"A begun turn is hauf ended," qo the wife when she stack the graip in the midden.

"A clean thing's kindly," qo the wife when she turned her sark efter a month's wier.

"Amaist" an "Very near" hae aye been great leears.

"Because" is a wumman's raeson.

"Crookit carlin," qo the cripple tae his wife.

"Every man tae his ain trade," qo the brouster tae the bishop.

"Gie her her will, or she'll burst," qo the man when his wife kamed his heid wi the threelegged stool.

"Gulp!" qo the wife when she swallowed her tongue.

"Haed I wist," qo the fuil.

"Hame's hamely," qo the deil when he found hissel in the coort o Session.

"Hech!" qo Howie, when he swallowed his wife's clue.

"I hate 'boot gates," qo the wife when she haurl'd her man throu the ingle.

"I winna mak a toil o a plaisure," qo the man when he buried his wife.

"I'm but beginnin yet," qo the wife when she rin wud.

"If ye're nae better, ye're snoder like," qo the wife when she cut aff the doggie's lugs.

"If" an "an" spyles mony a guid chairter.

"It's a bauld muin," qo Bennygask- "Anither pint," qo Lesley.

"It's aye guid tae be ceevil," qo the auld wife when she beckit tae the deevil.

"It's guid tae be merry an wice," qo the miller when he moutered twice.

"Juist as it faas," qo the wooer tae the maid.

"Lang straes is nae motes," qo the wife when she hauled the cat oot o the kirn.

"Let aa trades live," qo the wife when she burnt her besom.

"Licht's hertsome," qo the thief tae the Lammas muin.

"Mair haste the waur speed," qo the tyler tae the lang threid.

"Mair whistle than woo," qo the souter when he sheared the sou.

"Maun" is for the King tae say.

"Mony a thing's made for the penny," as the wifie sayed when she saw the black man.

"Muckle din aboot ane," as the deil sayed when he stole the collier.

"Onything sets a guid face," qo the monkey wi the mutch on.

"Ower mony maisters," qo the puddock tae the harrow, when ilka tuith gied her a tug.

"Rejoice, bucks," qo Brodie, when he shot at the buryin an thocht it wis a weddin.

"Sae on an accordinly," qo Willie Baird's doggie.

"Saft beddin's guid for sair banes,' qo Howie when he streekit hissel on the midden-heid.

"Saft's yer horn, my freend," qo the man when he grippit the cuddy's lug.

"Sail," qo the king: "Haud," qo the wind.

"Saut," qo the souter, when he haed etten a cou aa but the tail.

"Shame faa the couple," as the cou sayed tae her fore feet.

"Soor plooms," qo the tod when he couldna climb the tree.

"The less I lee."

"The meal cheap an shuin dear," qo the souter's wife, "I'd like tae hear."

"There's a mote in't," qo the man when he swallowed the dishclout.

"There's a unco splutter," qo the sou in the gutter.

"There's baith maet an muisic here," qo the dug when he ett the piper's bag.

"There's little tae reck," qo the knave tae his neck.

"There's nae ill in a merry mind," qo the wife when she whistled throu the kirk.

"There's smaa sorrow at oor pairtin," as the auld mear sayed tae the broken cairt.

"They're a bonny pair," as the craw sayed o his feet.

"They're a bonny pair," as the deil sayed o his cloots.

"They're curly an crookit," as the deil sayed o his horns.

"Twa heids is better than ane," as the wife sayed when she an her dug gaed tae the mercat.

"Unsiccar, unstable," qo the wave tae the cable.

"Wae worth ill company," qo the daw o Camnethan.

"We hoonds slew the hare," qo the messan.

"Weel!" qo Willie, when his ain wife dang him.

"Wha can help seekness?" qo the wife when she lay in the gutter.

"Ye leuk like a rinner," qo the deil tae the lobster.

"Ye're a fine sword," qo the fuil tae the wheat braird.

"Yer will's law," qo the tyler tae the clockin hen, when she picked oot his twa een, an cam for his nose.

A aer winter maks a sair winter.

A aetin horse never foundered.

A Aiberdeen man never stands tae the wird that hurts him.

A auld dug bites siccar.

A auld horse micht dee or the gress growe.

A auld knave's nae bairn.

A auld man's a bedfu banes.

A auld mason maks a guid barrowman.

A auld pock is aye skailin.

A auld pock needs muckle cloutin.

A auld tout on a new horn is little minded.

A bad wound micht heal, but a bad name will kill.

A bairn maun creep afore it gangs.

A bald heid is suin shaved.

A bark frae a teethless dug is as guid as a bite.

A bauld fae is better than a couardly freend.

A bawbee cat can leuk at a king.

A beggar's wallet is a mile tae the bottom.

A beltless bairn canna lee.

A bird in the hand's worth twa fleein by.

A bit but an a bit ben maks a mim maiden at the board end.

A bit is aften better gien than etten.

A black hen can lay a white egg.

A black shui maks a blythe hert.

A Blainslie lawin-there's mair for maet than drink.

A blate cat maks a prood moose.

A blinnd man needs nae leukin-gless.

A blinnd man's wife needs nae paintin.

A blythe hert maks a bloomin leuk.

A body can like a haggis weel eneuch that wadna like the bag bladded on his chafts.

A body can like the kirk weel eneuch, an no aye be ridin on the riggin o't.

A body can think that daurna spaek.

A body gets smaa thanks for tinin his ain.

A body never tines bi daein guid.

A body wad like tae be loed, but wha wad muil in wi a mowdiwort?

A body's ain herth is gowd's worth.

A body's no brak while they hae a guid kail stock.

A body's no sae suin healed as hurt.

A bonny bride is suin buskit, an a short horse is suin wispit.

A bonny gryce can mak a ugly sou.

A borrowed len should gae lauchin hame.

A bowe owerbent will waeken.

A careless watch invites the thief.

A clean synd's better than a dirty dry.

A close mooth catches nae flees.

A cock's aye crouse on his ain midden-heid.

A couard's fear maks a brave man braver.

A crackit bell will never mend.

A crafty man's never at paece.

A crammed kyte maks a crazy carcase.

A craw will no wash white.

A crookit man should saw beans, an a woad man peas.

A crookit stick will thraw a crookit shadow.

A croonin cou, a crawin hen, an a whistlin maid, wis never very chancy.

A cuddy's gallop's suin duin.

A cumbersome cur is hated in company.

A daft nurse maks a wice wean.

A day tae come seems langer than a year that's gane.

A dear ship lies lang in the herbour.

A deuk winna dabble aye in ae hole.

A dink maiden aft maks a dirty wife.

A dish o mairied love growes suin cauld.

A doucer man never brak warld's breid.

A drap an a bite's but a smaa requite.

A dreich drink is better than a dry sermon.

A drink is shorter than a tale.

A drudger gets a darg, an a drucken wife the drucken penny.

A dry simmer never made a dear peck.

A dug winna yowl if ye fell him wi a bane.

A dug's life-muckle ease, muckle hunger.

A dumb man hauds aa.

A dumb man never got land.

A dumb man wins nae law.

A elbuck dirl will lang play thirl.

A faain maister maks a standin man.

A fair maid tocherless will get mair wooers than husbands.

A fair offer is nae cause o feud.

A fey man an a cursour fearna the deil.

A fidgin meir should be weel girded.

A finndsilly bairn gars his faither be hanged.

A fisherman's walk-twa steps an owerboard.

A fleyer wad aye hae a follower.

A fou cup is ill tae cairy.

A fou hert is aye kind.

A fou hert never lee'd.

A fou man an a hungry horse aye maks haste hame.

A fou man's a true man.

A fou purse maks a haiverin merchant.

A fou purse never lacks freends.

A fou seck can bear a clowt on the side.

A fou wame maks a straucht back.

A foul fit maks a fou wame.

A foul hand maks a clean herthstane.

A freend at coort is worth a penny in the purse.

A freend in need is a freend indeed.

A freend tae aa is a freend tae nane.

A freend's denner's suin dished.

A freend's never kent till he's needed.

A fuil an his money is suin pairted.

A fuil at forty will never be wice.

A fuil can earn money, but it taks a wice man tae keep it.

A fuil can gie a wice man a coonsel.

A fuil can spier mair questions than a wice man can answer.

A fuil is happier thinkin weel o hissel, than a wice man is o ithers thinkin weel o him.

A fuil winna gie his toy for the Touer o London.

A fuil's bolt is suin shot.

A gaun fit's aye gettin, war it but a thorn or a broken tae.

A gentle horse should be sindle spurred.

A gien gemme wis never won.

A gien horse shouldna be leuked in the mooth.

A gien piece is suin etten.

A gowk at Yule'll no be bricht at Beltane.

A great rooser wis never a guid rider.

A greedy ee never got a fou wame.

A greedy ee never got a guid pennyworth.

A green wound is hauf hale.

A green Yule maks a fat kirkyaird.

A groat is ill saved that shames its maister.

A gruntin horse an a granein wife seldom fails their maister.

A guid beginnin maks a guid endin.

A guid calf is better than a calf o a guid kind.

A guid cause maks a strang airm.

A guid conscience is the best divinity.

A guid day's darg can be duin wi a dirty spade.

A guid dug never barkit aboot a bane.

A guid face needs nae band, an a ill ane deserves nane.

A guid fellow is a costly name.

A guid fellow never tint but at a ill fellow's hand.

A guid goose mey hae a ill gaislin.

A guid green turf is a guid guidmither.

A guid grieve is better than a ill wirker.

A guid ingle maks a roomy fireside.

A guid lawyer can be a ill neebor.

A guid man maks a guid wife.

A guid name is suiner tint than won.

A guid pawn never shamed its maister.

A guid peymaister never wants hands tae wirk.

A guid steel is worth a penny.

A guid tale's no the waur o bein twice tauld.

A guid tongue's a guid safegaird.

A guid wife an health is a man's best wealth.

A guid wird is as aesy sayed as a ill ane.

A guid year winna mak him, nor a ill year mar him.

A guilty conscience sel accuises.

A hadden tongue maks a slabbered mou.

A hairy man's a geary man, but a hairy wife's a witch.

A hanfu o trade is worth a gowpen o gowd.

A hantle cry Murder! an is aye upmaist.

A hasty man is never lusty.

A hasty man never wanted wae.

A hauf burn'd peat is aesy kindled.

A hen that lays thereoot should hae a white nest-egg.

A herty hand tae gie a hungry meltith.

A heuk is weel tint tae catch a salmon.

A honest man's word's his bond.

A hoondless hunter an a gunless gunner aye sees rowth o gemme.

A hoose built an a gairden tae growe never brocht what they cost.

A hoose fou o fowk, an a pootch wi three fardens in the corner o't, dinna sort weel thegither.

A hoose in a hastrie is dounricht wastrie.

A hoose wi a reek an a wife wi a reard will mak a man rin tae the door.

A horn spuin hauds nae pizen.

A horse broken an a wife tae brek, is a horse made an a wife tae mak.

A horse hired never tired.

A horse wi fower feet can snapper.

A hungry lowse bites sair.

A hungry man haes aye a lazy cook.

A hungry man is dief tae raeson.

A hungry man smells maet far.

A hungry man's a angry man.

A hungry stamack is aye cravin.

A hungry wame haes nae lugs.

A idle brain is the deil's warkshop.

A ilka-day braw maks a Sabbath-day daw.

A ill cook should hae a guid cleaver.

A ill cou can hae a guid calf.

A ill custom is like a guid bannock-better broken than kept.

A ill lesson is aesy learned.

A ill life maks a ill daith.

A ill plea should be weel pled.

A ill servant never made a guid maister.

A ill shearer never got a guid heuk.

A ill turn is suin duin.

A ill wife an a new-kindled candle should hae their heids hadden doun.

A ill-willy cou should hae short horns.

A ill-won penny will cast doun a pound.

A inch breks nae squares.

A inch o a naig is worth a span o a aiver.

A inch o guid luck is worth a faddom o forecast.

A Januar haddock, a Februar bannock, an a Mairch pint o ale.

A Kelso convoy-a step an a hauf ower the door-stane.

A kindly wird cools anger.

A kiss an a drink o watter mak but a wersh brekfast.

A landward lad is aye laithfu.

A lang gethered dam suin runs oot.

A lang tongue haes a short hand.

A lass that haes mony wooers aft wales the warst.

A lauchin-faced lad aften maks a lither servant.

A layin hen is better than a standin mill.

A leaky ship needs muckle pumpin.

A leal hert never lee'd.

A leear should hae a guid memory.

A licht purse maks a heavy hert.

A licht-heeled mither maks a heavy-heeled dochter.

A little wit ser's a lucky man.

A lovin hert an a leal 'ithin, is better than gowd or gentle kin.

A lucky man needs little coonsel.

A maid aft seen an a goun aft worn, is disesteemed an held in scorn.

A maister's ee maks a fat horse.

A man at five can be a fuil at fifteen.

A man at forty is aither a fuil or a physician.

A man can be kind, yet gie little o his gear.

A man can haud his tongue in a ill time.

A man can loss his ain for lack o cravin.

A man can spit in his neive an dae but little.

A man can woo whaur he will, but maun wed whaur his weird is.

A man canna bear aa his ain kin aboot on his back.

A man canna wive an thrive the same year.

A man haes nae mair guids than he gets guid o.

A man is a lion for his ain cause.

A man maun spyle or he spin.

A man micht see his freend in need, that wadna see his pow bleed.

A man micht spier the gate he kens fou weel.

A man o mony trades micht beg his breid on Sunday.

A man o straw is worth a wumman o gowd.

A man o wirds, an no o deeds, is like a gairden fou o weeds.

A man wi ae ee can see mair than you wi yer twa.

A man wis ance hanged for leavin his drink.

A man's aye crouse in his ain cause.

A man's hat in his hand never did him ony herm.

A man's mind is a mirk mirror.

A man's weel or wae as he thinks hissel sae.

A mear's shui will fit a horse.

A Merse mist alang the Tweed, in a hervest mornin's guid indeed.

A midgie's as big as a mountain, amaist.

A mind that's scrimpit never wants care.

A misty mornin micht be a claer day.

A mither-in-law is best in the kirkyaird.

A moothfu o maet mey be a tounfu o shame.

A mornin's sleep is worth a fauld o sheep tae a hudderin dudderin daw.

A muckle mooth haes aye guid luck for its maet.

A muffled cat wis never a guid hunter.

A nag wi a wame an a meir wi nane isna a guid pair.

A naked man maun rin.

A new pair o breeks will cast doun a auld coat.

A nod frae a lord is a brekfast for a fuil.

A nod o honest men's eneuch.

A nod's as guid's a wink tae a blinnd horse.

A olite mither maks a dawdie dochter.

A only dochter is aither a deil or a daw.

A pairty pot never plays even.

A penny hained's a penny claer, an a preen a day's a groat a year.

A penny hained's a penny gained.

A penny in my purse will gar me drink when my freends winna.

A penny in the purse is a guid freend.

A penny in the purse is better than a croun awa.

A pennywecht o love is worth a pund o law.

A pickle's no missed in a mickle.

A poll parrot thinks weel o itsel.

A primsie damsel maks a daidlin dame.

A prood hert in a puir breist haes muckle dolour tae dree.

A prood mind an a empy purse gree ill thegither.

A puir man is fain o little.

A puir man's debt maks muckle din.

A pund o care winna pey a unce o debt.

A pund o woo is as heavy as a pund o leid.

A raggit coat wis never a mote in a man's mairage.

A raggit cowte micht be a guid geldin.

A reckless hoose maks mony thieves.

A reeky hoose an a girnin wife, will lead a man a fashious life.

A reid nose maks a raggit back.

A repruif is nae pizen.

A rich man haes mair cousins than his faither haed kin.

A rich man's wooin's no lang daein.

A ruch bane maks a fou wame.

A safe conscience maks a soond sleep.

A saft aiver wis never a guid horse.

A scabbed horse is guid eneuch for a sca'd squire.

A scarred heid is eith tae bleed.

A scarred heid is suin broken.

A scauded cat dreids cauld watter.

A Scotch mist will weet a Englishman tae the skin.

A Scotsman an a Newcastle grundstane traivel aa the warld ower.

A Scotsman is aye wice ahint the hand.

A shave aff a new cut loaf's never missed.

A shored tree stands lang.

A short grace is guid for hungry fowk.

A short horse is suin wispit.

A sicht o ye is guid for sair een.

A sieven years' maiden is aye at the slicht.

A sillerless man gangs fast throu the mercat.

A silly man will be slily dealt wi.

A sinkin maister maks a rycin man.

A skelpit bum breks nae banes.

A slaw fire maks a sweet maut.

A slaw hand maks a sober fortune.

A smaa leak will sink a great ship.

A smith's hoose is aye lowin.

A sorrowfu hert's aye dry.

A spuinfu o stink will spyle a patfu o skink.

A spur in the heid's worth twa in the heel.

A steek in time saves nine.

A still sou aets aa the draff.

A sturdy beggar should hae a stoot na-sayer.

A suith bourd is nae bourd.

A takkin hand will never want, let the warld be ever sae scant.

A tale never tines in the tellin.

A tarryin bairn wis never fat.

A thochtless body's aye thrang.

A thrawn question should hae a thrawart answer.

A tocher's nae wird in a true lover's parle.

A tocherless dame sits lang at hame.

A toolyin tike comes limpin hame.

A traivelled man haes leave tae lee.

A tree's no a mast till its hewn.

A tricky man's aesiest trickit.

A tuim hand is nae lure for a hawk.

A tuim pantry maks a thriftless guidwife.

A tuim purse maks a thrawn face.

A turn weel duin is suin duin.

A twalpenny cat mey leuk at a king.

A unce o mither-wit is worth a pund o clergy.

A unce o wit is worth a pund o lear.

A unlucky fish taks bad bait.

A unlucky man's cairt is eithly cowped.

A vaunter an a leear are near akin.

A waa atween best preserves freendship.

A wad is a fule's airgument.

A waited pat's lang o bilin.

A wamefu's a wamefu were't but o bare cauf.

A wee hoose haes a wide throat.

A wee hoose weel filled, a wee piece land weel till'd, a wee wife weel will'd, will mak a happy man.

A wee moose will creep ablo a muckle corn stack.

A wee spark maks muckle wark.

A wee thing fleys couards.

A wee thing pits yer baerd in a bleeze.

A wee thing ser's a cheerfu mind.

A wet Mey an a winnie, brings a fou stackyaird an a finnie.

A whang aff a cut kebbuck's never missed.

A wice heid maks a close mooth.

A wice lawyer never gangs tae law hissel.

A wice man cairies his cloak in fair weather, an a fuil wants his in rain.

A wice man gets lairnin frae them that hae nane o their ain.

A wice man wavers, a fuil is fixed.

A wicht man never wanted a weapon.

A wife is wice eneuch when she kens her guidman's breeks frae her ain kirtle.

A wild goose never laid tame eggs.

A wilfu man maun hae his wey.

A wilfu man never wanted wae.

A wilfu man should be unco wice.

A willin mind maks a licht fit.

A winkin cat's no aye blinnd.

A winter day an a wintry wey is the life o man.

A winter nicht, a wumman's mind, an a laird's purpose, aften change.

A wird is eneuch tae the wice.

A wirkin mither maks a daw dochter.

A wumman's guid aither for something or naething.

A yeld sou wis never guid tae gryces.

A Yule feast can be duin at Pasche.

Aa ae oo, aa ae price.

Aa ae oo.

Aa cats is grey in the dark.

Aa complains o want o siller, but nane o want o sense.

Aa craiks aa bears.

Aa fails that fuils thinks.

Aa fellows, Jock an the laird.

Aa his bizz shakes nae barley.

Aa I got frae him I could pit in my ee, an see nane the waur for't.

Aa ills is guid untried.

Aa law's no juistice.

Aa owers is ill, but ower the watter an ower the hill.

Aa owers skaills.

Aa Stuarts is no sib tae the kin.

Aa that ye'll tak wi ye will be but a kist an a sheet, efter aa.

Aa that's sayed in the kitchen shouldna be tauld in the haa.

Aa that's sayed shouldna be sealed.

Aa the claes on yer back wis ance in clues.

Aa the corn's no shorn bi kempers.

Aa the keys o the kintra hangs na in ae belt.

Aa the men in the Mearns can dae nae mair than they can.

Aa the speed's no in the spurs.

Aa the winnin's in the first buyin.

Aa the wit o the warld's no in ae pow.

Aa things thrive at thrice.

Aa ye rin ye win.

Aa's but lip-wit that wants experience.

Aa's fair at the baa.

Aa's fine that's fit.

Aa's fish that comes tae the net.

Aa's guid lasses, but whaur dis the ill wifes come frae?

Aa's guid that God sends.

Aa's no freends that spaeks us fair.

Aa's no gowd that glitters, nor maidens that wiers their hair.

Aa's no help that's at hand.

Aa's no ill that's ill like.

Aa's no pairt.

Aa's no thieves that dugs barks at.

Aa's no tint that faas by.

Aa's no tint that's in hazard.

Aa's tint that's pitten in a riven dish.

Aa's yours frae the door oot.

Aathing angers ye, an the cat breks yer hert.

Aathing haes a beginnin.

Aathing haes a end, an a puddin haes twa.

Aathing haes its time, an sae haes a ripplin-kame.

Aathing is the waur o the wier.

Aathing wad fain live.

Aathing wytes that no weel fares.

Aboot the muin there is a broch: the weather will be cauld an ruch.

Abundance o law breks nae law.

Ae beggar's wae that anither bi the gate gae.

Ae fine thing needs twa tae set it aff

Ae guid freend is worth mony relations.

Ae guid turn can meet anither, an it war at the brig o London.

Ae guid turn deserves anither.

Ae hand winna wash the ither for nocht.

Ae hauf o the warld disna ken hou the ither hauf lives.

Ae lawsuit breeds twinty.

Ae man can steal a horse whaur anither daurna leuk ower the hedge.

Ae man can tak a horse tae the watter, but twinty winna gar him drink.

Ae man's maet is anither man's pizen.

Ae oor in the mornin is worth twa at nicht.

Ae oor's cauld will drive oot sieven years' haet.

Ae scabbit sheep will smit a hirsel.

Ae scone o that bakin's eneuch.

Ae sheuk o that steuk's eneuch.

Ae swallow disna mak a simmer.

Ae wird afore is worth twa ahint.

Ae year a nurse an sieven year a daw.

Aer day or late day, the fox's hide finnds aye the slayin knife.

Aesy lairnin the cat the road tae the kirn.

Aet an welcome-fast an twice as welcome.

Aet in measure an defy the doctor.

Aet peas wi the prince an cherries wi the chapman.

Aet till ye sweat an wirk till ye freeze.

Aet yer fill an pootch nane, is Gairdener's law.

Aet-weel's Drink-weel's brither.

Aetin, drinkin, an cleanin needs but a beginnin.

Aets maet, an's never fed; wiers claes, an's never cled.

Affront yer freend in daffin, an tine him in aernest.

Afore a ill wife be guid, even if she wis aa turned tae tongue.

Afore the deil gaes blinnd, an he's no blear ee'd yet.

Afore ye chuize a freend, aet a peck o saut wi him.

Afore, I weened; but nou, I wat.

Aft coontin keeps freends lang thegither.

Aft ettle, whiles hit.

Aft times the cautioner peys the debt

Aither live or dee wi honour.

Aither prove a man or a moose.

Aither win the horse or tine the saidle.

Ale-sellers shouldna be tale-tellers.

Alike every day maks a clout on Sunday.

Amaist wis never a man's life.

Amang ye be't, priest's bairns: I am but a priest's oe.

An ye loe me leuk in my dish.

Ance awa, aye awa.

Ance gied a dug his hansel, an he wis hanged or nicht.

Ance is nae custom.

Ance peyed, never craved.

Ance Provost, aye My Lord.

Ance wud, an aye waur.

Ance wud, never wice.

Ane at a time is guid fishin.

Ane beats the bush, an anither grips the bird.

Ane daes the skaith, anither gets the scorn.

Ane o the coort, but nane o the council.

Ane will gar a hunder lee.

Anger's mair hurtfu than the wrang that caused it.

Anger's short-lived in a guid man.

As a carl riches he wretches.

As ane flits anither sits, an that keeps mailins dear.

As brisk as bottled ale.

As broken a ship's come tae land.

As canker'd as a cou wi ae horn.

As coorse as Nancie's harn sark,-three threids oot o the pund.

As cracks mauna be troued.

As dark as a Yule midnicht.

As day brak, butter brak.

As fain as a fuil o a fair day.

As fause as Waghorn.

As fou o mischief as a egg's fou o maet.

As gentle as Gorman's bitch, that lap ower the ingle an ett the roast.

As guid a fellow as ever tuimed a bicker.

As guid aet the deil as sup the kail he's boiled in.

As guid can haud the stirrup as him that lowps on.

As guid fish in the sea as ever cam oot o't.

As guid gie the lichtly as tak it.

As guid merchants tine as win.

As guid micht haud as draw.

As guid never a bit, as never the better.

As lang as a dug wad be boond wi a bluidy puddin.

As lang as the bird sings afore Candlemas he greets efter it.

As lang as ye serve the tod ye maun cairy his tail.

As lang as ye stand ye dinna stey.

As lang lests the hole as the heel leather.

As lang lives the merry man as the sad.

As lang rins the tod as he haes feet.

As menseless as a tinkler's messan.

As merry's a mautman.

As mony beads as mony wits.

As muckle upwi as muckle dounwi.

As puir as a kirk moose.

As sair fechts the wren as the crane.

As sair greets the bairn that's peyed at e'en as it that gets its paiks in the mornin.

As shuir's daith.

As sib as sieve an riddle that grew in ae wid.

As suin comes the lamb's skin tae the mercat as the auld tup's.

As the auld cock craws the young cock learns.

As the day lengthens the cauld strengthens.

As the fuil thinks the bell clinks.

As the mercat gangs the wares sell.

As the sou fills the draff soors.

As the wind blaws seek yer bield.

As tired as a tyke o langkail.

As true as Biglam's cat crew, an the cock rocked the cradle.

As wanton as a wet hen.

As weel be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.

As weel be oot o the warld as oot o fashion.

As weel be suin as syne.

As wicht as a wabster's dooblet, that ilka day taks a thief bi the neck.

As ye are stoot be merciful.

As ye brew sae ye maun drink.

As ye brew weel ye'll drink the better.

As ye mak yer bed sae ye maun lie on't.

Ask nae questions, an I'll tell nae lees.

Ask the tapster if his ale be guid.

Ask yer purse what ye should buy.

At my leisure, as lairds dees.

At open doors dugs gaes ben.

Atween Martinmas an Yule, watter's wine in every puil.

Atween the deil an the deep sea.

Atween three an thirteen, thraw the widie when it's green.

Atween you an the lang day be it.

Auld chimes an auld rhymes gars us think on auld times.

Auld fowk is twice bairns.

Auld muin mist never dee'd o thrist.

Auld sins breed new sairs.

Auld sparrows is ill tae tame.

Auld springs gies nae price.

Auld stots haes stiff horns.

Auld uise an wont hings aboot the fire.

Auld wifes an bairns maks fuils o physicians.

Auld wifes wis aye guid maidens.

Awn debt an crave days.

Aye as ye thrive yer feet faas frae ye.

Aye flether awa;-since I'll no dae wi foul play, try me wi fair.

Aye tak the fee when the tear's in the ee.

Aye takkin oot o the meal pock an never pittin in't suin comes tae the bottom.

Aye tae eild, but never tae wit.

Bachelors' wifes an auld maids' bairns is aye weel bred.

Bad legs an ill wifes should stey at hame.

Bairns is certain care, but nae shuir joy.

Bairns spaeks in the field what they hear in the haa.

Baith weal an wae comes aye wi warld's gear.

Baked breid an broun ale winna bide lang.

Bannocks is better than nae breid.

Bare gentry, braggin beggars.

Bare wirds maks nae bargain.

Barefit fowk shouldna tread on thorns.

Bastard brood is aye prood.

Be a freend tae yersel, an ithers will.

Be aye the thing ye wad be caad.

Be gaun, the gate's afore ye.

Be it better, be it worse, be ruled bi him that haes the purse.

Be it sae, is nae bannin.

Be lang seek, that ye micht be suin hale.

Be ready wi yer bunnet, but slaw wi yer purse.

Be slaw in chuizin a freend, but slawer in changin him.

Be thoo weel, or be thoo wae, yet thoo winna aye be sae.

Be what ye seem an seem what ye are.

Bear an forbear is guid philosophy.

Bear wealth weel, puirtith will bear itsel.

Beauty is but skin deep.

Beauty's muck when honour's tint.

Beauty, but bounty's but bauch.

Beds is best, qo the man tae his guest.

Beefsteaks an porter is guid belly mortar.

Bees that haes honey in their mooths haes stings in their tails.

Beg frae beggars an ye'll never be rich.

Beggars breed, an rich men feed.

Beggars downa bide wealth.

Beggars shouldna be chuizers.

Begin wi needles an preens, an end wi horned nowte.

Believe aa ye hear, an ye can aet aa ye see.

Belyve is twa oors an a hauf.

Best tae be aff wi the auld love afore we be on wi the new.

Better a auld man's darlin than a young man's warlin.

Better a bit in the mornin than a fast aa day.

Better a clout in than a hole oot.

Better a dug fawn on ye than bark at ye.

Better a even doun snaw than a drivin drift.

Better a finger aff as aye waggin.

Better a fremit freend than a freend fremit.

Better a guid fame than a fine face.

Better a ill spuin than nae horn.

Better a layin hen than a lyin croun.

Better a lean horse than a tuim halter.

Better a moose in the pat than nae fleesh.

Better a saft road than bad company.

Better a sair fae than a fause freend.

Better a shameless aetin than a shamefu leavin.

Better a smaa fish than a empy dish.

Better a thiggin mither than a ridin faither.

Better a tocher in her than wi her.

Better a tuim hoose than a ill tenant.

Better a wee bush than nae bield.

Better a wee fire tae warm ye than a big fire tae burn ye.

Better ae ee than aa blinnd.

Better ae wit bocht than twa for nocht.

Better aet broun breid in youth than in eild.

Better alane than in ill company.

Better at a time tae gie than tak.

Better auld debts than auld sairs.

Better bairns greet than baerded men.

Better be a couard than a corpse.

Better be afore at a burial than ahint at a bridal.

Better be at the end o a feast than at the beginnin o a fray.

Better be blythe wi little than sad wi naething.

Better be envied than peetied.

Better be freends at a distance than enemies at hame.

Better be happy than wice.

Better be idle than ill daein.

Better be John Tamson's man, than Rin an Dinn's, or John Knox's.

Better be kind than cumbersome.

Better be oot o the warld than oot o fashion.

Better be sonsy than suin up.

Better be the heid o the commons than the tail o the gentry.

Better be the lucky man than the lucky man's son.

Better belly burst than guid maet spyle.

Better bend than brek.

Better bow tae my faes than beg frae my freends.

Better buy than borrow.

Better cry "Fech, saut," than "Fech, stink."

Better dae it than wish it duin.

Better day the better deed.

Better fed than bred.

Better finnd airn than tine siller.

Better fleech a fuil than fecht him.

Better gang aboot than faa in the dub.

Better gang tae yer bed supperless than ryce in debt.

Better gie the slicht than tak it.

Better greet ower yer guids than efter yer guids.

Better guid sale than guid ale.

Better guide weel than wirk sair.

Better hae than want.

Better hain weel than wirk sair.

Better hand lowse nor boond tae a ill bakie.

Better hands lowse than in a ill tetherin.

Better happy at coort than in guid service.

Better haud at the brim than at the bottom.

Better haud bi a hair than draw bi a tether.

Better haud oot than pit oot.

Better haud wi the hoonds than rin wi the hare.

Better hauf egg than tuim dowp.

Better hauf hanged than ill mairied.

Better keep the deil oot than hae tae pit him oot.

Better keep weel than mak weel.

Better lang little than suin naething.

Better late thrive than never dae weel.

Better lauch at yer ain pint stoup, than greet an gether gear.

Better learn frae yer neebor's skaith than frae yer ain.

Better leave than lack.

Better leave tae my faes than beg frae my freends.

Better live in hope than dee in despair.

Better mairy ower the midden than ower the muir.

Better maister ane than ticht wi ten.

Better my bairns seeks frae me than I beg frae them.

Better my freends thinks me fremit than fashious.

Better nae rin nor the rin o a rash.

Better never begun than never ended.

Better ower't than in't.

Better plays the fou wame than the new coat.

Better ruch an sonsy than bare an donsy.

Better rue sit than rue flit.

Better saucht wi little aucht than care wi mony cous.

Better saut than soor.

Better say "Here it is" than "Here it wis."

Better short an sweet than lang an lax.

Better sit idle than wirk for nocht.

Better sit still than ryce an faa.

Better skaith saved than mends made.

Better smaa fish than nane.

Better spaek bauldly oot than aye be grumphin.

Better spared than ill spent.

Better suin as syne.

Better the barn filled than the bed.

Better the end o a feast than the beginnin o a fray.

Better the ill kent than the guid unkent.

Better the mither wi the pock, than the faither wi the seck.

Better the naig that ambles aa the day than him that maks a brattle for a mile an then's duin wi the road.

Better thole a grumph than a sumph.

Better tae baud than draw.

Better tae rule wi the gentle hand than the strang.

Better tine life than guid fame.

Better tine yer joke than tine yer freend.

Better twa skaiths than ae sorrow.

Better unkind than ower cumbersome.

Better unmairied than ill mairied.

Better wade back mid watter than gang forrit an droon.

Better wait on cooks than leeches.

Better wier shuin than wier sheets.

Better yer feet slip than yer tongue.

Better you lauch than I greet.

Bid a man tae a roast an stick him wi the spit.

Bide weel, betide weel.

Biggin an bairns marryin are arrant wasters.

Bind the sack or it be fou.

Birds o a feather flock thegither.

Birk will burn be it burn drawn; sauch will sab if it war simmer sawn.

Birth's guid but breedins better.

Bitter jests pizen freendship.

Black will tak nae ither hue.

Black's my apron, an I'm aye washin't.

Blaw the wind never sae fast, it will lown at the last.

Blinnd horse rides hardy tae the fecht.

Blinnd men shouldna judge o colours.

Blue an better blue.

Blue is love true.

Blue's beauty, reid's a taiken, green's grief, an yellow's forsaken.

Bluid's thicker than watter.

Bode a robe an wier it, bode a pock an bear it.

Bode for a silk goun an ye'll get a sleeve o't.

Bode guid an get it

Boden gear stinks.

Bonny birds is aye the warst singers.

Bonny sport, tae fare weel an pey naething for't.

Bourdna wi bawty lest he bite ye.

Bourdna wi my ee nor wi mine honour.

Breedin wifes is aye beddie.

Breid an cheese is guid tae aet when fowk can get nae ither maet.

Breid an milk is bairns' maet: I wish them sorrow that loe it.

Breid's hoose skailled never.

Brek my heid an syne draw on my howe.

Bridal feasts is suin forgotten.

Broken breid maks batit bairns.

Broken freendships can be soother'd, but never soond.

Bunnet aside! hou sell ye yer maut?

Burnt bairns dreids the fire.

Busy fowk is aye meddlin.

But middlin bonny, like Boles' guidmither.

Butter an burn troots is kittle maet for maidens.

Butter tae butter's nae kitchen.

Butter's kin o aa creesh.

Buy a thief frae the weedae an he'll help tae hang ye.

Buy freendship wi presents, an it will be bocht frae ye.

Buy in the mercat an sell at hame.

Buy what ye dinna want an ye'll sell what ye canna spare.

By chance a cripple can grip a hare.

By daein naething we learn tae dae ill.

Caa a cou tae the haa an she'll rin tae the byre.

Caa again: ye're no a gaist.

Caa canny an flee laich.

Caa canny, an ye'll brek nae graith.

Caa canny, lad, ye're but a new-come cooper.

Caa me what ye like, but dinna caa me ower.

Caain names breks nae banes.

Cadgers haes aye mind o lade saidles.

Cadgers is aye crackin o creels.

Cairy saut tae Dysart an puddins tae Tranent.

Can dae is aesy cairied.

Canna haes nae craft.

Canny streetch, suin reach.

Care will kill a cat, yet there's nae livin athoot it.

Careless fowk is aye cumbersome.

Carena wad hae mair.

Carles an aivers win aa; carles an aivers spend aa.

Carrick for a man, Kyle for a cou, Cunninghame for corn an ale, an Gallowa for woo.

Cast a bane in the deil's teeth.

Cast a cat ower the hoose an she'll faa on her feet.

Cast nae snawbaas wi him.

Cast the cat ower him.

Cast ye ower the hoose riggin, an ye'll faa on yer feet.

Castna a cloot till Mey be oot.

Castna oot the dowed watter till ye get the clean.

Cat efter kind.

Cats aets what hussies spare.

Cats an carlins sits in the sun, but fair maidens sits 'ithin.

Cauld growes the love that kindles ower het.

Cauld kail het again is aye pat tasted.

Cauld kail het again, that I liked never; auld love renewed again, that I liked ever.

Cauld parritch is suiner het than new anes made.

Cauld watter scauds daws.

Chaff an draff is guid eneuch for aivers.

Chairge nae mair shot than the piece'll bear.

Chairity begins at hame, but shouldna end there.

Chalk's no shears.

Change o deils is lichtsome.

Change yer freend or ye hae need.

Changes is lichtsome, an fuils likes them.

Changes o wark is lichtenin o herts.

Cheatery gemme will aye kythe.

Chuize yer wife on Setterday, no on Sunday.

Claw for claw, as Conan sayed tae the deil.

Claw me an I'll claw thee.

Clawin an aetin needs but a beginnin.

Clean pith an fair play.

Clear in the sooth beguiled the cadger.

Clear in the sooth droon'd the plooman.

Cleckin time's aye canty time.

Clippet sheep will growe again.

Cloot upon a hole is guid gentry, cloot upon a cloot is guid yeomanry, but cloot upon a clooted cloot is dounricht beggary.

Come aa tae Jock Fuil's hoose an ye'll get breid an cheese.

Come day, gae day, God send Sunday.

Come it aer, or come it late, in Mey will come the cou-quake.

Come uncaad, sits unserved.

Come when ye are caad an ye'll no be chidden.

Come wi the wind an gang wi the watter.

Comena tae cooncil unbidden.

Common saw sindle lees.

Condition maks, condition breks.

Confess an be hanged, an syne yer servant smith.

Confess debt an crave days.

Confessed faut is hauf amends.

Content's nae bairn o wealth.

Contentibus, qo Tammy Tamson, kiss my wife, an welcome.

Coonsel is nae command.

Coont again is no forbidden.

Coont like Jews an 'gree like brithers.

Coont siller efter aa yer kin.

Coortesy is cumbersome tae him that kens it na.

Corbies an clergy is kittle shot.

Corbies dinna gether athoot they smell carrion.

Corbies dinna pike oot corbies' een.

Corn him weel, he'll wirk the better.

Crab athoot a cause, mease athoot mends.

Crabbit wis an cause haedna.

Craft maun hae claes, but truith gaes naked.

Credit is better than ill-won gear.

Credit keeps the croun o the causey.

Creep afore ye gang.

Cripples is aye better planners than wirkers.

Cripples is aye great daers-brek yer leg an try.

Cry aa at ance, that's the wey tae be served.

Curses mak the tod fat.

Cut yer coat accordin tae yer claith.

Dae a man a guid turn, an he'll never forgie ye.

Dae as lasses dae-say Na, but tak it.

Dae as the cou o Forfar did, tak a stannin drink.

Dae as the miller's wife o Newlands did-she teuk what she haed an she never wanted.

Dae on the hill as ye wad dae in the haa.

Dae the likeliest an hope the best.

Dae weel an dreid nae shame.

Dae weel an hae weel.

Dae weel, an dout nae man; dae ill, an dout aa men.

Dae what ye ocht an come what can; think on ease, but wirk on.

Dae what ye ocht, an let come what will.

Dae yer turn weel, an nane will spier what time ye teuk.

Dae't bi guess, as the blinnd man felled the dug.

Daeth's guid pruif.

Daffin an want o wit maks auld wifes donnert.

Daffin daes naething.

Daily wierin needs yearly beitin.

Daith an drink-drainin is near neebors.

Daith an mairage breks term-day.

Daith at ae door an heirship at the ither.

Daith comes in an spiers nae questions.

Daith defies the doctor.

Daith peys aa scores.

Dame, deem warily, ye watna wha wytes yersel.

Dammin an lavin is guid shuir fishin.

Danger past, God forgotten.

Dawted bairns can bear little.

Dawted dochters mak daidlin wifes.

Daylicht will peep throu a smaa hole.

Deal smaa an ser' aa.

Deid men are free men.

Deid men dae nae herm.

Deil be in the hoose that you're beguiled in.

Deil be in the pock that you cam in.

Deil mend ye if yer leg war broken.

Deil speed them that spiers, an kens fou weel.

Deil stick pride-my dug dee'd o't

Deil's in oor bairns: they'll no bed when their belly's fou.

Delays is dangerous.

Did ye ever fit coonts wi him?

Diet cures mair than doctors.

Ding doon Tantallon, an big a road tae the Bass.

Ding doun the nest, an the rooks will flee awa.

Dinna bow tae bawtie, lest he bite.

Dinna cast awa the cog when the cou flings.

Dinna dry the burn because it micht wat yer feet.

Dinna empy yer ain mooth tae fill ither fowk's.

Dinna gut yer fish till ye get them.

Dinna lee for want o news.

Dinna lift me afore I faa.

Dinna meddle wi the deil an the laird's bairns.

Dinna scaud yer mooth wi ither fowk's kail.

Dinna siech for him, but send for him: if he's unhanged he'll come.

Dinna spaek o a raip tae a chield that's faither wis hanged.

Dinna straik against the hair.

Dinna streetch yer airm farther than yer sleeve'll let ye.

Dinna tell yer fae when yer fit sleeps.

Dinna touch him on the sair heel.

Dirt bodes luck.

Dirt defies the kin.

Dirt pairts guid company.

Dit yer mooth wi yer maet.

Dochters an deid fish is kittle keepin wares.

Dochters peys nae debts.

Dogs an bairns is fain o fuils.

Dogs barks as they are bred.

Dogs will redd swine.

Dolour peys nae debts.

Dooble drinks is guid for drouth.

Draff he socht, but drink wis his errand.

Draff is guid eneuch for swine.

Dree oot the inch when ye hae tholed the span.

Driest wid will eithest lowe.

Drink an drouth come na aye thegither.

Drink little, that ye micht drink lang.

Drive the swine throu't.

Drunk at e'en an dry in the mornin.

Drunk fowk seldom taks herm.

Dry bargains bodes ill.

Duil an a ill life suin mak a auld wife.

Dummie canna lee.

Dunse dings aa.

E'en as ye won't, sae ye maun wier't.

E'en pickle in yer ain pock-neuk.

E'enin grey an a mornin reid, pit on yer hat or ye'll weet yer heid.

E'enin orts is guid mornin's fodder.

E'enin reid an a mornin grey is taiken shuir o a bonny day.

Eagles catches nae fleas.

Eagles flees alane, but sheep herds thegither.

Early birds catches the worms.

Early crooks the tree, that guid cammock shou1d be.

Early maister, lang servant

Early saw, aerly maw.

East an wast, the sign o a blast; north an sooth, the sign o a drouth.

East or west, hame is best.

Efter a sort, as Costlet served the king.

Efter a storm comes a calm.

Efter cheese, naething.

Efter clouds comes fair weather.

Efter denner sit a while, efter supper walk a mile.

Efter joy comes annoy.

Efter Lammas, corn ripens bi day an nicht.

Efter that comes a cou tae be shod.

Efter wirds come weird: fair faa them that caa me "Madam."

Efter you is guid mainers.

Eident youth maks aesy age.

Eild an puirtith is a sair burden for ae back.

Eild an puirtith's sair tae thole.

Eild should hae honour.

Eith keepin the castle that's no besieged.

Eith learned suin forgotten.

Eith tae that thy ain hert wills.

Eith wirkin when will's at hame.

Ell an tell is guid merchandise.

Ell an tell is never forgotten, an the best pey's on the peck bottom.

Eneuch's as guid as a feast.

Eneuch's eneuch o breid an cheese.

Envy shoots at a hiech mark.

Etten maet is ill tae pey.

Even stands his cap the day, for aa that.

Ever busy, ever bare.

Every ane lowps the dyke whaur it's laichest.

Every bird thinks its ain nest best.

Every cock craws crousest on his ain midden heid.

Every craw thinks his ain bird whitest.

Every day is no Yule day; cast the cat a castock.

Every dud bids anither guid-day.

Every dug haes its day.

Every faut haes its fore.

Every flow haes its ebb.

Every Jack will finnd a Jill.

Every land haes its laich; every corn haes its ain caff.

Every man bows tae the bush he gets bield frae.

Every man buckles his belt his ain gate.

Every man can guide a ill wife weel but him that haes her.

Every man can tout best on his ain horn.

Every man daes his wirk efter his ain fashion.

Every man for his ain hand, as Henry Wynd focht.

Every man for hissel, an God for us aa.

Every man haes his ain bubblyjock.

Every man haes his ain draff poke, tho some hangs eider than ithers.

Every man kens best whaur his ain sair lies.

Every man kens best whaur his ain shui binds him.

Every man thinks his ain craw blackest.

Every man tae his taste, as the man sayed when he kissed his cou.

Every man's blinnd tae his ain cause.

Every man's man haed a man, an that garred the Threave faa.

Every man's no born wi a siller spuin in his mooth.

Every man's nose winna be a shuiin horn.

Every man's tale's guid till anither's tauld.

Every mibbie haes a mibbie no.

Every miller wad weise the watter tae his ain mill.

Every play maun be played, an some maun be the players.

Every shui fits na every fit.

Every sou tae her ain trough.

Every wicht haes his weird, an we maun aa dee when oor day comes.

Evil wirds cuts mair than swords.

Experience keeps a dear schuil, but fuils will learn in nae ither.

Faa on the feeblest, the beetle amang the bairns.

Facts is chiels that winna ding.

Faint hert never wan fair leddy.

Fair an fuilish, black an prood, lang an lazy, little an lood.

Fair an saft gangs far.

Fair exchange is nae robbery.

Fair faa guid drink, for it gars fowk spaek as they think.

Fair faa the wife, an weel mey she spin, that coonts aye the lawin wi a pint tae come in.

Fair faa ye, an that's nae fleachin.

Fair fowk is aye foisonless.

Fair gae they, fair come they, an aye their heels hindmaist.

Fair hair can hae foul ruits.

Fair hechts maks fuils fain.

Fair in the cradle micht be foul in the saidle.

Fair maidens wier nae purses.

Fair wirds hurt never a bane, but foul wirds brek mony a ane.

Fair wirds is nae cause o feuds.

Fair wirds winna mak the pat bile.

Fancy flees afore the wind.

Fancy wis a bonny dug, but Fortune teuk the tail frae't.

Fanned fires an forced love never dae weel.

Far ahint maun follow the faster.

Far ahint that canna follow, an far afore that canna leuk back.

Far awa fowls haes fair feathers.

Far frae coort far frae care.

Far frae my hert's my husband's mither.

Far socht an dear bocht is guid for ladies.

Fare-ye-well, Meg Dorts, an e'en's ye like.

Fareweel frost, fair weather neist.

Farther east the shorter west.

Farthest frae the kirk aye suinest at it.

Fashious fuils is aesiest flisket.

Fast bind, fast finnd.

Fat fleesh freezes suin.

Fat hens is aye ill layers.

Fat paunches bodes lean pows.

Fause fowk should hae mony witnesses.

Fausehood maks never a fair hinder-end.

Favours unuised is favours abuized.

Fawkirk bairns dees or they thrive.

Fawkirk bairns minds naething but mischief.

Feather bi feather the goose is plucked.

February, fill the dyke, be it black or be it white; if it's white, it's the better tae like.

Fecht dug, fecht bear; wha wins, deil care.

Feckfu fowk can front the bauldest wind.

Feckless fowk is fain o ane anither.

Feckless fuils should keep canny tongues.

Feed a cauld, but hunger a colic.

Feedin oot o course maks mettle oot o kind.

Feelin haes nae fellow.

Fermer's fauch gars lairds lauch.

Few gets what they glaum at.

Fiddlers' fare-maet, drink, an money.

Fiddlers' wifes an gemmester's drink is free tae ilka body.

Fiddlers, dugs, an fleesh-flees comes aye tae feasts uncaad.

Fill fou an haud fou, maks the stark man.

Fine feathers maks fine birds.

Fine tae fine maks a bad line.

Fire an watter is guid servants but ill maisters.

Fire is guid for the fireside.

First come, first ser'd.

Fish guts an stinkin herrin are breid an milk for a Eemooth bairn.

Fish maun soom thrice.

Fleas an a girnin wife is waukrife bedfellows.

Flee as fast as ye will, yer fortune will be at yer tail.

Fleyin a bird is no the wey tae grip it

Fling at the brod wis never a guid ox.

Flit a auld tree an it'll wither

Flittin o ferms maks mailens dear.

Follow love an it will flee thee: flee love an it will follow thee.

Folly is a bonny dug, but a bad ane.

For a tint thing, carena.

For as guid again, like Sunday milk.

For better acquaintance' sake, as Sir John Ramsay sayed when he drank tae his faither.

For fashion's sake, as dugs gae tae mercat.

For faut o wice men fuils sits on binks.

For guid cheese an cheer mony haunts the hoose.

For my ain plaisure, as the man thrashed his wife.

For puir fowk they seldom ring.

For want o a steek a shui can be tint.

Forbid a fuil a thing, an that he'll dae.

Force athoot foresicht aften fails.

Forewarned is foreairmed.

Forgotten pain, when follows gain.

Fortune an futurity isna tae be guessed at.

Fortune favours the brave.

Fortune gains the bride.

Fortune helps the hardy.

Foster the guest that steys-further him that maun gang.

Fou o coortesy, fou o craft.

Foul faa nocht, an then he'll get naething.

Foul watter slockens fire.

Fowk is aye free tae gie what's no their ain.

Fowk maun growe auld or dee.

Fowk should never ask for mair than they can mak a guid uise o.

Fowk's dugs barks waur than theirsels.

Frae savin comes haein.

Frae the teeth forward.

Freedom's a fair thing.

Freends gree best separate.

Freends is like fiddle-strings, they mauna be screwed ower ticht.

Freendship canna stand aye on ae side.

Fresh fish an puir freends suin growes ill-faured.

Fresh fish an unwelcome freends stinks afore they're three days auld.

Friday flit, short time sit.

Friday rules Sunday.

Frost an fausehood hae baith a dirty waa gang.

Fry stanes wi butter an the broo will be guid.

Fuils an bairns shouldna see hauf-duin wark.

Fuils aye sees ither fowk's fauts an forgets their ain.

Fuils big hooses an wice men buy them.

Fuils is aye fond o flittin, an wice men o sittin.

Fuils is aye fortunate.

Fuils is aye seein ferlies.

Fuils is fain o flattery.

Fuils is fain o naething.

Fuils is fond o aa they forgether wi.

Fuils lauchs at their ain sport.

Fuils maks feasts an wice men aets them.

Fuils raves an wice men redds.

Fuils sets far trysts.

Fuils shouldna hae chappin-sticks.

Fuils' haste is nae speed.

Gae hap an hang yersel, then ye'll dee dancin.

Gae kiss yer Lucky - she lives in Leith.

Gae shui the goose.

Gae tae bed wi the lamb an ryce wi the laverock.

Gae tae Hecklebirnie.

Gae tae the deil, an he'll bishop ye.

Gae tae the deil, for his name's sake.

Gairdener's law - Aet yer fill, but pootch nane.

Gane is the goose that laid the muckle egg.

Gang farther an fare waur.

Gar wid's ill tae growe; chuckie stanes is ill tae chow.

Gauntin bodes wantin ane o things three - sleep, maet, or guid company.

Gauntin gaes frae man tae man.

Gawsy cou, guidly calf.

Gayly wad be better.

Gear is aesier gotten than guided.

Gentle partans haes lang taes.

Gentle servants is puir men's hardships.

Gentle servants is rich men's tinsel.

Gentlemen is unco scant when a wabster gets a leddy.

Gentry's dowff wi a empy purse.

Get an save, an thoo will hae.

Get the wird o suin up, an ye can lie in yer bed aa day.

Get weel, keep weel.

Get what ye can, an keep what ye hae, that's the wey tae get rich.

Get yer rock an spindle ready, God will send the tow.

Gether hawes afore the snaws.

Getherin gear is weel likit wark.

Gibbie's grace-Deil claw the clungiest.

Gie a bairn his will, an a whelp its fill, an nane o them will ever dae weel.

Gie a beggar a bed, an he'll pey ye wi a lowse.

Gie a carl yer finger, an he'll tak yer hale hand.

Gie a gaun man a drink, an a risin man a knock.

Gie a greedy dug a muckle bane.

Gie a thing, tak a thing, an that's the ill man's ring.

Gie him a hole, an he'll finnd a peen.

Gie him a inch, an he'll tak a ell.

Gie him tow eneuch, an he'll hang hissel.

Gie is a guid fellow, but he suin wearies.

Gie lossin gemmesters leave tae talk.

Gie my cousin kail enou, an see my cousins dish be fou.

Gie never the wolf the wedder tae keep.

Gie ower when the play's guid.

Gie the deil his due, an ye'll gang tae him.

Gie ye a uise, an ye'll caaat a custom.

Gie ye maet, drink, an claes, an ye'll beg amang yer freends.

Gie yer hert tae God, an yer alms tae the puir.

Gie yer tongue mair holidays than yer heid.

Gie't aboot, it will come tae my faither at last.

Giff gaff maks guid freends.

Girn when ye knit, an lauch when ye loss.

Glesca for bells, Lithgae for wa's, Fawkirk for beans an pease.

Glesca people, Greenock fowk, an Paisley bodies.

Glesses an lasses is brittle ware.

Glib in the tongue is aye glaikit at the hert.

Glowerin is nae gainsayin.

Glum fowk's no aesy guided.

God be wi the guid Laird o Balmaghie, for he never teuk mair frae a puir man than aa that he haed.

God comes wi lieden feet, but strikes wi airn hands.

God help the rich, for the puir can beg.

God help ye tae a hutch, for ye'll never get a mailin.

God helps them that helps theirsels.

God keep ill gear oot o my hands; for if my hands ance get it, my hert winna pairt wi't,- sae prayed the guid Earl o Eglinton.

God keep the cat oot o oor gate, for the hens canna flee.

God never measures men bi inches.

God never sent the mooth, but he sent the maet wit.

God send us siller, for they're little thocht o that want it.

God send watter tae that wall that fowk thinks will never be dry.

God send ye mair sense, an me mair siller.

God send ye readier maet than rinnin hares.

God send ye the warld ye bode, an that's naither scant nor want.

God sends fuils fortunes.

God sends maet an the deil sends cooks.

God sends men claith as they hae cauld.

God shapes the back for the burden.

God's aye kind tae fou fowk an bairns.

God's help is nearer than the fair een.

Gowd's guid, but it can be dear bocht

Graceless maet maks fowk fat.

Gratitude preserves auld freendships an begets new.

Great barkers isna biters.

Great pains an little gains suin maks a man weary.

Great tochers maksna aye the greatest testaments.

Great winnin maks wark easy.

Gree, like tykes an swine.

Greed is envy's auldest brither: scraggy wark they mak thegither.

Greedy fowk haes lang airms.

Greenin wifes is aye greedy.

Gress growes na green in the common road.

Grey-ee'd, greedy; broun-ee'd, needy; black-ee'd, never blin, till it shame aa its kin.

Guessed wark's best if weel duin.

Guid advice is never oot o saeson.

Guid ale needs nae wisp.

Guid bairns get broken brous.

Guid bairns is eith tae lear.

Guid be wi auld langsyne, when oor gutchers ett the trenchers.

Guid breedin an siller maks oor sons gentlemen.

Guid cheer an cheap gars mony haunt the hoose.

Guid claes opens aa doors.

Guid coonsel is abuin aa price.

Guid foresicht furthers wark.

Guid fowk is scarce, tak care o me.

Guid gear gangs into little bouk.

Guid gear's no tae be gaped at.

Guid health is better than wealth.

Guid kail is hauf maet.

Guid nicht, an joy be wi ye aa.

Guid raeson an pairt cause.

Guid tae fetch sorrow tae a seek wife.

Guid wares can come frae a ill mercat.

Guid wares maks a quick mercat.

Guid watch hinders herm.

Guid wirds cost naething.

Guid wit jumps.

Guid! ye're common tae kiss yer kimmer.

Guid-eneuch haes got a wife an Far-better wants.

Guidwill never wants time tae shaw itsel.

Guidwill should be taen in pairt peyment.

Gunpouder is hasty eldin.

Gust yer gab wi that.

Gut nae fish till ye get them.

Haa binks is sliddry.

Hae God, hae aa.

Hae ye gear or hae ye nane, tine hert an aa is gane.

Hae! gars a dief man hear.

Hae, lad,-rin, lad; that maks a olite lad.

Haed I fish wis never guid tae aet mustard.

Haed ye sic a shui on ilka fit, ye wad shochel.

Haind gear helps weel.

Hair bi hair maks the carl's heid bare.

Hale claith's afore cloutit.

Hale sale is guid sale.

Hallowe'en bairns sees far.

Hame's a hamely wird.

Hand in gear helps weel.

Hand in uise is faither o lear.

Hand ower heid, as men teuk the covenant.

Handle yer tools athoot mittens.

Hands aff is fair play.

Handsome is that handsome dis.

Hang a thief when he's young, an he'll no steal when he's auld.

Hang him that haes nae shift, an hang him that haes ower mony.

Hang hunger an droon drouth.

Hangin gaes bi hap.

Hangins nae better than it's caa'd.

Hangins sair on the eesicht.

Hankerin an hingin-on is a puir trade.

Hap an a ha'penny is warld's gear eneuch.

Happiness an moderate means in this warld are eneuch.

Happy for the son when the dad gaes tae the deil.

Happy is the bride that the sun shines on; happy is the corpse that the rain rains on.

Happy is the wooin that's no lang o daein.

Happy man be his duil.

Happy man, happy kavel.

Happy the man that belangs tae nae pairty, but sits in his ain hoose, an leuks at Benarty.

Happy's the maid that's mairied tae a mitherless son.

Hard fare maks hungry bellies.

Hardships seldom comes single.

Haste an anger hinders guid coonsel.

Haste maks waste, an waste maks want, an want maks strife atween the guidman an the guidwife.

Hasty meet, hasty pairt.

Hasty wis hanged, but Speed-o-fit wan awa.

Haud the hank in yer ain hand.

Haud ye hand, yer faither slew a whaup.

Haud yer feet, Lucky Dad, auld fowk's no fiery.

Haud yer hands aff ither fowk's bairns till ye get some o yer ain.

Hauf a tale is eneuch for a wice man.

Hauf acres bears aye guid corn.

Hawks winna pike oot hawks' een.

He aets the calf in the cou's wame.

He begs frae them that borrowed frae him.

He bestows charity liberally.

He bides as fast as a cat daes tae a saucer.

He blaws in his lug fou brawly.

He blushes at it like a beggar at a bawbee.

He breeds o the gowk that casts aa doun at e'en

He brings a staff tae brek his ain heid.

He caas me scabbed because I winna caa him scaad.

He can be trusted wi a hoose fou o unbored millstanes.

He can dae ill, an he micht dae guid.

He can finnd faut that canna mend.

He can haud the cat an play wi the kitten.

He can ill rin that canna gang.

He can lauch that wins.

He can lee like a dug lickin a dish.

He can say "My Jo," an think it no.

He can souk the laverocks frae the lift.

He can tine a stot that canna coont his kine.

He can weel soom that haes his heid hauden up.

He can wile the floonders oot o the sea.

He canna see a inch afore his nose.

He caresna whase bairns greets if his ain lauchs.

He comes aftener wi the rake than the shool.

He comes o guid, he canna be ill.

He complains aerly that complains o his parritch.

He coonts his ha'penny guid siller.

He cuts near the wid.

He daurna say "Bo" tae yer blanket.

He disna aye ride when he saidles his horse.

He disna ken a B frae a bull's fit.

He disna ken what end o him's upmaist.

He disna ken whether he stands on his heid or his heels.

He disna like his wark that says "Nou!" when it's duin.

He doobles his gift that gies in time.

He fells twa dugs wi ae bane.

He flings the helve efter the hatchet.

He fyles his neebor's cog tae get the brose hissel.

He gaed for oo but cam hame shorn.

He gaes nae whitins athoot banes.

He gangs awa in a ill time that never comes back again.

He gangs far aboot seekin the nearest.

He gangs frae the jilt tae the gellock.

He gangs lang barefit that waits on deid men's shuin.

He girns like a sheep's heid in a pair o tangs.

He got his mither's malison the day he wis mairied.

He haed guid skill o horse fleesh that bocht a goose tae ride on.

He haes a bee in his bunnet-lug.

He haes a cauld coal tae blaw at.

He haes a crap for aa corn.

He haes a guid juidgment that disna lippen tae his ain.

He haes a herty hand for a hungry meltith.

He haes a hole albo his nose that winna let his back be ruch.

He haes a ill leuk amang lambs.

He haes a lang clue tae wind.

He haes a saw for aa sairs.

He haes a slid grip that haes a eel bi the tail.

He haes been rowed in his mither's sark tail.

He haes brocht his pack tae a braw mercat.

He haes come tae guid bi misguidin.

He haes cowped the muckle pat into the little.

He haes cuisten his cloak on the ither shouther.

He haes drooned the miller.

He haes faut o a wife that mairies mam's pet.

He haes feathered his nest, he can flee when he likes.

He haes gane athoot takkin his leave.

He haes gien up a trade an taen tae stravaigin.

He haes got a bite o his ain bridle.

He haes gotten his kail throu the reek.

He haes gotten the buit an the better baest.

He haes gotten the heavy end o him.

He haes gotten the whip hand o him.

He haes help'd me oot o a deidlift.

He haes hit the nail on the heid.

He haes it o kind, he coft it na.

He haes left the key in the cat-hole.

He haes licket the butter aff my breid.

He haes made a muinlicht flittin.

He haes mair fluir than he haes flail for.

He haes mair jaw than juidgment.

He haes mair wit in his wee finger than ye hae in yer hale bouk.

He haes muckle prayer, but little devotion.

He haes nae clag till his tail.

He haes nae mair mense than a miller's horse.

He haes naething tae crave at my hand.

He haes naither money nor maet.

He haes naither stock nor brock.

He haes need o a clean pow that caas his neebor nitty nou.

He haes ower mony greedy gleds o his ain.

He haes skill o roasted woo-when it stinks it's ready.

He haes some smaa wit, but a fuil haes the guidin o't.

He haes spur metal in him.

He haes suin duin that never docht.

He haes swallowed a flee.

He haes taen the kintra on his back.

He haes the best end o the string.

He haes the gift o the gab.

He haes wit at will that wi a angry hert can sit still.

He haesna a bauchle tae swier bi.

He haesna a hale nail tae claw him wi.

He haesna as muckle sense as a cou could haud in her faulded nieve.

He hastit tae his end like a moth tae a candle.

He hauds baith heft an blade.

He hears wi his heels, as the geese dae in hairst.

He hearsna at that ear.

He herps aye on ae string.

He hid a bodle an thocht it a hoard.

He hides his maet an seeks for mair.

He is a guid piper's bitch; he's aye in at meal-times.

He is aither exceedinly affectionate an kind, or vice versa.

He isna a merchant bare, that haes aither money, worth, or ware.

He jump'd at it, like a cock at a grossart.

He keeps his road weel eneuch that gets rid o ill company.

He kens aathing that opens an steeks.

He kens his ain groats amang ither fowk's kail.

He kens hou mony beans maks five.

He kens hou tae butter a whitin.

He kens hou tae turn his ain cake.

He kens muckle that kens when tae spaek, but far mair that kens when tae haud his tongue.

He kens na a mavis frae a madge-houlet.

He kens na a selgh frae a salmon.

He kens na the plaisures o plenty that never felt the pains o poverty.

He kens whilk side his bannock's buttered on.

He kicks at the benweed.

He lay in his scabbard, as mony a guid sword's duin.

He left his siller in his ither pootch.

He leuks like a Lochaber aix fresh frae the grundstane.

He leuks like he could swallow a cou.

He leuks like the far end o a French fiddle.

He leuks like the laird o fear.

He leuks like the wid war fou o thieves.

He likes nae beef that growes on my banes.

He loed mutton weel that lick'd whaur the ewie lay.

He loes me for little that hates me for nocht.

He losses his time that comes suin tae a bad bargain.

He maks nae bairn's bargains.

He maun be a guid freend when ye dinna ken his value.

He maun be suin up that cheats the tad.

He maun hae leave tae spaek that canna haud his tongue.

He maun lout that haes a laich door.

He maun ryce suin that pleases aabody.

He needs a lang-shanket spuin that sups kail wi the deil.

He needs maun rin that the deil drives.

He never did a guid darg that gaed grumblin aboot it.

He never lees but when the holly's green.

He never tint a cou that grat for a groat.

He picked it up at his ain hand, as the cou learned flingin.

He pits his maet in a ill skin.

He pits in a bad purse that pits in his pechan.

He reads his sin in his punishment.

He rides on the riggin o't.

He rides siccar that never faas.

He rieves the kirk tae theek the quire.

He rules aesier wi a sauch wand than wi a sherp brand.

He seeks nae mair than a bit an a brat.

He selt his sowel for a crackit saxpence.

He should be seldom angry that haes few tae mease him.

He sits fou close that haes riven breeks.

He sits wi little aese that sits on his neebor's coat tail.

He sleeps as dugs dae when wifes sift meal.

He slippet awa like a knotless threid.

He snites his nose in his neebor's dish tae get the brose hissel.

He spaeks in his drink what he thinks in his drouth.

He spaeks like a prent beuk.

He spak like every wird wad lift a dish.

He starts at straes, an lets windlins gae.

He streaks reem in my teeth.

He struts like a craw in the gutter.

He stumbles at a strae an lowps ower a linn.

He thinks hissel nae sheepshank.

He tines bottles getherin straes.

He wad fain be forrit if he wist hou.

He wad fain rip up auld sairs.

He wad gang a mile tae flit a sou.

He wad gar ye trew that the muin's made o green cheese.

He wad need tae be twice sheeled an ance grund that deals wi you.

He wad rake hell for a bodle.

He wad skin a lowse for the tallow o't.

He wad tine his lugs if they wis na tacked tae him.

He wadna lend his gully,-na! tae the deil tae stick hissel.

He watsna whilk end o him's upmaist.

He wiers Langton's coat o mail.

He wiers twa faces aneath ae coul.

He winna send ye awa wi a fair hert.

He wis missed bi the watter, but catched bi the weedae.

He wis never a guid aiver that flung at the brod.

He wis scant o grey claith that soled his hose wi dockins.

He wis scant o news that tauld his faither wis hanged.

He wis the bee that made the honey.

He wisna the inventor o gunpouder.

He woos for cake an puddin.

He'l mak a spuin or spyle a horn.

He'll aither win the horse or tine the saidle.

He'll claw up their mittans.

He'll gang mad on a horse whase prood on a pownie.

He'll gang nae farther than his tether's length.

He'll gang tae hell for hoose profit.

He'll get the puir man's answer, "Na."

He'll gie his bane tae nae dug.

He'll gie ye the whistle o yer groat.

He'll hae eneuch some day, when his mooth's fou o muils.

He'll hing bi the lug o't.

He'll hing that ower my heid.

He'll kythe in his ain colours yet.

He'll lick the white frae yer e'en.

He'll mend when he growes better, like soor ale in simmer.

He'll naither dance nor haud the candle.

He'll naither dee nor dae weel.

He'll naither haud nor bind.

He'll naither hup nor wine.

He'll need tae dree the dronach o't.

He'll never rue but ance, an that'll be aa his life.

He'll never send ye awa wi a sair hert.

He'll no gie a inch aa his will for a span aa his thrift.

He'll no gie the heid for the washin.

He'll no let the gress growe at his heels.

He'll no sell his hen on a rainy day.

He'll raither turn than burn.

He'll shoot hiecher that shoots at the muin, than Him that shoots at the midden, e'en tho he micht miss his mark.

He'll suin be a beggar that canna say "No."

He'll tell it tae nae mair than he meets.

He'll wag as the bush wags.

He'll wind ye a pirn.

He's a auld horse that winna nicher at corn.

He's a body o the nick-stick kind.

He's a cake an puddin coortier.

He's a causey saint an a hoose deil.

He's a fuil that asks ower muckle, but he's a greater fuil that gies it.

He's a fuil that forgets hissel.

He's a fuil that mairies at Yule; for when the bairn's tae bear the corn's tae shear.

He's a guid horse that never stumbled, an a better wife that never grumbled.

He's a guid shot that hits aye the mark.

He's a hardy man tae draw a sword at a haggis.

He's a hawk o a richt nest.

He's a man o wice mind that o a fae can mak a freend.

He's a prood beggar that maks his ain awmous.

He's a prood horse that winna cairy his ain corn.

He's a puir beggar that canna gang by ae door.

He's a puir man that's never missed.

He's a sairy cook that canna lick his ain fingers

He's a selfish skyte that cares but for his ain kyte.

He's a silly chield that can naither dae nor say.

He's a wice man that can tak care o hissel.

He's aa fair guid e'en, an fair guid-day.

He's aftener there than in the pairish kirk.

He's aither aa honey or aa dirt.

He's ane o snaw-baas' bairntime.

He's as bare as the birk at Yule.

He's as bauld as a Lammermuir lion.

He's as fou as a fiddler.

He's as gleg as a gled.

He's as gleg as Mckeachen's elshin, that ran throu sax plies o bend-leather into the king's heel.

He's as happy as a deid bird.

He's as hard wi me like I haed been the wild Scot o Gallowa.

He's as stiff like he haed swallowed the poker.

He's as welcome as snaw in hairst.

He's as welcome as watter in a riven ship.

He's as wice as Wudsie's calf, that kent milk frae watter.

He's auld an cauld, an ill tae lie aside.

He's awfu big ahint the door.

He's aye for oot o the cheese-fat he wis moulded in.

He's aye wice ahint the hand.

He's been at the kirk o Crackaboot, whaur the kail pat wis the minister.

He's better fed than bred.

He's blinnd that aets marrow, but far blinnder that lets him.

He's but Jock the laird's brither.

He's coolin an suppin.

He's cowpit the crans.

He's failed wi a fou hand.

He's fond o barter that niffers wi Auld Nick.

He's frae the tap o the win, but ye're a greyneck quill.

He's free o fruit that wants a orchard.

He's gane aa tae pigs an whistles.

He's gane aff at the nail.

He's gane ower the buss taps.

He's gane tae seek his faither's sword.

He's gane tae the dug-drave.

He's got his leg ower the harrows.

He's got his nose in a guid kail pat.

He's guid that never failed.

He's his faither's better, like the cooper o Fogo.

He's horn dief on that side o his heid.

He's idle that micht be better employed.

He's ill-faured that dugs bark at.

He's in the wrang when praised that glunches.

He's John Tamson's man.

He's laid doun the barrow.

He's lifeless that's fautless.

He's like a bagpipe, never heard till his wame's fou.

He's like a chip amang parritch-little guid, little ill.

He's like a cou in a fremit loanin.

He's like a flech in a blanket.

He's like a singit cat-better than he's bonny.

He's like the craws, he aets hissel oot o ply.

He's like the smith's dug-sae weel uised tae the sparks that he'll no burn.

He's like the wife's bawty-kens naething aboot it.

He's lowse in the heft.

He's mair buirdly in the back than in the brain.

He's mair fleyed than hurt.

He's mair worth hangin than haudin.

He's nae guid wabster that leaves lang thrums.

He's nae smaa drink.

He's never at aese that's angry.

He's no a man tae ride the watter wi.

He's no a stirk aa the richt stock.

He's no guid tae creel eggs wi.

He's no nice but needfu.

He's no sae daft as he lets on.

He's no steel tae the bane.

He's no the best wricht that casts maist spails.

He's no the fuil that the fuil is, but Him that wi the fuil deals.

He's no the happiest that haes maist gear.

He's no worth kissin caps wi.

He's oot an in, like a dug at a fair.

He's ower auld a cat tae draw a strae afore.

He's ower suin up that's hanged or nuin.

He's ower-shot wi his ain bowe.

He's puir eneuch that's ill faured.

He's puir that canna promise.

He's rich that haes nae debt.

He's sairest dung that's peyed wi his ain wand.

He's silly that spares for ilka speech.

He's soger bred but major minded.

He's sometimes in the air, but ye're aye on the grund.

He's taen a start an a owerlowp.

He's the bee that maks the honey.

He's the best spak o yer wheel.

He's the slave o aa slaves that ser's nane but hissel.

He's twice fain that sits on a stane.

He's unco fond o fermin that wad harrow wi the cat.

He's unco fou in his ain hoose that canna pick a bane in his neebor's.

He's waur tae watter than tae corn.

He's weel aesed that haes o his ain.

He's weel boden there ben that will naither borrow nor lend.

He's weel worthy o sorrow that buys it wi his ain siller.

He's wice that kens when he's weel eneuch.

He's wice that's timely wary.

He's worth gowd that can win it.

He's worth nae weel that can bide nae wae.

Heedna says, or ye'll never sit at aese.

Help for help in hairst.

Help is guid at aathing, except at the cog.

Hen scarts an filly tails, maks lofty ships wier lawly sails.

Hen's is aye free o horse corn.

Here's the wine, but where's the waanuts?

Here-awa, there-awa, like the Laird o Hotch Potch's lands.

Herken tae the hinder-end, efter comesna yet.

Herts mey gree tho heids mey differ.

Het kail cauld, nine days auld, spell ye that in fower letters.

Het love, hasty vengeance.

Het sup, het swallow.

Hiech trees shaw mair leaves than fruit.

Hiechest in the coort, nearest the weedae.

Hielanders-shouther tae shouther.

Him that aets a boll o meal in bannocks aets a peck o dirt.

Him that aets but ae dish seldom needs the doctor.

Him that ance gets his fingers in the dirt can hardly get them oot again.

Him that bides weel betides weel.

Him that bids me tae maet wishes me tae live.

Him that blaws best bears awa the horn.

Him that blaws in the stoor fills his ain een.

Him that borrows an bigs, maks feasts an thigs, drinks an's no dry,-nane aa these three is thrifty.

Him that buys a hoose that's wrocht haes mony a peen an nail for nocht.

Him that buys land buys stanes; Him that buys beef buys banes; Him that buys nuts buys shells; Him that buys guid ale buys naething else.

Him that can hear Dumbuck can hear Dumbarton.

Him that canna dae as he wad maun dae as he mey.

Him that canna gie favours should seek nane.

Him that canna mak sport should mar nane.

Him that cheats in daffin winna be honest in aernest.

Him that cheats me ance, shame faa him; him that cheats me twice, shame faa me.

Him that comes aa hens maun scrape.

Him that comes first tae the haa can sit whaur he will.

Him that coonts aa costs will never pit ploo in the grund.

Him that coonts athoot his host micht hae tae coont twice.

Him that daes as he's bidden deserves nae bannin.

Him that daes his turn in time sits hauf idle.

Him that daes ye a ill turn will never forgie ye.

Him that deals in dirt haes aye foul fingers.

Him that disna mind corn pickles never comes tae forpits.

Him that drinks when he's no dry will be dry when he haes nae drink.

Him that faas in a gutter, the langer he lies the dirtier he is.

Him that fishes afore the net, fishes lang or he fish get.

Him that gapes till he be fed micht gape till he be deid.

Him that gets forgets, but him that wants thinks on.

Him that gets gear afore he gets wit is but a short time maister o't.

Him that gies aa his gear tae his bairns, tak up a beetle an ding oot his hairns.

Him that grapes in the dark micht fyle his fingers.

Him that haes a bonny wife needs mair than twa een.

Him that haes a dug at hame can gang tae the kirk wi a clean breist.

Him that haes a goose will get a goose.

Him that haes a guid crap can thole some thistles.

Him that haes a muckle nose thinks ilka ane spaeks o't.

Him that haes a wide wame never haed a lang airm.

Him that haes a wife haes a maister.

Him that haes ae sheep in a flock will like aa the lave the better for't.

Him that haes an winna keep it, Him that wants an winna seek it, Him that drinks an isna dry, siller shall want as weel as I.

Him that haes but ae ee maun tent it weel.

Him that haes gall in his mooth canna spit honey.

Him that haes his hand in the lion's mooth maun tak it oot the best wey he can.

Him that haes horns in his bosom needna pit them on his heid.

Him that haes juist eneuch can soondly sleep; the owercome only fashes fowk tae keep.

Him that haes muckle wad aye hae mair.

Him that haes rowth o butter can butter his breid on baith sides.

Him that haes siller in his purse mey want a heid on his shouthers.

Him that haes twa hoards can get a third.

Him that haesna purse tae fine micht hae fleesh tae pine.

Him that haesna siller in his purse should hae silk on his tongue.

Him that hains his denner will hae the mair tae his supper.

Him that hews abuin his heid can get a spail in his ee.

Him that hides kens whaur tae seek.

Him that ill daes never guid weens.

Him that invented the maiden first handselled her.

Him that isna handsome at twinty, strang at therty, wice at forty, rich at fifty, will never be handsome, strang, wice, or rich.

Him that keeks throu a keyhole micht see what will vex him.

Him that keeps the cat's dish keeps her aye cryin.

Him that kens what will be cheap or dear, needs be a merchant but for hauf-a-year.

Him that kisses his wife at the mercat cross will hae mony tae teach him.

Him that lacks my meir can buy my meir.

Him that lauchs alane will mak sport in company.

Him that lends his pat micht seethe his kail in his luif.

Him that lends money tae a freend haes a dooble loss.

Him that lends ye hinders ye tae buy.

Him that leuks na or he lowp will faa or he wat.

Him that leuks tae freets, freets will follow him.

Him that lippens tae chance lippens his back tae a slap.

Him that lippens tae lent ploos micht hae his land lang lea.

Him that lives on hope haes a slim diet.

Him that loes law will suin get his fill o't.

Him that mair than his worth dis spend, aiblins a raip his life will end.

Him that mairies a beggar gets a lowse for a tocher.

Him that mairies a daw aets muckle dirt.

Him that mairies a maiden mairies a pockfu o pleisure; him that mairies a weedae mairies a pockfu o pleas-ure.

Him that mairies a weedae an twa dochters haes three back doors tae his hoose.

Him that mairies a weedae will hae a deid man's heid aften dang in his dish.

Him that mairies afore he's wice will dee or he thrive.

Him that mairies for love athoot money, haes merry nichts an sorry days.

Him that maks freends feared o his wit should be feared o their memories.

Him that middles wi tulzies micht come in for the reddin stroke.

Him that never aets fleesh thinks harigals a feast.

Him that never rade never fell.

Him that never thinks will never be wice.

Him that oppresses honesty never haed ony.

Him that peeties anither minds hissel.

Him that peys his debt begins tae mak a stock.

Him that peys last never peys twice.

Him that pits on the public goun maun aff the private person.

Him that pits the cat in the pock kens best hou tae tak her oot.

Him that plants trees loes ithers aside hissel.

Him that plays wi fuils an bairns maun e'en play at the chucks.

Him that pleads his ain cause haes a fuil for his client.

Him that rides ahint anither disna saidle when he pleases.

Him that rides or he be ready wants aye some o his graith.

Him that says what he likes will hear what he disna like.

Him that seeks alms for Godsake begs for twa.

Him that seeks motes gets motes.

Him that seeks trouble, it war a peety he should miss it.

Him that sells his wares for wirds maun live bi the loss.

Him that shames, let him be shent.

Him that shaws his purse tempts the thief.

Him that sleeps wi dugs maun ryce wi flechs.

Him that spaeks the thing he shouldna will hear the thing he wadna.

Him that spaeks tae hissel spaeks tae a fuil.

Him that spaeks wi a draunt an sells wi a cant, is richt like a snake in the skin o a saunt.

Him that spares tae spaek spares tae speed.

Him that spends afore he thrives will beg afore he thinks.

Him that spends his gear afore he gets it will hae but little guid o't.

Him that spiers aa gets wit but o pairt.

Him that spiers aa opeenions comes ill speed.

Him that spits against the wind spits in his ain face.

Him that steals a preen micht steal a better thing.

Him that steals can hide.

Him that strikes my dug wad strike mysel if he daured.

Him that stumbles twice at ae stane deserves tae brek his shin bane.

Him that tells his wife aa is but newly mairied.

Him that thinks in his bed haes a day athoot a nicht.

Him that tholes owercomes.

Him that tigs wi a stranger peys the smert.

Him that tigs wi the tyler gets a button in his sleeve.

Him that tines his siller is thocht tae hae tint his wit.

Him that wad aet the kernel maun crack the nut.

Him that wad climb the tree maun tak care o his grip.

Him that wad pou the rose maun sometimes be scarted wi the thorns.

Him that wants content canna sit aesy in his chair.

Him that wants tae strike a dug never wants stick.

Him that wiers black maun wier a brush on his back.

Him that will be angry for onything will be angry for naething.

Him that will tae Cupar maun tae Cupar.

Him that winna be coonselled canna be helped.

Him that winna hear Mither Hood shall hear Stepmither Hood.

Him that winna lout an lift a preen will never be worth a groat.

Him that winna thole maun flit mony a hole.

Him that winna uize the means maun dree the moans.

Him that winna when he can, shanna when he wad.

Him that woos a maiden maun come seldom in her sicht: Him that woos a weedae maun ply her day an nicht.

Him that's angry opens his mooth an steeks his een.

Him that's aucht the cou gangs nearest the tail.

Him that's born tae a plack'll never get a pound.

Him that's born tae be hanged will never be drooned.

Him that's crabbit athoot cause should mease athoot amends.

Him that's far frae his gear is near his skaith.

Him that's first up's no aye first ser'd.

Him that's ill o his herboury is guid at the wey-kennin.

Him that's ill tae hissel will be guid tae naebody.

Him that's manned wi boys an horsed wi cowts will hae his maet etten an his wark ill duin.

Him that's no my freend at a pinch is no my freend at aa.

Him that's puir when he's mairied shall be rich when he's buried.

Him that's rede for windlestraes should never sleep on leas.

Him that's scant o wind shouldna meddle wi the chanter.

Him that's welcome fares weel.

His absence is guid company.

His auld brass will buy her a new pan.

His bark's waur nor his bite.

His corn's aa caff

His e'enin sang an his mornin sang isna baith alike.

His eggs haes aa twa yolks.

His geese is aa swans.

His heid will never fill his faither's bunnet.

His hert's in his hose.

His love haes never been very strang if it turns for a trifle.

His meal's aa daigh.

His purse an his palate is ill met.

His room's better than his company.

His tongue's nae slander.

His wame thinks his wizen's cut.

His wit gat wins an wad hae flown, but pinchin puirtith poud him doun.

Honest men mairy suin, wice men never.

Honesty can be dear bocht, but can never be a ill pennyworth.

Honesty hauds lang the gate.

Honesty's the best policy.

Honours change mainers.

Hooly an fairly gangs far in a day.

Hooly an fairly men ride far journeys.

Hope hauds up the heid.

Hope is sawin while daith is mawin.

Hope weel an hae weel.

Horns an grey hair dinna aye come o years.

Horses is guid o aa hues.

Hotter war suiner paece.

Hout yer dugs an bark yersel.

Humble worth an honest pride gar presumption stand aside.

Hunger is hard in a hale maw.

Hunger me, an I'll harry thee.

Hunger never fails o a guid cook.

Hunger will brek throu stane waas.

Hunger's guid kitchen tae a cauld tattie, but a wet divot tae the lowe o love.

Hunger's guid kitchen.

Hungry dugs is blythe o bursten puddins.

Hungry fowk is suin angry.

Hungry stewards wier mony shuin.

I can scarce believe ye, ye spaek sae fair.

I can see as far into a millstane as him that picked it.

I canna afford ye baith tale an lugs.

I canna baith spin an rin.

I canna sell the cou an sup the milk.

I carena whether the fire gae aboot the roast, or the roast gae aboot the fire, if the maet be ready.

I carena whether the tod worry the goose, or the goose worry the tod.

I could hae duin that mysel, but no sae weel.

I deny that wi baith hands an aa my teeth.

I gied his birn a hitch.

I hae a guid bowe, but it's in the castle.

I hae a Scotch tongue in my heid-if they spaek I'se answer.

I hae baith my maet an my mense.

I hae gien a stick tae brek my ain heid.

I hae gotten a ill kame for my ain hair.

I hae haed better kail in my cog, an never gae them a keytch.

I hae ither fish tae fry.

I hae ither tow on my rock.

I hae lost the support I depended upon.

I hae mair dugs than I hae banes for.

I hae mair tae dae than a dish tae wash.

I hae muckle tae dae, an few tae dae for me.

I hae my back tae the waa: if I dinna slip I'll no faa.

I hae seen as fou a haggis tuimed on the midden.

I hae seen mair snaw on ae dyke, than nou on sieven.

I hae seen mair than I hae etten, else ye wadna be here.

I hae taen the sheaf frae the meir.

I hae the Bible, an there's no a better beuk in aa yer aucht.

I hae tint the staff I herded wi.

I hae twa holes in my heid, an as mony windaes.

I haed but little butter, an that I cuist on the coals.

I haed nae mind that I wis mairied, my bridal wis sae feckless.

I ken a spuin frae a stot's horn.

I ken bi my cog hou the cou's milked.

I ken bi yer hauf-tale what yer hale tale means.

I ken him as weel as if I haed gane throu him wi a lichted candle.

I ken hou the warld wags: he's honoured maist haes moniest bags.

I ken yer meanin bi yer mumpin.

I maun dae as the beggars dae; when my wame's fou, gang awa.

I micht bring a better spaeker frae hame than ye.

I never loed maet that crawed in my crappie.

I never loed watter in my shuin, an my wame's made o better leather.

I never sat on yer coat-tail.

I pricked nae lowse since I darned yer hose, an then I micht hae pricked a thoozand.

I think mair o the sicht than the ferlie.

I think mair o yer kindness than it's aa worth.

I think ye hae taen the grumple-face.

I wad as suin see yer nose cheese an the cat get the first bite o't.

I wad hae something tae leuk at on Sunday.

I wad raither see't than hear tell o't, as blinnd Pate said.

I wad suiner be yer Bible than yer horse.

I wad suiner hear the lark sing than the moose cheep.

I wad suiner my bannock burn than that you should turn't.

I wad suiner see ye flypit, like a French cat.

I wadna be dieved wi yer kecklin for aa yer eggs.

I wadna caa the kin my cousin.

I wadna fodder ye for aa yer muck.

I wadna hae kent ye if A haed met ye in my parritch.

I wat weel hou the warld wags; he's best liked that haes maist bags.

I will add a stane tae his cairn.

I winna mak fish o ane an fleesh o anither.

I wish I haed a string in his lug.

I wish it micht be the first sicht ye'll see.

I wish ye hae as muckle Scotch as tak ye tae yer bed.

I wish ye haed brose tae lay the hair o yer baerd.

I wish ye haed wist what ye said.

I wish ye lamb in yer lair, as mony a guid yowe haes duin.

I wish ye readier maet than a rinnin hare.

I wish ye the guid o't that the dugs get o gress.

I wish ye war able, e'en tho ye didna dae't.

I wish ye war laird o yer wird.

I'll big nae sandy mills wi ye.

I'll dae as the man did when he selt his land.

I'll gar him draw his belt tae his ribs.

I'll gar his ain gairters bind his ain hose.

I'll gar ye blairt wi baith yer een.

I'll gar ye claw whaur it's no yeuky.

I'll gar ye sing Port-yel.

I'll get a better fore-spaeker than you for nocht.

I'll gie ye a bane tae pike that will haud yer teeth gaun.

I'll gie ye a sark fou o sair banes.

I'll gie ye let-a-be for let-a-be, like the bairns o Kelty.

I'll haud the grip I've got.

I'll keep my mind tae mysel, an tell my tale tae the wind.

I'll learn ye tae lick, for suppin's dear.

I'll mak a shift, as Macwhid did wi the preachin.

I'll mak the mantle meet for the man.

I'll naither mak or mar, as the young cock sayed when he saw the auld cock's neck thrawn.

I'll never brew drink tae traet drinkers.

I'll never buy a blinnd bargain, or a pig in a pock.

I'll never dirty the bunnet I'm gaun tae pit on.

I'll never keep a cou when I can get milk sae cheap

I'll never keep a dug an bark mysel.

I'll never lout sae laich an lift sae little.

I'll never pit the rogue abuin the gentleman.

I'll no slip my dug afore the gemme's afit.

I'll no tell a lee for scant o news.

I'll pey ye, an pit naething in yer pootch.

I'll pit daur ahint the door, an dae't.

I'll raither strive wi the lang rigg than the ill neebor.

I'll say naething, but I'll yerk at the thinkin.

I'll see the stars gang withershins first.

I'll sell my lad, qo Livistone; I'll buy't, qo Balmaghie.

I'll serve ye when ye hae laest tae dae.

I'll tak nae mair o yer coonsel than I think fit.

I'll tak the best first, as the priest did o the plooms.

I'll tell the bourd, but no the body.

I'm as auld as yer auncient.

I'm flytin free wi ye.

I'm forejuidged, forefochten, an forejeskit.

I'm naither smaa drink thirsty, nor grey breid hungry.

I'm no every man's dug that whistles on me.

I'm no obliged tae simmer an winter it tae ye.

I'm no sae blinnd as I'm blear-ee'd.

I'm no sae scant o clean pipes as tae blaw wi a brunt cutty.

I'm no that fou, but I'm gayly yet.

I'm ower auld a dug tae learn new tricks.

I'm spaekin o hey an you o horse corn.

Idle dugs worry sheep.

Idle young, needy auld.

If "ifs" an "ans" war kettles an pans there wad be nae uise for tinklers.

If a guid man thrive, aa thrives wi him.

If a lee could hae chokit ye, ye wad hae been deid langsyne.

If a man's gaun doun the brae ilka ane gies him a jundie.

If aa be weel I'll be wyteless.

If aa bowles rowes richt.

If aa things war tae be duin twice, ilka ane wad be wice.

If aa yer hums an haws wis hams an haggises, the pairish needna fear a dairth.

If aathing's true, that's nae lee.

If ae sheep lowp the dyke, aa the rest will follow.

If ane winna, anither will-the morn's the mercat day.

If ane winna, anither will; sae is maidens mairied.

If better war within better wad come oot.

If Candlemas day be dry an fair, the hauf o winter's tae come an mair; if Candlemas day be wet an foul, the hauf o winter's gane at Yule.

If ever ye mak a lucky puddin I'll aet the prick.

If gress dis growe in Janiveer, it'll be the worse for't aa the year.

If he be na a souter, he's a guid shui clouter.

If he binds his pock she'll sit doun on't.

If he gies a deuk he expects a goose.

If I canna dae't bi micht I can dae't wi slicht.

If I canna keep my tongue I can keep my siller.

If I canna kep geese I can kep gaislins.

If I come I maun bring my stool wi me.

If I hae duin amiss, I'll mak amends.

If I haed a dug as daft, I wad shoot him.

If I haed ye at Maggy Mill's hoose, I wad get wird aboot wi ye.

If I live anither year, I'll caa this fernyear

If I'm no kind I'm no cumbersome.

If it be a faut it's nae ferlie.

If it be ill it's as ill rused.

If it can be nae better, it's weel it's nae waur.

If it sair me tae wier, it mey sair ye tae leuk at.

If it warna for hope the hert wad brek.

If it warna for the belly the back wad wier gowd.

If it winna be a guid shui we'll mak a bauchle o't.

If it winna sell it winna soor.

If mairages is made in hieven, you twa haes few freends there.

If onybody spier at ye, say ye dinna ken.

If she wis my wife I wad mak a queen o her.

If strokes be guid tae gie they'll be guid tae tak.

If that God gie the deil daurna rieve.

If the auld wife haedna been in the oven hersel, she never wad hae thocht o leukin for her dochter there.

If the badger leave his hole the tod will creep in.

If the deil be laird, you'll be tenant.

If the deil finnd ye idle, he'll set ye tae wark.

If the deil war deid, fowk wad dae little for God's sake.

If the laird slicht the leddie his menyie will be ready.

If the lift faa the laverocks will be smuired.

If the meir haes a bald face the filly will hae a blaze.

If this be a feast, I hae been at mony.

If we canna preach in the kirk, we can sing mass in the quire.

If we haena the warld's wealth, we hae the warld's aese.

If wishes war horses beggars wad ride, an aa the warld be drooned in pride.

If ye be angry, claw yer wame, an cool in the skin ye het in.

If ye be angry, sit laich an mease ye.

If ye be na galled ye needna fling.

If ye dae nae ill, dinna be ill like: if ye steal na my kail, brekna my dyke.

If ye dinna haud him he'll dae't aa.

If ye dinna like what I gie ye, tak what ye brocht wi ye.

If ye dinna see the bottom, dinna wade.

If ye gang a year wi a cripple, ye'll limp at the end o't.

If ye hae little gear ye hae less care.

If ye haed as little money as ye hae mainers, ye wad be the puirest man o aa yer kin.

If ye haed been anither, I wad hae denied ye the first wird.

If ye haed stuck a knife in my hert it wadna hae bled.

If ye lauch at yer ain sport, the company will lauch at you.

If ye like the nut, crack it.

If ye loe me, let it kythe.

If ye sell yer purse tae yer wife, gie her yer breeks tae the bargain.

If ye spend muckle, pit mair tae the fore.

If ye wad be a merchant fine, beware o auld horses, herrin, an wine.

If ye want yer business weel duin, dae't yersel.

If ye win at that ye'll loss at naething.

If ye'll blaw yer ain whistle, ye maun uphaud the win.

Ilka bean haes its black.

Ilka bird maun hatch her ain egg.

Ilka blade o gress keps it's ain drap o dew.

Ilka corn haes its shool.

Ilka dug haes its day.

Ilka land haes its ain land-law.

Ilka land haes its ain leid.

Ilka man as he likes-I'm for the cook.

Ilka man buckles his belt his ain gate.

Ill bairns is aye best heard at hame.

Ill comes upon waur's back.

Ill daers is aye ill dreiders.

Ill fleesh never made guid broo.

Ill gettin het watter frae 'neith cauld ice.

Ill got gear never prospered.

Ill hearin maks wrang rehearsin.

Ill herds mak fat tods.

Ill layin up maks mony thieves.

Ill peyers is aye guid cravers.

Ill tae tak an eith tae tire.

Ill weeds wax weel.

Ill will never spak weel.

Ill wirkers is aye guid onleukers.

Ill won gear winna enrich the third heir.

Ill won, ill wair'd.

Ill's the gout, an waurs the graivel, but want o wit maks mony a traivel.

Ill-less, guid-less, like the priests' holy watter.

In a frost a nail is worth the horse.

In a thoozand pund o law there's no a unce o love.

In ower muckle claverin truith is tint.

Industry maks a braw man an breks ill fortune.

It can come in a oor what winna gang in sieven year.

It canna be worse that's no worth a tinkler's curse.

It comes tae the hand like the bowle o a pintstoup.

It disna set a sou tae wier a saidle.

It gangs as muckle into my hert as my heel.

It keeps his nose at the grundstane.

It maun e'en be ower shuin ower buits wi me nou.

It micht be that swine can flee, but it's no a ilka day's bird.

It micht be true what some men say; it maun be true what aa men say.

It serves naething tae strive wi cripples.

It sets a haggis tae be roasted.

It sets ye weel tae gab wi yer bunnet on.

It spreeds like muirburn.

It stinks like a brock.

It wad be a hard task tae follow a black dockit sou throu a burnt muir this nicht.

It wad be a peety tae hae spyled twa hooses wi them.

It wad dae a blinnd man guid tae see't.

It war a peety tae pit a foul hand on't.

It war a peety tae refuse ye, ye seek sae little.

It will aye be a dirty dub atween them.

It will baud oot a honest man, but naething'll haud oot a rogue.

It will be a feather in yer cap.

It will be a feather oot o yer win.

It will be a het day gars ye startle.

It will be a ill wab tae bleach.

It will be lang or ye wier tae the knee lids.

It will be the last wird o his testament.

It will come oot yet, like hommel corn.

It will mak a braw shaw in a landward kirk.

It wis but their claes that cast oot.

It wis my luck, my leddy, an I canna get by it.

It wisna for naething that the cat licket the stane.

It's a bare muir that ye gang throu an no get a heather cou.

It's a bauch brewin that's no guid in the newin.

It's a cauld stamach that naething hets on.

It's a far cry tae Lochow.

It's a freend that ruses ye.

It's a guid eneuch warld if it haud.

It's a guid goose that draps aye.

It's a guid maut that comes wi will.

It's a guid puir man's blade; it will bend or it brek.

It's a guid tongue that says nae ill, but a better hert that thinks nane.

It's a guid tree that haes naither knap nor gaw.

It's a guid warld, but it's ill divided.

It's a guid warld, but they're ill that are in't.

It's a guid wid that haes never a withered branch in it

It's a ill bargain whaur nane wins.

It's a ill bird that files its ain nest.

It's a ill cause that the lawyer thinks shame o.

It's a ill fecht whaur him that wins haes the warst o't.

It's a ill kitchen that keeps the breid awa.

It's a ill pack that's no worth the custom.

It's a ill thow that comes frae the north.

It's a ill turn that patience winna owercome.

It's a ill wind that blaws naebody guid.

It's a lamb at the up-takkin, but a auld sheep or ye get it aff.

It's a peety fair weather should ever dae herm.

It's a puir tongue that canna tell its ain name.

It's a puir warld that winna gie a bit an a brat.

It's a rare thing for siller tae lack a maister.

It's a sair dung bairn that meyna greet.

It's a sair field whaur aa's dung doun.

It's a sair time when the moose leuks oot o the meal barrel wi a teir in its ee.

It's a sairy collop that's taen aff a chicken.

It's a sairy flock whaur the ewie bears the bell.

It's a sairy moose that haes but ae hole.

It's a shame tae aet the cou an worry on the tail.

It's a silly hen that canna scrape for ae bird.

It's a sin tae lee on the deil.

It's a smaa shiel that gies nae shelter.

It's a soor reek when the guidwife dings the guidman.

It's a staunch hoose that there's never a drap in.

It's a suith dream that's seen wakin.

It's a thrawn-faced wean that's gotten against the faither's will.

It's aa oots an ins, like Willie Wid's wife's wame.

It's aa tint that's duin tae auld fowk an bairns.

It's aesier tae big lums than keep them reekin.

It's aesier tae forgie than tae forget.

It's as plain as a pikestaff.

It's as true as Biglam's cat crew, an the cock rock'd the cradle.

It's best traivellin wi a horse in yer hand.

It's better shelterin ablo a auld hedge than ablo a new planted wid.

It's better tae drag suin than draw late.

It's better tae sup wi a cutty than want a spuin.

It's bi the mooth o the cou that the milk comes.

It's but a year suiner tae the beggin.

It's but kindly that the pock savour o the herrin.

It's dear coft honey that's licked aff a thorn.

It's drink will ye, but no drink shall ye.

It's dry tale that disna end in a drink.

It's far tae seek an ill tae finnd.

It's folly tae live puir tae dee rich.

It's gane the thing I loed ye for.

It's God that feeds the craws, that naither tills, harrows, nor saws.

It's growin tae the grund, like a stirk's tail.

It's guid fechtin ablo a buckler.

It's guid fish when it's gripped.

It's guid fishin in drumly watters.

It's guid gear that pleases the merchant.

It's guid gemme that fills the wame.

It's guid sleepin in a hale skin.

It's guid tae be in yer time; ye kenna hou lang it'll lest.

It's guid tae be oot o herm's gate.

It's guid tae be sib tae siller.

It's guid tae begin weel, but better tae end weel.

It's guid tae hae freends baith in hieven an in hell.

It's guid tae hae yer cog oot when it rains kail.

It's guid tae nip the briar in the bud.

It's hard baith tae hae an want.

It's hard for a auld meir tae leave aff flingin.

It's hard for a greedy ee tae hae a leal hert.

It's hard tae be puir an leal.

It's hard tae keep flax frae the lowe.

It's hard tae sit in Rome an strive wi the pope.

It's ill ale that's soor when it's new.

It's ill baith tae pey an tae pray.

It's ill bringin but what's no ben.

It's ill hirplin afore cripples.

It's ill meddlin atween the bark an the rind.

It's ill praisin green barley.

It's ill spaekin atween a fou man an a fastin.

It's ill takkin corn frae geese.

It's ill tae be caad a thief, an aye fund pickin.

It's ill tae mak a unlawfu aith, but waur tae keep it.

It's ill tae pit a blythe face on a black hert.

It's ill tae quarrel wi a misrid warld.

It's ill tae say it's wrang when my lord says it's richt.

It's ill tae tak the breeks aff a Hielandman.

It's ill waur'd that wasters wants.

It's kittle for the cheeks when the hurlbarrow gaes ower the brig o the nose.

It's kittle shootin at corbies an clergy.

It's kittle tae wauken sleepin dugs.

It's lang or fower bare legs gethers heat in a bed.

It's lang or Like-tae-dee fills the kirkyaird.

It's lang or the deil dees at the dyke side.

It's lang or ye need cry "Schew!" tae a egg.

It's lang or ye saidle a foal.

It's lang tae Lammas.

It's like Truffy's coortship, short but pithy.

It's little o God's micht that maks a puir man a knicht.

It's muckle gars tylers lauch, but souters girn aye.

It's nae lauchin tae girn in a weedae.

It's nae main ferlie tae see a wumman greet than tae see a goose gang barefit.

It's nae play when ane lauchs an anither greets.

It's nae shift tae want.

It's nae sin tae tak a guid price, but in giein ill measure.

It's nae wonder wasters wants an lathrons lags ahint.

It's naither a far road nor a foul gate.

It's naither here nor there, nor yet ayont the watter.

It's naither rhyme nor raeson.

It's needless pourin watter on a drooned moose.

It's no "What is she?" but "What haes she?"

It's no aesy tae straucht in the aik the crook that grew in the saplin.

It's no aye guid in the maw what's sweet in the mooth.

It's no for nocht that the gled whistles.

It's no lost what a freend gets.

It's no safe wadin in unco watters.

It's no the burden, but the owerburden, that kills the baest.

It's no the coul that maks the friar.

It's no the gear tae traike.

It's no the rumblin cairt that faas first ower the brae.

It's no tint that comes at last.

It's no what we hae, but what we dae wi what we hae, that coonts in hieven.

It's ower far atween the kitchen an the haa.

It's ower late tae lout when the heid's got a clout.

It's ower late tae spare when the back's bare.

It's ower weel hoardit that canna be fund.

It's past jokin when the heid's aff.

It's sair tae haud drink frae drouth.

It's stinkin praise comes oot o a body's ain mooth.

It's the barley pickle breks the naig's back.

It's the best feather in yer win.

It's the best spak in yer wheel.

It's the laird's commands, an the loun maun lowp.

It's the life o a auld hat tae be weel cocket.

It's the wanton steed that scaurs at the windlestrae.

It's the waur o the wier.

It's time eneuch tae mak my bed when I'm gaun tae lie doun.

It's time eneuch tae skriech when ye're strucken.

It's waek in the wow, like Barr's cat.

It's weel that oor fauts is no written in oor face.

It's weel won that's aff the wame.

Ither fowk is weel faured, but ye're no sae vera.

Its guid bakin aside the meal.

Its guid tae dreid the warst, the best will be the welcomer.

Jeddart juistice-first hang a man syne try him.

Jock's a mislear'd imp, but ye're a rin deil.

Joke at leisure; ye kenna wha micht jibe yersel.

Jouk, an let the jaw gang by.

Juist eneuch an nae mair, like Janet Howie's shearer's maet.

Juist, faither, juist; three hauf-crouns mak five shillins; gie me the money an I'll pey the man.

Kail hains breid.

Kame sindle, kame sair.

Kamesters is aye creeshy.

Katie Sweerock, frae whaur she sat, cried, "Riek me this, an riek me that."

Keek in the stoup wis never a guid fellow.

Keep a calm souch.

Keep a thing sieven year, an ye'll finnd a uise for't.

Keep aff an gie fair wirds.

Keep guid company, an ye'll be coonted ane o them.

Keep hame, an hame will keep you.

Keep oot o his company that cracks o his cheatery.

Keep something for a sair fit.

Keep the feast till the feast day.

Keep the heid an feet warm, an the rest will tak nae herm.

Keep the staff in yer ain hand.

Keep woo, an it will be dirt; keep lint, an it will be silk.

Keep yer ain cairt-grease for yer ain cairt-wheels.

Keep yer ain fish-guts tae yer ain sea-maws.

Keep yer braith tae cool yer parritch.

Keep yer gab steekit when ye kenna yer company.

Keep yer kiln-dried taunts for yer mowdy haired maidens.

Keep yer mocks till ye're mairied.

Keep yer mooth shut an yer een open.

Keep yer tongue a prisoner, an yer body will gang free.

Keep yer tongue within yer teeth.

Ken when tae spend an when tae spare, an ye needna be busy, an ye'll never be bare.

Ken yersel, an yer neebor winna misken ye.

Kent fowk's nae company.

Kindle a candle at baith ends, an it'll suin be duin.

Kindness comes o will; it canna be coft.

Kindness is like cress-seed, it growes fast.

Kindness will creep whaur it canna gang.

Kings an bears aft worries their keepers.

Kings cauff's worth ither fowk's corn.

Kings cheese gaes hauf awa in parins.

Kings haes lang hands.

Kings is kittle cattle tae shui ahint.

Kiss a sklate stane, an that winna slaver ye.

Kiss an be kind, the fiddler is blinnd.

Kiss my fit, there's mair fleesh on't.

Kiss ye me till I be white, an that will be a ill web tae bleach.

Kissin gaes bi favour.

Kissin is cried doun since the shakin o hands.

Knock a carle, an ding a carle, an that's the wey tae win a carle; kiss a carle, an clap a carle, an that's the wey tae tine a carle.

Kythe in yer ain colours, that fowk'll ken ye.

Lackin breeds laziness, but praise breeds pith.

Lads will be men.

Laith tae bed, laith oot o't.

Laith tae drink, laith frae't.

Lang an smaa, guid for naething ava.

Lang fastin gethers wind.

Lang fastin hams nae maet.

Lang leal, lang puir.

Lang lean maks hamald cattle.

Lang leuked for come at last.

Lang mint, little dint.

Lang noses is aye takkin till them.

Lang or ye cut Falkland wid wi a penknife.

Lang or ye saidle a foal.

Lang seek, suin weel.

Lang sport turns aft tae aernest.

Lang standin an little offerin maks a puir priest.

Lang tarryin taks aa the thanks awa.

Lang-tongued wifes gang lang wi bairn.

Langest at the fire suinest finnds cauld

Lasses an glesses is bruckle ware.

Lassies is like lamb-legs: they'll naither saut nor keep.

Lassies nou-a-days ort nae God's creaturs.

Last tae bed, best heard.

Lauch an lay't doun again.

Lauch at leisure, ye micht greet or nicht.

Lauch at yer ain tuim pootches.

Law licks up aa.

Law's a deidly distemper amang freends.

Law's costly: tak a pint an gree.

Law-makars shouldna be law-brekkers.

Lay a thing by an it'll come o uise.

Lay the heid o the sou tae the tail o the grice.

Lay the sweet side o yer tongue till't.

Lay up like a laird, an seek like a lad.

Lay yer wame tae yer winnin.

Laziness is muckle worth, when it's weel guided.

Lazy youth maks lousy age.

Leal fowk never wanted gear

Leal hert leed never.

Lean on the brose ye got in the mornin.

Leap year wis never a guid sheep year.

Learn the cat the road tae the kirn, an she'll aye be lickin.

Learn ye a ill habit an ye'll caa't a custom.

Learn yer guidwife tae mak milk kail.

Learn young, learn fair; learn auld, learn mair.

Least sayed suinest mended.

Leave a jest when it pleases ye best.

Leave aff while the play's guid.

Leave the coort or the coort leave you.

Leave welcome aye ahint ye.

Lee for him an he'll swier for you.

Leears should hae guid memories.

Leein rides on debt's back.

Lend yer money an loss yer freend.

Let a horse drink what he will, but no when he will.

Let ae deil ding anither.

Let alane maks mony a loun.

Let aye the belled wether brek the snaw.

Let by-ganes be by-ganes.

Let fowk bode weel, an dae their best.

Let him cool in the skin he het in.

Let him drink as he haes brewen.

Let him haud the bairn that's aucht the bairn.

Let him ride his ain horse wi his ain haudin.

Let him tak a spring on his ain fiddle.

Let him tak his fling, an he'll finnd oot his ain wecht.

Let him that peys the lawin chuize the lodgin.

Let him that's cauld blaw the ingle.

Let his ain wand ding him.

Let ilka ane roose the ford as they finnd it.

Let ilka ane soop afore their ain door.

Let ilka cock fecht his ain battle.

Let ilka herrin hing bi its ain heid.

Let ilka man soop the ice wi his ain besom.

Let ilka sheep hang bi its ain shank.

Let ilka tub stand on its ain bottom.

Let na the ploo stand tae kill a moose.

Let never sorrow come sae near yer hert.

Let never yer gear owergang ye.

Let sleepin dugs lie.

Let that flee stick tae the waa.

Let the eird bear the dyke.

Let the horns gang wi the hide.

Let the kirk stand in the kirkyaird.

Let the morn come an the maet wi't.

Let the muckle horse get the muckle windlin.

Let the tail follow the skin.

Let the tow gang wi the bucket.

Let them care that come ahint.

Let yer maet dit yer mooth.

Let-a-be for let-a-be.

Leuk afore ye lowp, ye'll ken better hou tae licht.

Licht burdens breks nae banes.

Licht lades maks willin horses.

Licht maidens maks langin lads.

Licht suppers maks lang days.

Lichtly come, lichtly gang.

Lichtsome sangs maks merry gate.

Lick an lay doun.

Lick yer luif an lay't in mine, dry leather jigs aye.

Lie in yer bed an lippen tae that.

Life's life ony gate.

Like a sou playin on a trump

Like Bauldy's weddin, there's nae maet but muckle mirth.

Like bluid, like guid, like age, mak the happy mairage.

Like butter in the black dug's hause.

Like Cranshaws kirk-there's as mony dugs as fowk, an naither room for reel nor rock.

Like draws aye tae like, like a auld horse tae a fell dyke.

Like hens, ye rin aye tae the heap.

Like Hilton kirk, baith narrow an mirk, an can only haud its ain pairish fowk.

Like Laminton's meir, ye brek brawly aff, but stifle set up.

Like maister, like man; like priest, like offerin.

Like Moses' breeks, naither shape, form, nor fashion.

Like Orkney butter, naither guid tae aet nor creesh woo.

Like Paddy's gaist, twa steps ahint.

Like the bairns o Fawkirk, they'll end or they mend.

Like the cat, fain fish wad ye aet, but ye are laith tae weet yer feet.

Like the couts o Bearbughty, ye're couts till yer best's by.

Like the cur in the crub, he'll naither dae nor let dae.

Like the dam o Devon, lang gethered an suin gane.

Like the fiddler o Chirnside's brekfast, it's aa pennyworth's thegither.

Like the guidman o Kilpalet, ye're ower simple for this warld, an hae nae broo o the next.

Like the laird o Castlemilk's foals-born beauties.

Like the lassies o Bayordie, ye learn bi the lug.

Like the man o Ampenly's cou, she's come hame routin, but no very fou, wi the tow aboot her horns.

Like the man wi the sair guts-nae gettin quat o't.

Like the smith's dug, sleep at the soond o the hammer, an wauk at the crunchin o teeth.

Like the tod's whalps, aye the aulder the waur.

Like the wabster, stealin throu the warld.

Like the wife that never cries for the ladle till the pat rins ower.

Like the wife wi the mony dochters, the best's aye hindmaist.

Like the wife's tongue, aften better meant than timed.

Like the witches o Auchencraw, ye get mair for yer ill than yer guid.

Like tae like.

Like watter tae leather-the langer the teucher.

Like's a ill mark amang ither fowk's sheep.

Liked gear is hauf-bocht.

Likely lies in the mire, an unlikely gets ower.

Lippen tae me, but leuk tae yersel.

Lips gae, laps gae, drink an pey.

List tae maet's guid kitchen.

Listen at a hole, an ye'll hear news o yersel.

Little an aften fills the purse.

Little can a auld horse dae if he mauna nicher.

Little can a lang tongue layne.

Little daes the puir guid, an as little get they.

Little dugs haes lang tails.

Little fowk is suin angry.

Little gear, little care.

Little Jock gets the little dish, an that hauds him lang little.

Little kens the auld wife, as she sits bi the fire, what the wind is daein on Hurley-Burley-Swire.

Little kent, the less cared for.

Little meddlin maks fair pairtin.

Little mense o the checks tae bite aff the nose.

Little odds atween a feast an a fou wame.

Little sayed is suin mended, little gear is suin spended.

Little tae fear when traitors is true.

Little troubles the ee, but less the sowel.

Little wats the ill-willy wife what a denner micht haud in.

Little winnin maks a licht purse.

Little wit in the heid maks muckle traivel tae the feet.

Little wit in the pow that lichts the candle at the lowe.

Little's the licht will be seen far in a mirk nicht.

Live in measure, an lauch at the mediciners.

Live upon love, as laverocks dae on leeks.

Livin at heck an manger

Lock yer door, that ye mey keep yer neebors honest.

Loe me little an loe me lang.

Lood coos the dou when the hawk's no whistlin; lood cheeps the moose when the cat's no rustlin.

Lood in the loan wis never a guid milk cou.

Love an jealousy is sindle sindry.

Love an lairdship's like nae marrows.

Love an licht winna hide.

Love haes nae lack, be the dame ever sae black.

Love haes nae law.

Love is as warm amang cottars as coortiers.

Love ower het suin cools.

Love yer freend an leuk tae yersel.

Maet an mass never hindered wark.

Maet an measure mak aa men wice

Maet feeds, claith cleeds, but breedin maks the man.

Maet is guid, but mense is better.

Maidens should be mild an meek, quick tae hear, an slaw tae spaek.

Maidens should be mim till they're mairied, an then they can burn kirks.

Maidens wants naething but a man, an then they want aathing.

Maidens' tochers an ministers' stipends is aye less than caad.

Mair bi luck than guid guidin.

Mair hamely than welcome.

Mair nice than wice.

Mair pride than pith.

Mair than eneuch is ower muckle.

Mair than the deil wier a black manteel.

Mairage an hangin gae bi destiny.

Mairage wad tame the sea, if a match could be got for her.

Mairch comes like a lion an gangs like a lamb.

Mairch comes wi adders' heids an gangs wi peacocks' tails.

Mairch dust an Mairch win, bleaches as weel as simmer's sun.

Mairch dust an Mey sun maks corn white an maidens dun.

Mairch watter an Mey sun maks claes claer an maidens dun.

Mairch watter's worth Mey soap.

Mairch whisquer wis never a guid fisher.

Mairied fowk is like rats in a trap-fain tae get ithers in, but fain tae be oot theirsels.

Mairy abuin yer match, an get a maister.

Mairy for love, an wirk for siller.

Mairy in haste, an repent at leisure.

Mairy yer son when ye will, but yer dochter when ye can.

Maister's will is guid wark.

Maistry maws the meedows doun.

Mak a kiln o't, an creep in at the logie.

Mak a kirk or a mill o't.

Mak ae pair o legs worth twa pair o hands

Mak ae wrang step an doun ye gae.

Mak freends o fremit fowk.

Mak hey while the sun shines.

Mak nae bauks in guid bear-land.

Mak nae orts o guid hey.

Mak nae tuim ruse.

Mak the best o a bad bargain

Mak yer wife a gowdspink, an she'll turn a watter-wagtail.

Malice is aye mindfu.

Man proposes, God disposes.

Man's twal is no sae guid as the deil's dizzen.

Maun-dae is a fell fallow.

Mealy mou'd maidens stand lang at the mill.

Measure twice, cut but ance.

Men spaek o the fair as things went there.

Men's no tae be mete bi inches.

Mettle's kittle in a blinnd meir.

Mey birds is aye cheepin.

Mey him that turns the clod never want a bannock.

Mey-be's flee na at this time o the year.

Mey-be's is no aye honey bees.

Mibbie yer pat micht need my clips.

Mibbie's a big beuk.

Michaelmas muin rises nine nichts alike suin.

Mills an wifes is aye wantin.

Mind me tae aa that asks for me, but blad me in naebody's teeth.

Mind thysel, the warld will mind the lave.

Mint afore ye strike.

Mintin gets nae bairns.

Mischief's mither's but like midge's win.

Mist in Mey an heat in June mak the hervest richt suin.

Mistenfu fowk mauna be mensefu.

Mister maks a man o craft.

Mistress afore fowk, guidwife ahint backs; whaur lies the dishclout?

Mockin's catchin.

Money maks a man free ilka where.

Money maks an money mars.

Money maks the meir tae gae whether she haes legs or no.

Money's aye welcome, war it even in a dirty clout.

Money's better than my lord's letter.

Money's like the muck midden, it daes nae guid till it be spreed.

Mony a dug haes dee'd sin ye war whelped.

Mony a dug will dee or ye faa heir.

Mony a frost an mony a thowe, suin maks mony a rotten yowe.

Mony a guid tale is spyled in the tellin.

Mony a honest man needs help that haesna the face tae seek it.

Mony a true tale's tauld in jest.

Mony ane for land taks a fuil bi the hand.

Mony ane kens the guid fellow that disna ken the guid fellow's wife.

Mony ane kisses the bairn for love o the nurse.

Mony ane lacks what they wad fain hae in their pack.

Mony ane maks a errand tae the haa tae bid my leddy guid day.

Mony ane ser's a thankless maister.

Mony ane spaeks o Robin Hood that never shot wi his bowe.

Mony ane tines the hauf-merle whiner for the ha'penny whang.

Mony ane wad blush tae hear what he wadna blush tae dae.

Mony ane wad hae been waur haed their estates been better.

Mony ane's coat saves their dooblet.

Mony ane's gear is mony ane's daith.

Mony aunts, mony emes, mony kin, but few freends.

Mony care for meal that hae baked breid eneuch.

Mony cooks never made guid kail.

Mony fair promises at the mairage-makkin, but few at the tocher-peyin.

Mony guid-nichts is laith awa.

Mony hands maks licht wark.

Mony hawes, mony snaws.

Mony hoonds can suin worry ae bane.

Mony kinsfowk but few freends.

Mony littles maks a muckle.

Mony purses hauds freends lang thegither.

Mony rains, mony rowans; mony rowans, mony yewns.

Mony say "weel" when it never wis waur.

Mony time I hae got a wipe wi a towel, but never a daub wi a dishclout afore.

Mony weys tae kill a dug tho ye dinna hang him.

Mony wirds dinna fill the firlot.

Mony wirds, muckle drouth.

Mony wyte their wife for their ain thriftless life.

Mony'll sup wi little din, that wadna gree at muilin in.

Mooths is nae measure.

Mows can come tae aernest.

Moyen daes muckle, but money daes mair.

Muck an money gae thegither.

Muckle corn, muckle care.

Muckle fails that fuils thinks.

Muckle gifts maks beggars bauld.

Muckle guid micht it dae ye, an merry gae doun, every lump as big as my thoum.

Muckle heid, little wit.

Muckle maet, mony maladies.

Muckle maun a guid hert thole.

Muckle mou'd fowk is happy at their maet.

Muckle musin mars the memory.

Muckle plaisure, some pain.

Muckle pouer maks mony faes.

Muckle skaith comes tae the shui afore the heat comes tae the tae.

Muckle spoken, pairt spilt.

Muckle wad aye hae mair.

Muckle watter rins by that the miller watsna o.

Muckle wi thrift can aye be mair.

Muckledom is nae virtue.

Muckleness haes nae mair, or else a cou could catch a hare.

Muckleness is no manliness.

My mercat's made, ye can lick a whup-shaft.

My neebor's skaith's my ain peril.

My son's my son till he's got him a wife; my dochter's my dochter aa the days o her life.

My tongue's no ablo yer belt.

Nae butter will stick tae my breid.

Nae carrion will kill a craw.

Nae cous, nae care.

Nae curb will tame love.

Nae equal tae ye but oor dug Sorkie, an he's deid, sae ye're marrowless.

Nae faut that the cat haes a clean band, she sets a bunnet sae weel.

Nae faut; but she sets her bunnet ower weel.

Nae fleein athoot wins.

Nae fleein frae fate.

Nae freend like the penny

Nae fuils like auld anes.

Nae gain athoot pain.

Nae great loss but there's some smaa 'vantage.

Nae man can baith sup an blaw at ance.

Nae man can live langer in paece than his neebors likes.

Nae man can mak his ain hap.

Nae man can seek his marrow in the kirn sae weel as him that haes been in't hissel.

Nae man can thrive unless his wife will let him.

Nae man haes a tack o his life.

Nae man is wice at aa times, nor on aa things.

Nae mills nae meal.

Nae penny, nae paternoster.

Nae plea is the best plea.

Nae rule sae guid as rule o thoum-if it hit.

Nae service, nae siller.

Nae suiner up than her heid's in the aumrie.

Nae swat, nae sweet.

Nae weather's ill an the wind be still.

Nae wonder ye're auld like, ilka thing fashes ye.

Naebody daur say Straa tae him.

Naebody is rivin yer claes tae get ye.

Naething but fill an fetch mair.

Naething comes fairer tae licht than what haes been lang hidden.

Naething comes oot o a close hand.

Naething freer than a gift.

Naething is got athoot pains but a ill name an lang nails.

Naething is ill sayed if it's no ill taen.

Naething is ill tae be duin when will's at hame.

Naething like bein stark deid.

Naething sae bauld as a blinnd mear.

Naething sae crouse as a new washed lowse.

Naething suiner maks a man auld-like than sittin ill tae his maet.

Naething tae be duin in haste but grippin flees.

Naething tae dae but draw in yer stool an sit doun.

Naething venture, naething win.

Naething's a bare man.

Naething's a man's truly but what he comes bi duly.

Naither fish, fleesh, fowl, nor guid reid herrin.

Naither sae sinfu as tae sink nor sae holy as tae soom.

Nane but fuils an knaves lays wagers.

Nane can mak a bore but ye'll finnd a peen for't

Nane can play the fuil sae weel as a wice man.

Nane can tell what's in the shaup till it's shelt.

Nane kens whaur a blister will licht.

Nane's sae weel but they hope tae be better.

Narrow gethered, widely spent.

Natur passes nurture.

Near the kirk, but far frae grace.

Near's my kirtle, but nearer's my sark.

Near's my sark, but nearer's my skin.

Nearer e'en the mair beggars.

Nearer God's blessin than Carlisle fair.

Nearer the bane, sweeter the fleesh.

Nearer the rock, the sweeter the gress.

Nearest the hert, nearest the mou.

Nearest the kin, nearest the weedae.

Necessity haes nae law.

Necessity's the mither o invention.

Neck or naething, the kin loes nae cripples.

Need gars naked men run, an sorrow gars wabsters spin.

Need gars the auld wife trot.

Need maks a man o craft.

Need maks greed.

Need maks the naked quean spin.

Never brek oot o kind tae gar yer freends ferlie at ye.

Never coont the lawin wi a tuim quaich.

Never dae ill that guid micht come o't.

Never draw yer dirk when a dunt will dae.

Never fash yer baerd

Never fash yer thoum.

Never finnd faut wi my shuin, unless ye pey my souter.

Never gang tae the deil wi the dishclout on yer heid.

Never gie me my daith in a tuim dish.

Never guid, egg nor bird

Never kiss a man's wife, or dicht his knife, for he'll dae baith efter ye.

Never let on, but lauch in yer sleeve.

Never let the nose blush for the sins o the mooth.

Never let yer feet rin faster than yer shuin.

Never lippen ower muckle tae a new freend or a auld enemy.

Never mairy a penniless maiden that's prood o her pedigree.

Never mairy a weedae unless her first man wis hanged.

Never miscaa a Gordon in the raws o Straabogie.

Never ower auld tae learn.

Never pit a sword in a widman's hand.

Never pit the ploo afore the owsen.

Never pit yer airm oot farther than ye can draw it aesy back again.

Never quit certainty for hope.

Never rax abuin yer reach.

Never say "Ill fallow" tae him ye deal wi.

Never say gae, but gang.

Never shaw me the maet, but the man.

Never shaw yer teeth unless ye can bite.

Never spaek ill o the deil.

Never spaek ill o them whase breid ye aet.

Never spend guid siller leukin for bad.

Never strive against the stream.

Never tak a forehammer tae brek a egg.

Never tell yer fae when yer fit sleeps.

Never thraw the bridle o yer horse ower a fuil's airm.

Never uize the taws when a gloom will dae.

Never waur happen ye than yer ain prayer.

Never wis a wife weel pleased comin frae the mill but ane, an she brak her neck bane.

Never's a lang wird.

New lairds maks new laws.

Next tae nae wife, a guid ane's best.

Nineteen na-says o a maiden is hauf a grant.

Nippin an scartin's Scotch fowk's wooin.

Nou's nou, an Yule's in winter.

Nou-a-days truith's news.

O aa fish in the sea, herrin is king.

O aa ills, nane's best.

O aa little tak a little; when there's nocht tak aa.

O aa maet in the warld the drink gaes best doun.

O aa sorrow, a fou sorrow's the best.

O aa the months o the year curse a fair Februar.

O ae ill come mony.

O bairns' gifts never be fain; nae suiner they gie than they tak it again.

O guid advisement comes nae ill.

O ill debtors men get aiths.

O little meddlin comes muckle care.

O the mairages in Mey, the bairns dee o decay.

O twa ills chuize the least.

Oh for a drap o gentle bluid, that I micht wier black abuin my brou.

On paintin an fechtin leuk abeich.

On the sea sail, on the land settle.

Onything for ye aboot a honest man's hoose but a day's wark.

Oor ain reek's better than ither fowk's fire.

Oor sins an debts is aften mair than we think.

Oor souens is ill soored, ill seiled, ill sauted, ill sodden, thin, an little o them. Ye can stey aa nicht, but ye can gang hame if ye like. It's weel kent yer faither's son wis never a scambler.

Oot o Davy Lindsay into Wallace.

Oot o debt, oot o danger.

Oot o God's blessin into the warm sun.

Oot o the peat pot into the gutter.

Oot o the warld an into Kippen.

Open confession is guid for the sowel.

Oppression will mak a wice man wud.

Ower braw a purse tae pit a plack in.

Ower hiech, ower laich, ower het, ower cauld.

Ower holy wis hanged, but ruch an sonsy wan awa.

Ower mony airns in the fire, some maun cool.

Ower mony cooks spyles the broth.

Ower mony grieves hinder the wark.

Ower muckle cookery spyles the brochan.

Ower muckle hameliness spyles guid coortesy.

Ower muckle lowse leather aboot yer chafts.

Ower muckle o ae thing is guid for naething.

Ower narrow coontin culyes nae kindness.

Ower reckless micht repent.

Ower siccar, ower lowse.

Ower strang maet for yer waek stamack.

Ower suin is aesy mended

Patch an lang sit, build an suin flit.

Paterson's meir aye gaes foremaist.

Penny wice an pound fuilish.

Penny-wheep's guid eneuch for muslin-kail.

Pennyless sowels maun pine in purgatory.

Peter's in, Paul's oot.

Pey him in his ain coin.

Pey-aforehand's never weel ser'd.

Pigs micht whistle, but they hae a ill mooth for't

Pint stoups haes lang lugs.

Pit a couard tae his mettle, an he'll fecht the deil.

Pit anither man's bairn in yer bosom, an he'll creep oot at yer sleeve.

Pit nae force against the flail.

Pit on yer spurs an be at yer speed.

Pit the man tae the mear that can manage the mear.

Pit the saidle on the richt horse.

Pit twa pennies in a purse, an they'll creep thegither.

Pit yer finger in the fire, an say it wis yer fortune.

Pit yer hand in the creel, tak oot a adder or a eel.

Pit yer hand nae farther oot than yer sleeve will reach.

Pit yer hand twice tae yer bunnet for ance tae yer pootch.

Pit yer shanks in yer thanks an mak guid gramashes o them.

Pit yer thoum upon that.

Pith's guid at aa play but threidin o needles.

Plack aboot's fair play.

Placks an bawbees growes pounds.

Plaister thick an some will stick.

Play carle wi me again if ye daur.

Play's guid while it's play.

Pleadin at the law is like fechtin throu a whin bush-the harder the blaws the sairer the scarts.

Please yer kimmer, an ye'll aesy guide yer gossip.

Please yersel an ye'll no dee o the pet.

Plenty is nae plague.

Plenty maks denty.

Poets an painters haes liberty tae loe.

Poets an painters is aye puir.

Possession's worth a ill chairter.

Poverty's a bad back freend.

Praise athoot profit pits little in the pat.

Prayer an practice is guid rhyme.

Pretty man, I maun say; tak a peat an sit doun.

Pride an grace never dwell in ae place.

Pride an sweer'dness needs muckle uphaudin.

Pride finnds nae cauld.

Pride never leaves its maister till he get a faa.

Pride prinks her brou for the deil tae pouse.

Pride that dines wi vanity sups wi contempt.

Pride will hae a faa.

Pride's a ill horse tae ride.

Provision in saeson maks a bien hoose.

Prudence should be winnin when thrift is spinnin.

Puddins an paramours should be hetly handled.

Puir fowk is fain o little.

Puir fowk maun fit their wame tae their winnin.

Puir fowk seek maet for their stamacks, an rich fowk stamacks for their maet.

Puir fowk's freends suin misken them.

Puirtith pairts guid company.

Puirtith taks awa pith.

Puirtith wi patience is less painfu.

Puirtith's better than pride.

Puirtith's pain, but nae disgrace.

Quality athoot quantity is little thocht o.

Quey calves is dear veal.

Quick at maet, quick at wark.

Quick returns mak rich merchants.

Quick, for ye'll never be cleanly.

Quietness is best

Rab Gibb's contract,-stark love an kindness.

Raggit fowk an bonny fowk is aye taen haud o.

Raise nae mair deils than ye are able tae lay.

Raither spyle yer joke than tine yer freend.

Raw dads mak fat lads.

Raw leather raxes wee1.

Reckless youth maks ruefu eild.

Reckon up yer winnin at yer bed-stock.

Refer my coat an loss a sleeve.

Reid brackens brings milk an butter.

Reid wid maks guid spindles.

Remember, man, an keep in mind, a faithfu freend is hard tae finnd.

Remove a auld tree an it'll wither.

Rich fowk haes rowth o freends.

Rich fowk's wit rives puir fowk's jaws.

Rich mixtur maks guid mortar.

Riches is got wi pain, kept wi care, an tint wi grief.

Richt wrangs nae man.

Richt, Roger, sou's guid mutton.

Ride fair an jaup nane.

Rievers shouldna be ruers.

Ripe fruit is suinest rotten.

Robin, that herds on the hicht, can be blithe as Sir Robert the Knicht.

Rome wisna built in a day.

Rot him awa wi ham an eggs.

Rowan-tree an reid threid maks the witches tine their speed.

Royt lads can mak sober men.

Rue an thyme growe baith in ae garden.

Rule youth weel, for eild will rule itsel.

Ruse the fair day at e'en.

Ruse the ford as ye finnd it.

Rusted wi eild, a wee piece gate seems lang.

Ryce when the day daws, bed when the nicht faas.

Sae mony men, sae mony minds.

Sair cravers is ill-peyers.

Sair wark an puirtith downa weel be jined.

Sairs shouldna be sair handled.

Sairy be yer meal-pock, an aye yer nieve in the neuk o't.

Save yersel frae the deil an the laird's bairns.

Saw thing, shear thing.

Saw wheat in dirt an rye in dust.

Saw ye that an shotna at it, an ye sae gleg a gunner.

Say aye "Na," an ye'll never be mairied.

Say weel an dae weel, end wi ae letter: say weel is guid, but dae weel is better.

Say what ye will, a ill mind will turn't tae ill.

Sayin gangs cheap.

Scant-o-grace hears lang preachins.

Scanty cheeks maks a lang nose.

Scart-the-cog wad sup mair.

Scorn comes wi skaith

Scorn na the bush ye get bield frae.

Scornfu dugs aet dirty puddins.

Scotsmen aye reckons frae a ill oor.

Scotsmen aye taks their mark frae a mischief.

See for love an buy for siller.

Seein's believin aa the warld ower.

Seek muckle, an get something; seek little, an get naething.

Seek till ye finnd, an ye'll never loss yer labour.

Seek yer sa' whaur ye got yer ail, an beg yer barm whaur ye buy yer ale.

Sel, sel, haes hauf-filled hell.

Sel-praise comes aye stinkin ben.

Sel-praise is nae honour.

Seldom ride tines his spurs.

Seldom seen, suin forgotten.

Send a fuil tae France, an a fuil he'll come back.

Send ye tae the sea, an ye'll no get saut watter.

Send yer gentle bluid tae the mercat, an see what it will buy.

Send yer son tae Ayr: if he dae weel here, he'll dae weel there.

Ser' yersel till yer bairns come o age.

Ser' yersel, an yer freends will think the mair o ye.

Set a beggar on horseback, he'll ride tae the deil.

Set a stoot hert tae a stey brae.

Set a thief tae grip a thief.

Set him up an shute him forward.

Set that doun on the backside o yer coont-beuk.

Set yer fit upon that, an it winna lowp in yer face.

Shallow watters mak maist din.

Shame faa the dug that, when he hunted ye, didna gar ye rin faster.

Shame faa them that think shame tae dae theirsels a guid turn.

Shame's past the shed o yer hair.

Shaw me the man an I'll shaw ye the law.

She brak her elbow at the kirk door.

She frisks aboot like a cat's tail in the sun

She haes a ill paut wi her hind fit.

She haes gien them green stockins.

She hauds up her gab like a aumos dish.

She hauds up her heid like a hen drinkin watter.

She leukit at the muin, but lichtit in the midden.

She leuks like a leddy in a landward kirk.

She leuks like butter wadna melt in her mou.

She that faas ower a strae's a tentless taupie.

She that gangs tae the well wi a ill will, aither the pig breks or the watter will spill.

She that taks a gift, hersel she sells; an she that gies ane, daes naething else.

She wadna hae the walkers, an the riders gaed by.

She'll keep her ain side o the hoose, an gang up an doun yours.

She'll wier like a horseshui, aye the langer the clearer.

She's a bad sitter that's aye in a flutter.

She's a drap o my dearest bluid.

She's a wice wife that wats her ain weird.

She's better than she's bonny.

She's black, but she haes a sweet smack.

She's dinkit oot, neb an feather.

She's growen gatty that wis ance a dautie.

She's no tae be made a sang aboot.

Sherp sauce gies a guid taste tae sweetmaets.

Shod in the cradle, an barefit in the stubble.

Shored fowk lives lang, an sae micht him ye ken o.

Short accoonts mak lang freends.

Short rents mak careless tenants.

Shouther tae shouther stands steel an pouther.

Sic a man as thoo wad be, draw thee tae sic company.

Sic as ye gie, sic will ye get.

Sic faither, sic son.

Sic reek as is therein comes oot o the lum.

Sic things maun be if we sell ale.

Siel never comes till sorrow be awa.

Silence an thocht hurt nae man.

Silence grips the moose.

Silly bairns is eith tae lear.

Sins an debts is aye mair than we think them.

Sit doun an rest ye, an tell us hou they drest ye, an hou ye wan awa.

Sit on yer saet, an nane will ryce ye.

Skailled ale is waur than watter.

Skill is nae burden.

Slander leaves a sair ahint.

Slaw at maet, slaw at wark.

Slichted love is sair tae bide.

Slipshod's no for a frozen road.

Smaa fish is better than nane.

Smaa winnins maks a heavy purse.

Smooth watter rins deep.

Sober, neebor! The nicht's but young yet.

Sodgers, fire, an watter suin mak room for theirsels.

Some ane haes tauld her she wis bonny.

Some can stand the sword better than the pintstoup.

Some fork law, but ye fork ower the maw.

Some fowk leuk up, an ithers leuk doun.

Some haes a hantel o fauts, ye're only a never-dae-weel.

Some haes hap, an some stick in the gap.

Some haes little sense, but you're aye haerin.

Some shaws a gliff o the gowk, but you're aye goavin.

Some strake the measure o juistice, but you gie't heapit.

Some tak aa, but you leave naething.

Some that hae laest tae dree is loodest wi "waes me."

Some's gey drouthy, but you're aye moistified.

Some's only daft, but you're ried-wud ravin.

Somebody micht come tae kame yer hair wi a cutty stool.

Sorrow an ill weather come uncaad.

Sorrow be on yer hands that held sae well tae yer heid.

Sorrow is suin eneuch when it comes.

Sorrow shake ye oot o the wabster's handiwark.

Sorrow's sib tae aabody.

Souters an tylers coonts oors.

Souters shouldna gae ayont their last.

Spaek guid o pipers, yer faither wis a fiddler.

Spaek o the deil an he'll appear.

Spaek when ye're spoken tae, an drink when ye're drucken tae.

Spaek when ye're spoken tae, dae what ye're bidden, come when ye're caad, an ye'll no be chidden.

Spare at the spigot, an let oot at the bunghole.

Spare tae spaek, spare tae speed.

Spare weel an hae weel.

Spare when ye're young, an spend when ye're auld.

Spend, an God will send; spare, an be bare.

Spier at Jock Thief if I be a leal man.

Spit in yer luif an haud fast.

Spit on a stane an it will be wat at last.

Stable the steed, an pit yer wife tae her bed when there's nicht wark tae dae.

Standers-by sees mair than gemmesters.

Staunin dubs gether dirt.

Step bi step climbs the hill.

Stey an drink o yer ain broust.

Stey nae langer in a freend's hoose than ye're welcome.

Stickin gangsna bi strength, but bi the richt uise o the gully.

Strietchin an gauntin bodes sleep tae be wantin.

Strike as ye feed, an that's but soberly.

Strike the airn while it's hot.

Stuffin hauds oot storms.

Sturt peys nae debt.

Sudden freendship's shuir repentance.

Sue a beggar an gain a lowse.

Suin eneuch if weel eneuch.

Suin eneuch tae cry "Chuck" when it's oot o the shell.

Suin gotten, suin spent.

Suin ripe, suin rotten.

Sunday wooin draws tae ruin.

Supped oot wort never made guid ale.

Suppers kills mair than doctors cure.

Surfeits slays mair than swords.

Sweet at the on-takkin, but soor in the aff-pittin.

Sweet in the bed an sweer up in the mornin wis never a guid hoosewife.

Swier bi yer burnt shins.

Tak a hair o the dug that bit ye.

Tak a man bi his wird an a cou bi her horn.

Tak a piece; yer teeth's langer than yer baerd.

Tak a saet on Maggie Shaw's Crocky.

Tak a tune on yer ain fiddle; ye'll dance til't afore it's duin.

Tak care o that man that God haes set his mark upon.

Tak him up on his fine eggs, an ane o them rotten.

Tak nae mair on yer back than ye're able tae bear.

Tak pairt o the pelf when the pack's dealin.

Tak the bit an the buffet wi't.

Tak the heid for the washin.

Tak the readiest tae serve the needfuest.

Tak the will for the deed.

Tak time or time be tint.

Tak wit wi yer anger.

Tak yer ain will an ye'll no dee o the pet.

Tak yer ain will o't, as the cat did o the haggis-first ett it, an then creepit into the bag.

Tak yer meal wi ye an yer brose will be thicker.

Tak yer thanks tae feed yer cat.

Tak yer venture, as mony a guid ship haes duin.

Tak yer will, ye're wice eneuch.

Tam-tell-truith's nae coortier.

Tappit hens likes cock-crawin.

Tarry breeks peys nae freight.

Tarry lang brings little hame.

Tell nae tales oot o schuil.

Tell the truith an shame the deil.

Thank ye for cakes, I hae scones in my pootch.

That bolt cam never oot o your bag.

That burns rags will want a windin-sheet.

That canna gie will little get.

That never climbs never faas.

That will be when the deil's blinnd, an he's no bleer-ee'd yet.

That winna be a mote in yer mairage.

That'll be a sap oot o my bicker.

That's a piece a stepmither never gied.

That's a sair hair in my neck.

That's a tale o twa drinks.

That's a tee'd baa.

That's abuin yer thoum.

That's as ill as the yowes in the yaird an nae dugs tae hunt them.

That's but ae doctor's opeenion.

That's equal-aqual.

That's fellin twa dugs wi ae stane.

That's for that, as butter's for fish.

That's for the faither, an no for the son.

That's Halkerston's cou, aa the ither wey.

That's ill peyed maut siller.

That's like seekin for a needle in a windlin o strae.

That's my guid that daes me guid.

That's my tale, whaur's yours?

That's no a heel tae my shui.

That's the ane the souter killed his wife wi.

That's the best goun that gaes up an doun the hoose.

That's the wey tae mairy me, if or ye should hap tae dae it.

That's waur an mair o't.

The ass that's no uised tae the sunks bites his crupper.

The back an the belly hauds ilka ane busy.

The banes bears the beef hame.

The banes o a great estate is worth the pickin.

The best is aye the cheapest.

The best laid schemes o mice an men gangs aft agley.

The best o wabs is ruch at the roons.

The best that can happen tae a puir man is that ae bairn dee an the rest follow.

The better day the better deed.

The beuk o micht-be's is very braid.

The biggest horse is no aye the best traiveller.

The biggest rogue cries loodest oot.

The bird maun flicher that haes but ae wing.

The bird that can sing, an winna sing, should be garred sing.

The black ox never trod on his fit.

The blinnd horse is aye the hardiest.

The blinnd man's peck should be weel measured.

The blinnd mear's first in the mire.

The bonny muin is on her back, mend yer shuin an sort yer thack.

The braith o a fause freend's waur than the fuff o a weasel.

The cairt disna loss its errand when it comesna hame tuim-tail.

The cat kens whase lips she licks.

The cat's oot o the pock.

The cause is guid, an the word's "faa tae."

The clartier the cosier.

The cost owergangs the profit.

The cou micht want her tail yet.

The cou that's first up gets the first o the dew.

The cure micht be waur than the disease.

The daith o ae bairn winna skail a hoose.

The daith o his first wife made sic a hole in his hert that aa the lave slippit aesy throu.

The day haes een, the nicht haes lugs.

The day ye dae weel there will be sieven muins in the lift an ane on the midden.

The deil an the dean begin wi ae letter; when the deil gets the dean the kirk will be better.

The deil aye drives his hogs tae a ill mercat.

The deil bides his time.

The deil disna aye shaw his cloven cluits.

The deil gae wi ye an a sixpence, an ye'll naither want money nor company.

The deil gaes awa when he finnds the door steekit against him.

The deil gaes ower Jock Wabster.

The deil made souters sailors that can naither steer nor row.

The deil never sent a wind oot o hell but he sailed wi't.

The deil will tak little or he want aa.

The deil wis seek, the deil a monk wad be; the deil grew hale, syne deil a monk wis he.

The deil's a busy bishop in his ain diocese.

The deil's aye guid tae his ain.

The deil's cou calves twice in ae year.

The deil's greedy, but you're misleared.

The deil's greedy, sae are you.

The deil's guid when he's pleased.

The deil's journeyman never wants wark.

The deil's no sae black as he's caad.

The deil's ower grit wi ye.

The deil's pet lambs loe Claverse's lads.

The dorty dame micht faa in the dirt.

The drucken sot gets aye the drucken groat.

The e'enin brings aa hame.

The Englishman greets, the Irishman sleeps, but the Scotchman gangs till he gets it.

The farther ben the welcomer.

The farther in the deeper.

The farthest wey aboot is aft the nearest wey hame.

The fat sou's tail's aye creeshed.

The feathers cairied awa the fleesh.

The feet's slaw when the heid wiers snaw.

The first dish is aye best etten.

The first fuff o a fat haggis is aye the bauldest.

The first gryce an the last whalp o a litter is aye the best.

The fish that sooms in a dub will aye taste o dirt.

The fit at the cradle an the hand at the reel, is a sign that a wumman means tae dae weel.

The fleesh is aye fairest that's farthest frae the bane.

The foremaist hoond grips the hare.

The fouer my hoose, the tuimer my purse.

The gait gies a guid milkin, but she caas ower the cog wi her feet.

The grace o a grey bannock is in the bakin o't.

The grace o God is gear eneuch.

The grandsire buys, the faither bigs, the son sells, an the grandson thigs.

The gravest fish is a eyster; the gravest bird's a ool; the gravest baest's a ass; an the gravest man's a fuil.

The greatest burdens isna the maist gainfu.

The greatest clerk's no aye the wycest man.

The greedy man an the cook is shuir freends.

The greedy man an the gileynour is weel met.

The guid dug disna aye get the best bane.

The guid man's mither is aye in the gait.

The guid man's no aye the best man.

The guid or ill hap o a guid or ill life, is the guid or ill chyce o a guid or ill wife.

The haa maun aye rowe some wey.

The happy man canna be herried.

The hauchty hawk winna stoop tae carrion.

The hen's egg gaes tae the haa tae bring the goose's egg awa.

The hicht o nonsense is suppin soor milk wi a elshin.

The hiecher climb the greater faa.

The hiecher the hill the laicher the gress.

The hiecher the tree the sweeter the plooms; the richer the souter the blacker his thoums.

The king can come in the cadger's gait.

The king lies doun, yet the warld rins roond.

The king micht come tae Kelly yet, an when he comes he'll ride.

The kirk's aye greedy.

The kirk's muckle, but ye can say mass in the end o't.

The laird can be laird, an still need the hind's help.

The laird's brither's a ill tenant.

The langer we live we see the main ferlies.

The langest day haes a end.

The lass that haes ower mony wooers aft wales the warst.

The lass that lichtlies micht lament.

The lazy lad maks a stark auld man.

The lean dug is aa fleas.

The leeful man is the beggar's brither.

The less debt the mair dainties.

The less wit a man haes, the less he kens the want o't.

The loodest bummer's no the best bee.

The lucky pennyworth sells suinest.

The mair cost the mair honour.

The mair dirt the less hurt.

The mair mischief the better sport.

The mair the merrier; the fewer better cheer.

The mair ye steer the mair ye'll sink.

The maister's brither's a ill servant.

The maister's ee maks the horse fat.

The maister's fit's the best measure.

The man can eithly tine a stot that canna coont his kine.

The man that sits on the silk goun-tail o the wife thats tocher bocht it, never sits aesy.

The maut's abuin the meal.

The miller mouters best wi his ain hand.

The morn's the morn.

The mowdiwart feedsna on midges.

The muck midden is the mither o the meal kist.

The name o a honest wumman's muckle worth.

The nearer e'en the mair beggars.

The next time ye dance, ken wha ye tak bi the hand.

The peasweep aye cries farthest frae his ain nest.

The piper wants muckle that wants the nether chaft.

The post o honour is the post o danger.

The proodest nettle growes on a midden.

The pruif o the puddin's the preein o't.

The puir man is aye pit tae the warst.

The puir man peys for aa.

The puir man's shillin is but a penny.

The rain comes scowth when the wind's in the sooth.

The scabbit heid loesna the kame.

The scholar micht waur the maister.

The shortest road's the nearest.

The shortest road's whaur the company's guid.

The silliest strake haes aye the loodest "hech."

The slothfu man maks a slim fortune.

The smith haes aye a spark in his throat.

The smith's mear an the souter's wife is aye warst shod.

The snail is as suin at its rest as the swallow.

The souter gae the sou a kiss; "grumph," qo she, "it's for a birse."

The stootest heid bears langest oot.

The stoup that gaes aften tae the well comes hame broken at last.

The strangest side taks aye the strangest richt.

The sun is nae waur for shinin on the midden.

The tad's whalps is ill tae tame.

The thatcher sayed unto his man, "Let's raise this ladder if we can."-"But first let's drink, maister."

The thiefer-like the better sodger.

The thing that liesna in yer gait breksna yer shins.

The thing that's duin's no tae dae.

The thing that's fristed's no forgien.

The third time's lucky.

The thrift o ye an the woo o a dug wad mak a braw wab.

The thrift o ye will be the daith o yer guid-wife.

The time ye're pouin runts ye're no settin kail.

The tod keeps aye his ain hole clean.

The tod never fares better than when he's banned.

The tod never sped better than when he gaed his ain errand.

The tree disna aye faa at the first strake.

The warld is boond tae nae man.

The warst can be tholed when it's kent.

The warst warld that ever wis some man won.

The watter will never cheat the gallows.

The watter will never waur the weedae.

The waur luck nou the better anither time.

The weakest gangs tae the waa.

The wife's ae dochter an the man's ae cou, the tane's never weel an the tither's never fou.

The wife's aye welcome that comes wi a crookit oxter.

The willin horse is aye wrocht tae daith.

The wird o a honest man's eneuch.

The wolf micht loss his teeth, but never his natur.

The worth o a thing is best kenned bi the want o't.

The worth o a thing is what it will bring.

The wyte o war is at kings' doors.

Them that bourd wi cats can coont upon scarts.

Them that burns ye for a witch will loss their coals.

Them that canna get a peck maun pit up wi a stimpart.

Them that canna ride maun shank it.

Them that comes wi a gift disna need tae stand lang at the door.

Them that deals wi the deil gets a dear penny-worth

Them that drinks langest lives langest.

Them that gaes lowpin awa aft come hirplin hame.

Them that gets neist best isna ill aff.

Them that gets the wird o suin risin can lie aa day.

Them that haes maist need o credit seldom gets muckle.

Them that herds swine thinks aye they hear them grumphin.

Them that hides kens whaur tae seek.

Them that lauchs in the mornin will greet or nicht.

Them that lies doun for love should ryce up for hunger.

Them that likes the midden sees nae motes in't.

Them that likesna watter brose will scunner at cauld steerie.

Them that lives langest fetches wid farthest.

Them that losses seek, them that finnds keeps.

Them that loves maist spaeks least.

Them that mairies in green, their sorrow is suin seen.

Them that never filled a cradle shouldna sit in ane.

Them that ryce wi the sun haes their wark weel begun.

Them that sees but yer heid disna see aa yer hicht.

Them that sees ye throu the day winna brek the hoose for ye at nicht.

Them that sins the sin maun bear the shame.

Them that stands on a knowe's shuir tae be noticed.

Them that steys in the howe will never mount the hicht.

Them that winna wirk maun want.

Them that's ill fleyed is seldom sair hurt.

Them that's slack in guid is eydent in ill.

Then's then, but nou's the nou.

There are great stots in Ireland, but they canna get here for horns.

There are mair foxes than there are holes for.

There are mair knaves in my kin than honest men in yours.

There are mair maidens than maukins.

There are mair mairied than guid hoose hauders.

There are mair wark-days than life-days.

There are nane sae weel shod but can slip.

There belangs mair tae a bed than fower bare legs.

There belangs mair tae a plooman than whistlin.

There growes nae gress at the mercat cross.

There never cam ill frae a guid advice.

There never wis a bad that couldna be waur.

There never wis a fair wird in flytin.

There never wis a fire athoot some reek.

There never wis a five pound note but there wis a ten pound road for't.

There never wis a puir man in his kin.

There never wis a silly Jocky but there wis a silly Jenny.

There never wis a slut but haed a slit, or a daw but haed twa.

There wis anither gotten the nicht that ye wis born.

There wis mair lost at Sherramuir, whaur the Hielandman lost his faither an his mither, an a guid buff belt worth baith o them.

There wis never a guid toun but there wis a dub at the end o't.

There wis never a hicht but haed a howe at the bottom o't.

There wis never a thrifty wife wi a clout aboot her heid.

There wis never eneuch when naething wis left.

There's a act in the Laird o Grant's coort, that no abuin eleeven spaek at ance.

There's a day comin that'll shaw wha's blackest.

There's a difference atween "Will ye sell?" an "Will ye buy?"

There's a difference atween fen ower an fair weel.

There's a difference atween the piper an his bitch.

There's a dub at every door, an afore some doors there's twa.

There's a flee in my hose.

There's a guid an a bad side tae aathing; aa the airt is tae finnd it oot.

There's a guid shape in the shears' mooth.

There's a het hurry when there's a hen tae roast.

There's a raeson for ye, an a rag aboot the fit o't.

There's a sliddery stane afore the haa door.

There's a storm in somebody's nose, licht whaur it like.

There's a teuch sinew in a auld wife's heel.

There's a time tae gley an a time tae leuk straucht.

There's a whaup in the raip.

There's a wird in my wame, but it's ower far doun.

There's ae day o reckonin an anither day o peyment.

There's as guid fish in the sea as ever cam oot o't.

There's as mony Johnstones as Jardines

There's aye a glum leuk whaur there's cauld crawdy.

There's aye a wimple in a lawyer's clew.

There's aye eneuch o freends when fowk haes ocht.

There's aye ill-will amang cadgers.

There's aye life in a livin man.

There's aye some watter whaur the stirkie drouns.

There's aye sorrow at somebody's door.

There's bield ablo a auld man's baerd.

There's brains eneuch ootside his heid.

There's but ae guid wife in the warld, an ilka ane thinks he haes her.

There's life in a mussel as lang as it cheeps.

There's little for the rake efter the shool.

There's little sap in a dry pea-shaup.

There's little wit in the pow that lichts the candle at the lowe.

There's mair adae than a dish tae lick.

There's mair knavery amang kirkmen than honesty amang coortiers.

There's mair knavery on sea an land than a' the warld aside.

There's mair room 'ithoot than 'ithin.

There's mair weys o killin a dug than hangin him.

There's mair weys than ane o keepin craws frae the stack.

There's mair weys tae the wid than ane.

There's mair whistlin wi ye than guid reid land.

There's measure in aa things, even in kail suppin.

There's mirth amang the kin when the howdie cries "A son."

There's mony a tod hunted that's no killed.

There's mony a true tale tauld in jest.

There's mony chances, baith o guid an ill, befaa fowk in this warld.

There's muckle adae when dominies ride.

There's muckle adae when muirland fowk rides- buits an spurs, an aa tae provide!

There's muckle atween the wird an the deed.

There's muckle hid maet in a goose's ee.

There's muckle love in bands an bags.

There's my thoum, I'll never beguile thee.

There's nae airn sae hard but rust will fret it; there's nae claith sae fine but moths will aet it.

There's nae birds this year in last year's nest.

There's nae breard like middlin breard.

There's nae corn athoot cauf.

There's nae fey fowk's maet in my pat.

There's nae freend like the penny.

There's nae freend tae freend in mister.

There's nae fuils like auld fuils.

There's nae hair sae smaa but haes its shadow.

There's nae hawk flees sae hiech but he will faa tae some lure.

There's nae lack in love.

There's nae reek but there's some haet.

There's nae remede for fear but cut aff the heid.

There's nae sel sae dear as oor ainsel.

There's nae sport whaur there's naither auld fowk nor bairns.

There's nae woo sae coorse but it'll tak some colour.

There's naething for misdeeds but mends.

There's naething ill sayed that's no ill taen.

There's naething sae guid on this side o time but it micht hae been better.

There's naething sae like a honest man as a arrant knave.

There's nane sae blinnd as them that winna see.

There's nane sae busy as him that haes laest tae dae.

There's nane sae dief as them that winna hear.

There's never a great feast but some fare ill.

There's ower mony nicks in yer horn.

There's plenty o raible when drink's on the table.

There's remede for aa but stark deid.

There's skill in gruel makin.

There's steel in the needle pynt, tho little o't.

There's the end o a auld sang.

There's tricks in aa trades but honest horsecoupin.

There's twa eneuchs, an ye hae got ane o them.

There's twa things in my mind, an that's the laest o them.

They are eith hindered that's no furdersome.

They are sad rents that come in wi tears.

They buy guids cheap that brings hame naething.

They can dunch that gie the lunch.

They craw crouse that craw last.

They draw the cat harrow.

They gang far aboot that never meets.

They hae need o a canny cook that hae but ae egg tae their denner.

They maun be suin up that cheat the tad.

They maun hunger in frost that winna wirk in fresh.

They micht ken bi yer baerd what ye haed on yer board.

They need muckle that will be content wi naething.

They never baked a guid cake but micht bake a ill ane.

They never gie wi the spit but they gat wi the ladle.

They never saw great dainties that thocht a haggis a feast.

They rin fast that deils an lasses drives.

They should kiss the guidwife that wad win the guidman.

They spaek o my drinkin, but never think o my drouth.

They that's aerly up, an hae nae business, hae aither a ill wife, a ill bed, or a ill conscience.

They walk fair that naebody finnds faut wi.

They wis never fain that fidged, nor fou that lickit dishes.

They wis never first at the wark that bade God speed the wark.

They wis scant o bairns that brocht you up.

They wist as weel that didna spier.

They wyte ye an ye're no wyteless.

They'll flit in the Merse for a hen's gerse.

They'll gree better when they gang in bi ither kirk doors.

They're aa ae sou's pick.

They're aa guid that gies.

They're aa guid that's far awa.

They're aa tarred wi ae stick.

They're as thick as three in a bed.

They're aye guid willed o their horse that hae nane.

They're fremit freends that canna be fash'd.

They're keen o company that taks the dug on their back.

They're lichtly harried that hae aa their ain.

They're like the grices, if ye kittle their wame they faa on their backs.

They're no aa saints that gets the name o't.

They're no tae be named in the same day.

They're queer fowk that haes nae failins.

They're scant o horsefleesh that rides on the dug.

They're weel guided that God guides.

Things maun aye be somewey, even if they're crookit.

Thirteen o ye can gang tae the dizzen.

This an better micht dae, but this an waur will never dae.

This warld's a widdle as weel as a riddle.

Tho auld an wice still tak advice.

Tho ye tether time an tide, love an licht ye canna hide.

Thochts beguiles maidens.

Thochts is free, an if I daurna say I can think.

Thole weel is guid for burnin.

Three can keep a secret when twa's awa.

Three failures an a fire maks a Scotsman's fortune.

Thrift's guid revenue.

tae fazarts hard hazards is daith or they come nigh.

tae hain is tae hae.

tae wirk for naething maks fowk deid-sweer.

Time an thinkin tames the strangest grief.

Time an tide for nae man bides.

Time tint is never fund.

Time tries aa, as winter tries the kail.

Time tries whinstanes.

Tine hert, tine aa.

Tine needle, tine darg.

Tine thimble, tine thrift.

Tit for tat's fair play.

Touch a gawed horse on the back a he'll fling.

Traitors' wirds never yet hurt honest cause.

Traivelled men is sindle troued.

Tramp on a snail, an she'll shoot oot her horns.

Tramp on a worm an she'll turn her heid.

Trampin straw maks trottin owsen.

Trot faither, trot mither; hou can the foal amble?

True blue will never stain, but dirty reid will dye again.

True love is aye blate.

True love kythes in time o need.

True love's the waft o life, but it whiles comes throu a sorrowfu shuttle.

Truith an honesty keeps the croun o the causey.

Truith an ile comes aye uppermaist.

Truith hauds lang the gate.

Try afore ye trust.

Try yer freend or ye need him.

Tuim barrels maks maist din.

Tuim be yer meal pock, an mine never hang on yer peen.

Tuim stalls maks bitin horses.

Twa blacks winna mak ae white.

Twa cats an ae moose, twa mice in ae hoose, twa dugs an ae bane, never will agree in ane.

Twa fuils in ae hoose is a pair ower mony.

Twa guids seldom meets-what's guid for the plant is ill for the peat.

Twa hands micht dae in ae dish, but never in ae purse.

Twa heids can lie upon ae cod, an nane ken whaur the luck lies.

Twa heids is better than ane, tho they're but sheep's anes.

Twa hungry meltiths maks the third a glutton.

Twa things never be angry wi- what ye can help an what ye canna.

Twa wirds maun gang tae that bargain.

Twine tow, yer mither wis a guid spinner.

Uise maks perfyteness.

Unco fowk's no tae mird wi.

Under watter dairth, ablo snaw breid.

Unseen, unrued.

Untimeous spurrin spyles the steed.

Up hill spare me, doun hill tak tent o thee.

Upon my ain expense, as the man built the dyke.

Wad ye gar us trew that the muin's made o green cheese, or that spade shafts bears plooms?

Wae tae him that lippens tae ithers for tippence.

Wae tae the wame that haes a wilfu maister.

Wae's the wife that wants the tongue, but weel's the man that gets her.

Waes unite faes.

Walk as yer shuin will let ye.

Waly, waly! bairns is bonny; ane's eneuch an twa's ower mony.

Want o cunnin's nae shame.

Want o warld's gear aft sinders fond herts.

Want o wit is waur than want o gear.

Want siller, want fish.

Wanton kittens maks douce cats.

War maks thieves an paece hangs them.

War's sweet tae them that never tried it.

Wark bears witness wha daes weel.

Waste watter, waste better.

Watch herm, catch herm.

We are aa life-like an daith-like.

We are aye tae learn as lang as we live.

We are boond tae be honest, an no tae be rich.

We can live athoot oor kin, but no athoot oot neebors.

We can poind for debt, but no for unkindness.

We can shape their wylie-coat, but no their weird.

We canna baith sup an blaw.

We ken yer meanin bi yer mumpin.

We maun aa gang ae gate.

We maun live bi the livin, an no bi the deid.

We maun tak the crap as it growes.

We never ken the worth o watter till the wall gae dry.

We'll bark oorsels or we buy dugs sae dear.

We'll bear wi the stink when it brings in the clink.

We'll meet or hills meets.

We'll never big sandy bourochs thegither.

Wealth haes made mair men covetous than covetousness haes made men walthy.

Wealth maks wit waver.

Wealth, like want, ruins mony.

Weapons bodes paece.

Weddin an ill winterin tames baith man an baest.

Wee things fleys couards.

Weel begun is hauf duin.

Weel is that weel daes.

Weel kens the moose when pussie's in.

Weel won corn should be hoosed or the morn.

Weel worth aa that gars the ploo draw.

Weel's him an wae's him that haes a bishop in his kin.

Weemin an bairns laynes what they kenna.

Weemin an wine, dice an deceit, maks wealth smaa an want great.

Weemin lauchs when they can, an greets when they will.

Weemin's wark is never duin.

Welcome's the best dish in the kitchen.

Were it no for hope the hert wad brek.

Wersh parritch, naither guid tae fry, bile, or sup cauld.

West wind north aboot never hauds lang oot.

Wet yer wizzen or else it'll gizzen.

Wha can haud that will awa?

Wha can help misluck?

Wha can woo athoot cost?

Wha comes aftener, an brings ye less?

Wha daur bell the cat?

What aabody says maun be true.

What better is the hoose whaur the daw ryces suin?

What can be duin at ony time will be duin at nae time.

What carlins hains, cats aets.

What fizzes in the mou winna fill the wame.

What God will gie the deil canna reeve.

What maks ye sae rumgunshach an me sae curcuddoch?

What micht be micht no be.

What pits that in yer heid that didna pit the sturdy wit?

What we first learn we best ken.

What will ye get frae a ily pat but stink?

What winna dae bi micht dae bi slicht.

What winna mak a pat micht mak a pat lid.

What ye dae when ye're drunk ye micht pey for when ye're dry.

What ye gie shines aye, what ye get smells ill next day.

What ye want up an doun ye hae hither-an-yont.

What ye win at that ye can lick aff a het girdle.

What yer ee sees yer hert greens for.

What's gotten ower the deil's back is spent ablo his belly.

What's guid for seek John's guid for hail Janet.

What's in yer wame's no in yer testament.

What's like a dorty maiden when she's auld?

What's my case the day micht be yours the morn.

What's nane o my profit shall be nane o my peril.

What's waur than ill luck?

What's your horse the day, micht be his meir the morn.

What's yours is mine, what's mines is my ain.

When a ewie's drooned she's deid.

When a fuil finnds a horseshui he thinks aye the like tae dae.

When a hunder sheep rins, hou mony cloots clatters?

When aa fruits fails, welcome hawes.

When aa men spaeks, nae man hears.

When aa's in, an the slap dit, ryce herd an let the dug sit.

When ae door steeks anither opens.

When ane winna, twa canna cast oot.

When daith lifts the curtain it's time tae be startin.

When drink's in wit's oot.

When fowk's missed then they're moaned.

When freends meets herts warms.

When guid cheer is lackin freends gaes a-packin.

When he dees o age ye can quake for fear.

When I did weel I heard it never; when I did ill I heard it ever.

When ilka ane gets his ain the thief will get the weedae.

When lairds breks carls gets lands.

When love cools fauts is seen.

When my heid's doun my hoose is theekit.

When petticoats woos breeks come speed.

When poverty comes in at the door love flees oot at the windae.

When pride's in the van, beggin's in the rear.

When she disna scold she shores.

When the bag's fou the drone gets up.

When the barn's fou ye can thresh afore the door.

When the burn disna babble, it's aither ower tuim or ower fou.

When the cou's in the clout she suin runs oot.

When the craw flees her tail follows.

When the guidman drinks tae the guidwife aa wad be weel; when the guidwife drinks tae the guidman aa's weel.

When the guidman's awa the board claith's tint; when the guidwife's awa the keys is tint.

When the hen gaes tae the cock the birds micht get a knock.

When the hert's fou o lust the mou's fou o leasin.

When the hert's fou the tongue canna spaek.

When the hert's past hope the face is past shame.

When the horse is at the gallop the bridle's ower late.

When the man's fire an the wife's tow, the deil comes in an blaws't in lowe.

When the pat's fou it'll bile ower.

When the pea's in bloom the mussel's tuim.

When the tod preaches tak tent o the lambs.

When the tod wins tae the wid he caresna hou mony keeks at his tail.

When the wame's fou the banes wad be at rest.

When the wame's fou the tongue wags.

When the will's ready the feet's licht.

When we want, freends is scant.

When wine sinks wirds sooms.

When ye are puir, naebody kens ye; when ye are rich, aabody lends ye.

When ye are weel, haud yersel sae.

When ye ca the dug oot o yer ain kail-yaird, dinna ca't into mine.

When ye can suit yer shanks tae my shuin ye can spaek.

When ye christen the bairn ye should ken what tae caa't.

When ye're gaun an comin the gate's no tuim.

When ye're ser'd aa the geese is wattered.

When yer hair's white, ye wad hae it lockerin.

When yer neebor's hoose is in danger tak tent o yer ain.

Where drums beats laws is dumb.

Where the buck's boond there he can bleat.

Where the deer's slain the bluid will lie.

Where the heid gaes the tail will follow.

Where the pig's broken let the sherds lie.

Where the scythe cuts, an the sock rives, hae duin wi fairies an bee-bykes.

Where there are gentles there's aye aff-faains.

Where there's muckle coortesy there's little kindness.

Where there's naething the kin tines his richt.

While ae gab's teethin anither's growin teethless.

Whiles ye, whiles me, sae gaes the bailierie.

White legs wad aye be rused.

White siller's wrocht in black pitch.

Whitely things is aye tender.

Wi a empy hand nae man can hawks lure.

Wicer men than you is catched bi wiles.

Wid in a wilderness, moss on a mountain, an wit in a puir man's pow, is little thocht o.

Wide lugs an a short tongue is best.

Wide will wier, but ticht will teir.

Wifes maun be haed whether guid or bad.

Wifes maun hae their wills while they live, for they mak nane when they dee.

Wiles helps waek fowk.

Wilfu waste maks waefu want.

Will an wit strives wi ye.

Wink at smaa fauts, ye hae great anes yersel.

Winter thunder bodes simmer hunger.

Wipe wi the watter an wash wi the towel.

Wirds gangs wi the wind, but dunts is oot o saeson.

Wirds is but wind, but seein's believin.

Wirk legs an win legs, hain legs an tine legs.

Wishers an waders is puir hoose hauders.

Wit bocht maks wice fowk.

Wit is worth a weel-turned leg.

Wonder at yer auld shuin when ye hae gotten yer new.

Woo sellers ken aye woo buyers.

Worth micht be blamed, but never be shamed.

Wrang coont is nae peyment.

Wrang haes nae warrant.

Wyte yer teeth if yer tail be smaa.

Ye breed o auld maids, ye leuk hiech.

Ye breed o guid maut, ye're lang o comin.

Ye breed o Leddy Mary, when ye're guid ye're ower guid.

Ye breed o oor laird; ye'll no dae richt, an ye'll tak nae wrang.

Ye breed o Sauchton swine, ye're neb's never oot o a ill turn.

Ye breed o the baxters, ye loe yer neebor's broust better than yer ain batch.

Ye breed o the chapman, ye're aye tae handsel.

Ye breed o the chapman, ye're never oot o yer gate.

Ye breed o the craw's tail, ye growe backwards.

Ye breed o the gowk, ye hae never a rhyme but ane.

Ye breed o the guidman's mither, ye're aye in the gate.

Ye breed o the herd's wife, ye busk at e'en.

Ye breed o the miller's dochter, that spiered what tree groats grew on.

Ye breed o the tod's bairns, if ane be guid, they're aa guid.

Ye breed o the tod, ye growe grey afore ye growe guid.

Ye breed o the witches, ye can dae nae guid tae yersel.

Ye breed o watter-kail an cock-lairds, ye need muckle service.

Ye ca hardest at the nail that drives fastest.

Ye can be heard whaur ye're no seen.

Ye can dance at the end o a raip yet athoot teachin.

Ye can dicht yer neb an flee up.

Ye can drive the deil into a wife, but ye'll never ding him oot o her.

Ye can end him, but ye'll never mend him.

Ye can gang farther an fare waur.

Ye can gape lang eneuch or a bird flee yer mou.

Ye can live an no pree the tangs.

Ye can tak a drink oot o the burn when ye canna tak a bite oot o the brae.

Ye can tine the faither leukin for the son.

Ye can wash aff dirt, but never dun hide.

Ye cangle aboot uncoft kids.

Ye canna dae but ye ower-dae.

Ye canna fare weel but ye cry roast-maet.

Ye canna get leave tae thrive for thrang.

Ye canna gether berries aff a whinbush.

Ye canna mak a silk purse oot o a sou's lug.

Ye canna pit a auld heid upon young shouthers.

Ye canna preach oot o yer ain poupit.

Ye canna see the wid for trees.

Ye come o the hoose o Harletillem.

Ye come o the Mctaks, but no o the Mcgies.

Ye come tae the gait's hoose tae thig woo.

Ye crack crousely wi yer bunnet on.

Ye cut afore the pynt.

Ye cut lang whangs aff ither fowk's leather.

Ye daur weel but ye downa.

Ye didna draw sae weel when my mear wis in the mire.

Ye didna lick yer lips since ye lee'd last.

Ye drive the ploo afore the owsen.

Ye fand it whaur the Hielandman fand the tangs.

Ye fike it awa, like auld wifes bakin.

Ye gae far aboot seekin the nearest.

Ye gae guid coonsel, but he's a fuil that taks 't.

Ye gang roond bi Lanark for fear Linton dugs bite ye.

Ye glower like a cat oot o a whinbush.

Ye got ower muckle o yer ain will, an ye're the waur o't.

Ye hae a conscience like Coldingham common.

Ye hae a lang nose, an yet ye're cut lugget.

Ye hae a ready mou for a ripe cherry.

Ye hae a saw for aa sairs.

Ye hae a streak o carl hemp in ye.

Ye hae as muckle pride as wad ser' a score o clergy.

Ye hae aye a fit oot o the langle.

Ye hae baith yer maet an yer mense.

Ye hae been gotten getherin nits, ye spaek in clusters.

Ye hae been lang on little eird.

Ye hae been smellin the bung.

Ye hae brocht the pack tae the peens.

Ye hae caad yer pigs tae a ill mercat.

Ye hae come aff at the lowpin-on-stane.

Ye hae come in time tae tine a darg.

Ye hae fasted lang, an worried on a midgie.

Ye hae found a mear's nest, an lauch at the eggs.

Ye hae gien the wolf the wedders tae keep.

Ye hae got a stipend-get a kirk when ye 1ike.

Ye hae got baith the skaith an the scorn.

Ye hae gotten a raivelled hesp tae redd.

Ye hae gotten the chapman's drouth.

Ye hae growen prood since ye quatted the beggin.

Ye hae guid mainers, but ye dinna bear them aboot wi ye.

Ye hae little need o the Campsie wile's prayer, "That she micht aye be able tae think eneuch o hersel."

Ye hae mind o yer maet tho ye hae little o't.

Ye hae missed that, as ye did yer mither's blessin.

Ye hae nae mair need for't than a cairt haes for a third wheel.

Ye hae nae mair sense than a sookin turkey.

Ye hae ower foul feet tae come sae far ben.

Ye hae ower muckle lowse leather aboot yet chafts.

Ye hae pitten a tuim spuin in my mooth.

Ye hae rin lang on little grund.

Ye hae sewed that seam wi a het needle an a burnin threid.

Ye hae sitten yer time, as mony a guid hen haes duin.

Ye hae skill o man an baest an dugs that tak the sturdy.

Ye hae steyed lang, an brocht little wi ye.

Ye hae taen the measure o his fit.

Ye hae taen't upon ye, as the wife did the dancin.

Ye hae the best end o the string.

Ye hae the wrang sou bi the lug.

Ye hae tae be pitied an prayed for, aither tae end ye or mend ye.

Ye hae tied a knot wi yer tongue ye winna lowse wi yer teeth.

Ye hae tint the tongue o the trump.

Ye hae tint yer ain stamach an found a tyke's.

Ye hae wrocht a yoken an lowsed in time.

Ye haed aye a guid whittle at yer belt.

Ye ken naething but milk an breid when it's muiled into ye.

Ye kenna what micht cool yer kail yet.

Ye leuk as bauld as a blackfaced wedder.

Ye leuk like butter wadna melt in yer mou, but cheese will no choke ye.

Ye leuk like Let-me-be.

Ye leuk like ye haed etten yer bedstrae.

Ye leuk liker a deil than a bishop.

Ye leuk liker a thief than a horse.

Ye live aside ill neebors.

Ye loe aa ye see, like Rab Roole when he's ree.

Ye maun be auld or ye pey sic a guid wad.

Ye maun hae't baith simmered an wintered.

Ye maun redd yer ain raivelled clue.

Ye maun spyle or ye spin.

Ye maun tak the will for the deed.

Ye mauna thraw awa the cog, tho Crummie fling't.

Ye mete my peas wi yer ain peck.

Ye micht be godly, but ye'll never be cleanly.

Ye micht be greedy, but ye're no greenin.

Ye needna mak a causey tale o't.

Ye never see green cheese but yer een reels.

Ye rave unrocked, I wish yer heid wis knocked.

Ye ride sae near the rump, ye'll let nane lowp on ahint ye.

Ye rin awa wi the harrows.

Ye rin for the spurtle when the pat's bilin ower.

Ye seek grace wi a graceless face.

Ye ser'd me as the wife did the cat-cuist me into the kirn, an syne harled me oot again.

Ye shanna be niffered but for a better.

Ye shanna want as lang as I hae, but leuk weel tae yer ain.

Ye shape shuin bi yer ain shauchled feet.

Ye shine like a white gir aboot a shairney cog.

Ye shine like the sunny side o a shairney wecht

Ye sit like craws in the mist.

Ye sleep like a dug in a mill.

Ye sleep like a dug when the wife's bakin.

Ye suin weary o daein weel.

Ye tak a bite oot o yer ain buttock.

Ye tak but a foal's share o the harrow.

Ye tak mair in yer gab than yer cheeks can haud.

Ye tak the first wird o flytin.

Ye wad be a guid Borrowstone sou-ye smell weel.

Ye wad be a guid piper's bitch-ye smell oot the weddins.

Ye wad clatter a cat tae daith.

Ye wad gar me trew my heid's cowed, tho there's no shears come near't.

Ye wad mairy a midden for the muck.

Ye wad mak a guid wife, ye haud the grip ye get.

Ye wad mak muckle o me if I wis yours.

Ye wad steal the pocks frae a auld wife, an syne spier whaur she got them.

Ye watna what wife's ladle mey cog yer kail.

Ye watna what's ahint yer hand.

Ye watna whaur a blessin mey licht.

Ye winna craw trade.

Ye winna pit oot the fire wi tow.

Ye wirk bi Macfarlane's lantern.

Ye wis bred aboot the mill, ye hae mooped aa yer mainers.

Ye wis never born at that time o the year.

Ye wis pat oot o the oven for nippin the pies.

Ye wis sae hungry ye couldna stey the grace.

Ye yirr an yowl-ye bark, but daurna bite.

Ye'll be hanged an I'll be harried.

Ye'll beguile nane but them that lippen tae ye.

Ye'll brek yer neck as suin as yer fast in this hoose.

Ye'll cool an come tae yersel, like Macgibbon's crowdy when he set it oot at the windae-bole.

Ye'll dae onything but wirk an rin errands.

Ye'll dee athoot amends o't.

Ye'll dee like a trooper's horse-wi yer shuin on.

Ye'll follow him lang or he'll let five shillins faa.

Ye'll gang a grey gate yet.

Ye'll gar him claw a sair haffit.

Ye'll gar me seek the needle whaur I didna stick it.

Ye'll get as muckle for ae wish this year as for twa fernyear.

Ye'll get nae mair o the cat but the skin.

Ye'll get waur bodes or Beltane.

Ye'll get yer gear again, an they'll get the weedae that stole't.

Ye'll get yer heid in yer hands an yer lugs tae play wi.

Ye'll get yer kail throu the reek.

Ye'll gether nae gowd aff windlestraes.

Ye'll hae the hauf o the gate an aa the glaur.

Ye'll hang aa but the heid yet.

Ye'll let naething tine for want o seekin.

Ye'll naither dance nor haud the candle.

Ye'll naither dee for yer wit nor be drooned for a warlock.

Ye'll never be auld wi sae muckle honesty.

Ye'll never cast saut on his tail.

Ye'll never craw in my cavie.

Ye'll never growe howbackit bearin yer freends.

Ye'll never harry yersel wi yer ain hands.

Ye'll never mak a mark in yer testament bi that bargain.

Ye'll never rowte in my tether.

Ye'll no dee as lang as he's yer deemster.

Ye'll no let it be for want o cravin.

Ye'll no mend a broken nest bi dabbin at it.

Ye'll play a smaa gemme afore ye stand oot.

Ye'll see the gowk in yer sleep.

Ye'll sit till ye sweat an wirk till ye freeze.

Ye'll tak mair in yer mou than yer cheeks will haud.

Ye'll worry in the band like Mcewen's calf.

Ye're a day efter the fair.

Ye're a deil an nae cou, like the man's bull.

Ye're a fit ahint the foremaist.

Ye're a guid seeker but a ill finnder.

Ye're a honest man, an I'm yer uncle-that's twa big lees.

Ye're a maiden marrowless.

Ye're a man amang geese when the gander's awa.

Ye're a queer fish no tae hae fins.

Ye're a weedaefu gin hangin time.

Ye're aa blawin like a burstin haggis.

Ye're aa grease, but I'm only grushie.

Ye're aa made o butter, an sewed wi soor milk.

Ye're aa oot o't an into strae.

Ye're aa sae mony minds, ye'll never be mairied.

Ye're aither ower het or ower cauld, like the miller o Marshach mill.

Ye're ane o Cou-Meek's breed, ye'll stand athoot a bonoch.

Ye're ane o snaw-baa's bairn time.

Ye're ane o the tender Gordons-ye daurna be hanged for gaa in yer neck.

Ye're as braw as Bink's wife,-like the sun on shairney watter.

Ye're as daft as ye're days auld.

Ye're as fou o maggots as the bride o Preston, that stoppit hauf wey as she gaed tae the kirk.

Ye're as fou o mischief as a egg's fou o maet.

Ye're as lang tuinin yer pipes as anither wad play a spring.

Ye're as mim as a Mey puddock.

Ye're as smaa as the twitter o a twined rash.

Ye're as souple sark alane as some are mither naked.

Ye're as stiff as a stappit saster.

Ye're aye in a hurry, an aye ahint.

Ye're best when ye're sleepin.

Ye're black aboot the mou for want o kissin.

Ye're bonny eneuch tae them that loe ye, an ower bonny tae them that loe ye an canna get ye.

Ye're busy tae claer yersel when naebody files ye.

Ye're but young cocks-yer craw's roupy.

Ye're buttoned up the back like Achmahoy's dug.

Ye're cawkin the claith or the wab be in the loom.

Ye're come o bluid, an sae's a puddin.

Ye're Davy-dae-little an guid for naething.

Ye're feared for the day ye never saw.

Ye're fit for coorse kintra wark-ye're raither strang than handsome.

Ye're guid tae be sent for sorrow.

Ye're guid tae fetch the deil a priest.

Ye're leukin ower the nest, like the young craws.

Ye're like a bad liver-the last day there's aye maist tae dae wi ye.

Ye're like a hen on a het girdle.

Ye're like a ill shillin-ye'll come back again.

Ye're like a Lauderdale bawbee, as bad as bad can be.

Ye're like a rotten nit-no worth crackin for the kernel.

Ye're like a singed cat-better than ye're bonny.

Ye're like a sou-ye'll naither lead nor drive.

Ye're like Brackley's tup-ye follow the lave.

Ye're like laird Moodie's greyhoonds-unco hungry like aboot the pootch lids.

Ye're like Macfarlane's geese - ye hae mair mind o yer play than yer maet.

Ye're like me, an I'm nae smaa drink.

Ye're like Piper Bennet's bitch-ye lick till ye burst.

Ye're like the cooper aa Fogo, ye drive aff better girs than ye caa on.

Ye're like the corbie messenger-ye come wi naither alms nor answer.

Ye're like the cou-cowper o Swinton, ye'll no slocken.

Ye're like the deid fowk o Earlstoun-no tae lippen tae.

Ye're like the dug o Dodhaa, baith dooble an twa-faced.

Ye're like the dugs o Dunraggit-ye winna bark unless ye hae yer hinder end tae the waa.

Ye're like the Kilbarchan calves-like best tae drink wi the wisp in yer mou.

Ye're like the lambs-ye dae naething but sook an wag yer tail.

Ye're like the man that socht his horse, an him on its back.

Ye're like the miller's dug-ye lick yer lips or the pock be opened.

Ye're like the minister o Balie, preachin for selly.

Ye're like the swine's balms-the aulder ye growe ye're aye the thiefer like.

Ye're like Towy's hawks-ye aet ane anither.

Ye're minnie's milk is no oot o yer nose yet.

Ye're mistaen o the stuff; it's hauf silk.

Ye're nae chicken for aa ye're cheepin.

Ye're never pleased, fou nor fastin.

Ye're new come ower-yer hert's nippin.

Ye're no licht whaur ye lean aa.

Ye're no worth ca'in oot o a kail-yaird.

Ye're oot an in, like a dug at a fair.

Ye're ower auld farrant tae be fleyed wi bogies.

Ye're ower het an ower fou, sib tae some o the laird's tenants.

Ye're queer fowk no tae be Falkland fowk.

Ye're sae keen o clockin, ye'll dee on the eggs.

Ye're sair fashed haudin naething thegither.

Ye're sair stressed wi stringin the milsey.

Ye're seek, but no sair handled.

Ye're seekin the thing that's no tint.

Ye're the wecht o Jock's cog, brose an aa.

Ye're there yet, an yer belt hale.

Ye're thrifty an throu thrivin, when yer heid gangs doun yer bottom's risin.

Ye're unco guid, an ye'll growe fair.

Ye're up in the buckle, like John Barr's cat.

Ye're very foresichted, like Forsyth's cat.

Ye're weel awa if ye bide, an we're weel quat.

Ye're welcome, but ye'll no win ben.

Ye'se get yer brose oot o the lee side o the pot.

Yellow's forsaken, an green's forsworn, but blue an reid ocht tae be worn.

Yelpin curs will raise mastiffs.

Yer breid's baked, ye can hing up yer girdle.

Yer een's greedier than yer guts.

Yer een's no marrows.

Yer een's yer merchant.

Yer fortune's comin wi the blinnd cairier.

Yer heid canna get up but yer stamack follows.

Yer mind's aye chasin mice.

Yer mou's beguiled yer hands.

Yer purse wis steekit when that wis peyed for

Yer thrift's as guid as the profit o a yeld hen.

Yer tongue is nae scandal.

Yer tongue rins aye afore yer wit.

Yer tongue wags like a lamb's tail.

Yer wit will never worry ye.

Young cowtes will canter.

Young deuks can be auld geese.

Young fowk micht dee, auld fowk maun dee.

Young saints, auld sinners.

Yule is young o Yule even, an auld on Saint Steven.