Uncle Tom


Wee Wullie Peel, the baker body, had brocht up the steak-an'-veal pie, wi' the paistry on it jist the colour o' perfection, an' the heavy clatter o' his tackety buits had scarcely stoppit whan wha should chap at the door but Mister and Mistress Blane.

It was kinna thochtless o' them to come at a quarter before five when the invitation said as plain as Jean Macrae that the pairty was tae begin at five o'cloke sherp. Besides, Mister an' Mistress Goudie, wi' sae mony things rinnin' in their heeds, had been a wee taigelt wi' gettin' the hoose snoddit up and the table set; so they had jist to ask the Blanes if they widnae mind staundin' for a wee while at the closemooth as the table wisnae jist feenished and the wather was mild for ony ordinar day in October.

The Blanes wis jist rale polite aboot this business, and declared that there was naething they liked better than a through dracht, and a' the best doctors was sayin' that there was naething sae benyfeeshul as fresh air for blawin' the cobwabs aff a body. And everybody kens that whit doctors disnae ken wid surprise ye.

So there was naething for it but for the Goudies to pit their heeds thegither an' mak' a kirk or a mill o't, for there wis the table sittin' waitin' for the mooths that wid soon be sittin' roond it wi' expectation and healthy appetites before ye could say "Jake Robison." It took some thinkin' as weel as some manouvrin' to get the table to the richt size, and if it hadnae been that at the last meenit Mister Goudie was able-wi' the help o' a freendly neebor that's tellin' the story-to bring up twa kinna firm orange-boaxes frae Maister Grippy, that keeps the grocer's shope faurther doon the street and everything else he can lay his haunds on, the Goudies wid hae been in a nice pickle, so they wid, so they wid.