lume was buskit or decored wi' lilies, for weddin-lilts, siclike's the Psalm xlv., an' Solomon's ain Sang, ii. 16, vii. 2? Ps. xlv., lxix.

SHOSHANNIM-EDUTH; The Buskit Shoshannim, or Lilies i' their Brawest Blume. Ps. lxxx.

SHUSHAN-EDUTH; Blythe an' braw; or Buskit till yer Heart's Content. How siclike headin gangs wi' but the ae Psalm - Ps. lx. - wad thole till be made clearer. Some able-envugh readers tak Eduth wi' anither sense, for Statut-laws, or Hail-biddens, or Commauns o' God; but this, till nae betterment o' the headin whar it stans. Sic twa-fauld sense o' mony a Hebrew word's a wide yett for wrang gates i' the turnin.

Wha cons, wi' time an' thought, this hail Buik o' Psalms, an' some sang-neuks o' the Prophets forby, wi' tent till what gangs here-abune, sal airt himsel intill a hantle mair guid i' the readin o' them. Nae great scowthe o' sang-gear, ane may say, till sort or till wale amang, here: bot how ken we what their fifes an' horns, an' soundin-brods an' fiddles, war made o' or yet, how they war hanl'd? Horns o' the siller, fu' clear an' shill, dirlin the lug an' wauk'nin the heart; harps an' tambours o' the cedar, wi' siller soles, an' thairms o' the dinkest twine; ivor fifes an' quaukin fiddles, wi' some thousan tongues or mae in a single sugh, an' the LORD himsel heark'nin frae his Halie Howif aneth the cherubim, wad mak gran' eneugh wark on Zioun. The maist we can man, now-a-days, is but jimply till harl the sense, or till hilch an' haingle thro' some feckless tune till His gree, whase name was like the sugh o' mony watirs, an' his praise like a dinnlin spate, i' the lugs o' the Hebrew Makar. Fy! lat us up an' win on, till we wit a wee better what folk like the Psalmist ettled.